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In this week’s LearnDash LIVE Training webinar, Karmen and Jack discuss the details of the Gutenberg Blocks. Watch the webinar below.

If you’re a WordPress Warrior, you’re probably familiar with it. If not, no worries, you can get the rundown below.

What is the Gutenberg Block Editor? 

The Gutenberg Block Editor is a WordPress native editor that helps you structure your website content. The blocks allow you to insert, rearrange, and style various content types with minimal technical knowledge by eliminating the need for custom code. 

LearnDash has been compatible with the Gutenberg Block Editor since its inception in 2018. 

LearnDash and the Gutenberg Block Editor Updates

With the 4.0 updates, we’ve added the new LearnDash Info Bar block. The info bar helps learners track their status within the course. The more your learners are informed about where they are in the course, the more likely they are to complete it. 

Another change comes with the widgets. In WordPress 5.9, the widget area became block-based. LearnDash replicated each one of our shortcodes to put it into block form to improve compatibility. Now, in the widget area, you can add the LearnDash blocks as widgets thus saving you more time and coding headaches. 

You can see more changes in our changelog

Using the LearnDash Gutenberg Blocks

Blocks are inserted into the WordPress editor by clicking on the + icon. If you know the name of the block you want to use you can type it in or search for it in the options. When you find the block you want to add, click it to add it to your page. Blocks can be further customized in the block options panel in the sidebar. 

We’re continually improving our compatibility with Gutenberg and will be adding more blocks in the future to make creating your course a quick and easy experience. 

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