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It just keeps getting better and better.


...I’m so glad that we have chosen to work with LearnDash. I’ve tried almost all the WordPress LMS plugins and yours is by far the best.

Giulio Daprela

...I am truly impressed by how you and your team at LearnDash refuse to stand still and are always trying to add new features and functionality to an already great product. And, as my recent experience has demonstrated, your customer support is also brilliant. I’m so glad I selected LearnDash for my online learning website.


We love your product and your constant efforts to make it better. Thank you for these upgrades and all of your excellent customer support. We are going on our third year with you and just can’t believe the great upgrades and you constantly listen to our needs. Good job and THANK YOU!


To be honest, in the past I had built my site around a competing product and it was SO cumbersome to use, edit and it took FOREVER for new features to be added. But since I rebuilt my site using Learndash as the LMS I’m really happy with the results. You guys are awesome.


Thanks for your commitment to consistent improvement, innovation and service.

Mike M.

You ROCK! :)

Kelly Rudolph

[Y]our team continues to amaze with your commitment to making LearnDash the most useful WordPress-based LMS out there.


Just wanted to reach out and say kudos to you and your team for building such an awesome platform... I admire what your doing and just wanted to say thanks – your hard work is noted and appreciated.


Thank you for all the hard work you put in to making Learndash the great platform that it is.

Chris Hodgson

Really love the progress by you and your team. Keep up the good work.


LearnDash rocks!

James Maduk

The code base is looking really good – nice work!

John Sundberg

Thanks again for giving Learndash a good future with all the work you put in to it... [Y]ou are always very helpful for your costumers.


We have been loyal fans of LearnDash since we integrated into our company in January. What we particularly love is that you are constantly refining and adding new features. It's great to know that there are always new additions or new partnerships (like the one with Memberium) in the work making this product stronger, more robust and so seamless to use.


So freaking excited! I’ve needed this.


Thank you for making it so easy to have a gorgeous looking course. I am a LD fan for life!


Very impressed. You guys rock!!! Keep up the good work, great to be on board.


I love it. I love the direction you are heading in.


I’ve got to say that the LearnDash integration was a real breeze due to well thought out features and documentation. All the hooks we needed to integrate this with Infusionsoft were easily accessible.

David Bullock

Among all the learning plugins and themes out there, Learndash is still my favorite. The development just keeps getting better and better.


I’m really happy to have made the choice to learndash.


[W]e feel well supported by your close attention to help us resolve our doubts and solve problems of new implementations in another language.

Mario Dehter

How different the world would be if every company came up to your standards. I am always amazed a the work you do and the speed of the responses to questions. Happy Holidays. I too am very thankful not just for LearnDash and my great decision to use it :) but also for the administration that takes such joy in meeting and delighting the customer. Thanks for everything.

Larry Patten

I applaud you on the amazing work you do to improve the LearnDash plugin.

Chris Turner

After being manhandled by our IT department for the last five years I am pleased to say that I am now liberated!!!! LearnDash simply rocks! Thank you LearnDash Team

Robert Slingsby

[I]t keeps getting better and better! Thanks for your devotion to LearnDash and it’s users. I am glad we chose this as our learning solution!!

Jeff Slapp

You keep making me go Wow! Great job!

Gerard Godin

So glad I decided to go with learn dash definetly worth every penny spent. Don’t know how to thank you enough.

John McFeely

You continue to amaze!! Thank you for such an amazing plugin :)


I’m so impressed with Learndash!


Thanks for this great piece of software!


LD is getting better and better!


Awesome update, all super useful features. Best LMS out there :)

Ross Johnson

LearnDash is by far the best LMS I’ve ever seen.


Many thanks to your superb efforts in improving what is already an excellent software!!!


Great software Justin! I recommend it all the time.


Thank You for keeping LearnDash fresh with regular updates. We’re thrilled that we chose LearnDash as our LMS!


You are really committed to your product and customers.

Piet Joubert

Thanks again for commitment to ongoing development, and user responsiveness!


I was impressed by how active you are with improvements made to the product and its inherent ability to integrate the substance of the content into an already visually appealing website design.

Michael at TheLaw

Thank you for all you do to enhance this plugin. Our users love it and so do our staff!


[Y]ou guys continue to do awesome work and I’m sure I speak on behalf of most of us when I say I am thankful for your ongoing communication, support, innovation, and updates.


...I’m always impressed by your commitment to improving your product. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!


Your LMS is the reason we’ve decided to develop our new site in WordPress.

Brent Ross

I’ve played around with LearnDash having tried a few WP LMSs and like it best!

Joe Williams

I’m so happy with LearnDash and the excellent service that you provide. Thank you for continuing to make this LMS better and better. Best wishes for continued growth and success!

Laura B.

As a LearnDash client I really appreciate the attention to detail you take to listening to your customers, on-going updates and offering such a great elearning platform. Thank you!

Shane Serra

Awesome! Learndash just gets better and better!


Just great!


Thank you for the consistent updates and great customer support!


Your plugin just keeps getting better.


Really enjoying using LearnDash. It’s such an easy tool to use in our WordPress community site.

Hamish Bruce

...[Y]our LMS solution is just Awesome...

Craig McIntosh

I haven’t even uploaded yet and I am so excited! Such a great and professional team that I am so glad to be a part of. Thank you for your passion, dedication and hard work – it has been noted! :)


Your updates come quicker than I can make the course. Congrats!


