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This integration has been retired. You can use WooCommerce instead.

For the past few months many of you have requested that LearnDash WordPress LMS integrate with a shopping cart. Well, today I am excited to announce the arrival of the newest free add-on for LearnDash – the JigoShop shopping cart! Now you have a few choices on how you want to sell your courses:

Option 1: You can continue to use the built in PayPal feature, this allows you to get started with selling your courses quickly
Option 2: Use the 2CheckOut integration similar to the PayPal feature above
Option 3: Choose from one of the 80+ payment gateways offered by JigoShop

If you choose to use JigoShop, you will sell your courses as a product using the JigoShop free plugin, and the LearnDash integration allows you to assign the product to a course. Your users can add as many courses to their shopping cart as they want, and after purchase they will receive access to the course materials, lessons, and quizzes. If they are a new customer, they will be automatically emailed their username and password for your LMS.  If you want, you can even offer coupon codes!

Always Free Add-ons

At LearnDash, we are absolutely committed to our customers, continuous improvement and added features. We are hard at work improving upon LearnDash, and we want to thank you for all of your support, suggestions, and feedback. We have added a new video to our support site so that you can get started quickly with the new JigoShop add-on. As always, feel free to contact us by email or phone with any questions.

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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter

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Will the Jigoshop plugin give selective access to courses? In other words, let’s say you have 5 courses offered, and the customer wants to buy and get access to 2 of them. Does Jigoshop allow you to control access to just those 2 courses?

Also, will we be able to control for how long the customer will have access to those 2 courses, for example, for 1 month, 2months, etc.

I love the discount code option!. I assume we can also offer a complete discount (free) with this option as well?

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve, thanks for the comment. If a customer buys just two courses, then they only have access to those two courses – the integration ensures of this.

For your second question – soon. If you need this functionality sooner rather than later, let me know by submitting a support ticket and I can help you out.

Good question on the free model. That would probably fall into the JigoShop realm of knowledge – from a LearnDash perspective, as long as a transaction is made (using JigoShop), all the necessary bells and whistles will take place to grant the customer access 🙂

Great job! The only thing I see you lacking is the ability to require students to spend a required amount of time in a course(especially important feature for any state required CEU course). If you had this.. I’d run to you guys over moodle today!

Avatar Eddie

I may be able to help you with this Eddie, shoot me an email with some more details.

Eddie, what a great idea! Having a time limit that I could impose per class would be a lifesaver! That way I could ensure that my students have actually watched the videos before guessing on some multiple choice. 🙂

Avatar Michael Kocher
Avatar Wilco

I’m gone buy learndash, because I like the support, because you actually show the things you are working on, hand because of the quizes wit a lot of functionality.

I als have some questions. IT would Be good to have possabjlity to ad comments on each page in different levels. I like students to comment on a coursepage. But i would like to have the option do make it a privet comment, so ‘I can repley and have a coach-student conversation.
Also would very good to have a second commentingsystem for developers and teachers and trainers for each coursepage. So they can give tips to each other about developmand and about hoe to use It in school. IT is always forgotten that you can also use this ealarning plugin in school and every training.you can show students the course ore part of IT, and sent them home to do IT, but jou can let them do parts of the course in the classroom.

Avatar Wilco

Hi Wilco, thanks for the note. You can certainly make comments “private” (in your standard blog settings for WordPress) so that they can ask questions and only you will be able to see them. You also can implement a forum using many of the free or paid plugins available to do so to help further the functionality.

I just purchased LearnDash – and now want to test it with JigoShop. How does one associate a course with a product? With Sensei, this was merely a drop down menu.

Any help would greatly appreciated!

Avatar Bob

Hello Bob, I have replied to your inquiry in the forum.

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