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BuddyPress Integration v2Just recently we announced the announced the a new BuddyPress integration to LearnDash.

For many people this was welcomed news as they were currently using BuddyPress on their WordPress site. Others were not as familiar with BuddyPress, and as such weren’t exactly sure how to leverage this new integration.

First, I’ll say that just because an integration exists doesn’t mean you should necessarily use it. It needs to make sense for your course offering.

Where BuddyPress thrives is in helping you to create a community beyond the standard forum capabilities (although forums are very much a part of the BuddyPress solution).

With this in mind, let’s look at a few possible use cases for using BuddyPress and LearnDash together.

Use Case #1: Professional Associations

Professional associations are very member focused and exist across a variety of industries.

In general, people sign-up to become a member of the association and in return they get the opportunity to attend functions they are interested in, network with other professionals, and access to a variety of “member only” assets.

BuddyPress allows users to create robust profiles. Using LearnDash, you can grant access to specific industry courses based on their level. Progress and badges are tracked against the user’s profile.

Use Case #2: Franchises

Franchises are successful because they have a set of guidelines in place that their franchisees must follow. Training franchisees takes time and money (which is initially offset by the upfront payment franchisees make).

After the initial training, it’s important to continue to support the franchisees. Using BuddyPress and LearnDash, it’s easy to create an internal network for people to share ideas, take refresher courses, and ask questions so that they don’t feel like they are in business alone.

Use Case #3: Classroom LMS

LearnDash and bbPress (the forum integration) are often used as part of classroom learning management systems. BuddyPress however opens up additional possibilities of collaboration among students with one another. It also gives them the chance to “show off” any badges, points, and certifications they earn on their profile.

The BuddyPress groups feature can be leveraged to better sync with live classroom events, such as study group assignments or research projects.

Think of it as an internal “Facebook” of sorts but with a focus on student interaction for the purpose of education.

These are just three quick examples about how BuddyPress and LearnDash can be used to create a unique and robust online learning experience. If you have questions as to whether this combination would be right for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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The problem with BuddyPress is it’s slow development, bugginess, and incompatibility with other plugins and a lot of themes. I’ve had more instances of BuddyPress causing issues, even with dedicated themes like BuddyBoss, than successful implementations.

If you haven’t looked into integrating with Peepso, yet, I recommend checking it out. It has a solid development team behind it.

Hi there, Kudos to the team, great fan of LearnDash, but, the only thing stopping me and using the competition (not Sensei) is no GOOD social network integration other than BP. Pity. Here, where I work, in the heart of SE Asia, Phnom Penh, everybody seems to have fallen in love with PEEPSO. So have I. I think that 2,5 years after launching, peepso is definitely the way to go, and what on their design table is nothing short of… well but that’s a personal opinion. So please, if you haven’t done already, take a good look at peepso and come up with some nice code so we can integrate LD with it. In the beginning, even a simple “bridge” would be enough so that profiles and signup can be accessed from within LD. Anyway, all the best and keep up the good work.

Avatar Frank Damien Zoë

Thanks Frank! You don’t have to use BuddyPress. There’s an integration with UltimateMember too.

I second the PeepSo integration. I am moving over there from Ultimate Member after months and months of waiting for basic updates to be made to their platform.

I’m very impressed with the people and product over at PeepSo, and am migrating my whole community over to it now.

I love LearnDash, and hope that an integration with PeepSo is something I can look forward to.


I just switched from Ultimate Member to PeepSo! Please consider a PeepSo Integration!

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