I am honored to say that I bought LearnDash on its launch day 28/1/2013 and it was one of the best decisions I have made in my e-learning career. Thank you for such an innovative yet affordable LMS that is revolutionarizing the e-learning market. I wish you and all the LearnDash growing community a wonderful year :)


You guys are really giving much more than what we paid for. Thanks.


Your service is very impressive! Reasonable pricing, quality products, on-going improvements and updates, and fantastic communication with customers! I’m very pleased to have discovered your service!

Jim Lockwood

With LearnDash, who needs to Moodle?


I have looked at several learning platforms and they wanted up wards of tens of thousands of dollars per month based on your user base. I am sooooo glad I found LearnDash as you have given me the ultimate flexibility to create an affordable learning environment for my team and made it easy for me to structure and put together what they need in a Learning Management System! Thank you sooooo much! Your hard work and dedication does not go unappreciated!!! Thank you again and again!

Yvonne Becker

Appreciate your outstanding commitment to both product and customer.

Jacqui Dervan

The others before me have said it all: LearnDash is topnotch. Your commitment to your customers is awesome and inspiring – with LearnDash, I hope to build a similarly affordable and quality product for my students.


[R]eally you are the best plugin development provider I have seen and I value learnDash and what it give me.


If there was an award for ‘Most productive development of a wordpress plugin’, you’d have to a nominee.

Benjamin Green

You guys rock!

Peyton Young

You are making a huge impact in our training industry, well done!

Jon Maybrook

[Y]our company has continued to deliver time after time.


I can barely keep up with all the updates, but I’m really thankful I chose LearnDash as my LMS as I know it just keeps on getting better and better!

Greg Lam

Thanks, Justin, for such great updates and for being so responsive on the support site. You rock!

Patricia Zapf

You are doing a good job and being very attentive to the real needs of your audience!


Really glad you guys are on the ball, up to date on the trends.

Trent Jessee

This plugin really does rock and by far the best support.


I have looked at many WordPress LMS solutions and as yet, yours is the best out there.


LearnDash is always evolving…

Tony Holland

Hi, let me start with how great I think Learndash is! ... Thanks for the wonderful plugin.


In addition to the amazing and speedy assistance I am able to receive via email, you guys continuously WOW me with new features and additions to the program.

Halle Brake

I love all the functions from Learndash and your support is so good.


Love the way you keep adding features.


Thank you to you and the entire LearnDash team for these important upgrades. It's awesome to see the continued focus on performance and user functionality that benefit course creators and students.

Ed Stutzman

Thanks for the continued support to this excellent plugin.

K Knight

I love how fast the updates and new features are coming out. Keep up the great work[.]


LearnDash – continually making the best LMS better!

Nick Liberati

Thank you for all your hard work on this LMS – wonderful!


We have at the moment more than 2000 students enrolled in our courses, and we know that this is possible thanks to LearnDash!! Thank you!!

Turi Collura

This is awesome!


I’m so glad that we have chosen to work with LearnDash. I’ve tried almost all the WordPress LMS plugins and yours is by far the best.


Our LearnDash powered courses continue to impress our learners. In the last nine months we have had not one, but THREE course launches, each one generating over six-figures in revenue!

Troy Dean

Just using LearnDash has already saved me tens of thousands of dollars for the school. LearnDash is a great tool and is, what I feel, one of the hidden gems of WordPress.

Alex Vasquez

I can honestly say I sell more courses using LearnDash than any other off WordPress platform I’ve tried.

Tanya Smith

I’m new to LearnDash and LOVE it!! Thank you for making this so user-friendly for the non-tech types (like myself) who can navigate simply through this while making awesome programs!


Since we implemented LearnDash, we have seen a very big upswing (like about 60% higher visit rates) in our website stats, and now have 100 members in just a few short weeks. The ease of use of LearnDash has made the actual LMS side far easier than I imagined.

Richard Napier

From our initial point of contact to the installation of the plugin, I must say we’ve been extremely impressed with LearnDash’s timely response to our queries.

Russell Dymond

It’s so great watching LearnDash grow! You are developing new features faster than I can learn them.

Krista Mackinnon

The support here is simply unsurpassed. It is such a critical component of software sales and most companies can’t do it right, but yours does!

Michael Langley

It’s incredible how often you are releasing updates. Thank you very much.

Luis Hernández Peña

I am sooooo glad I found LearnDash as you have given me the ultimate flexibility to create an affordable learning environment for my team and made it easy for me to structure and put together what they need in an LMS!

Yvonne Butler

How different the world would be if every company came up to your standards. I am always amazed at the work you do and the speed of the responses to questions.

Larry Patten

I can barely keep up with all the updates… it just keeps on getting better and better!

Greg Lam

You have the best customer support I’ve encountered online. And the way you have constantly improved LearnDash is astonishing.

David Briscoe

The updates that you continually provide to the LMS just keeps making it better & better.

Patricia Zapf

Every time I’m working on a new course set-up and I have a “challenge” you come up with the solution. I really appreciate how well you listen and respond to your customers. That’s golden.

Tanya Smith

The software is simple to implement and has not restricted the creation of creative courses. The customer support has been excellent, well done and keep up the good work.

Wayne Beck