April 2nd, 2018 LearnDash Tips

LearnDash represents WordPress among the learning management giants.

The one thing I was never told prior to starting a learning management system company is how competitive the industry is. There are the “old boys” that have been around since the turn of the century (i.e. Blackboard), and fresh startups backed by multi-millions of dollars of venture capital. When one LMS closes its doors, it is replaced by three more.

This being the case, it makes it all that more gratifying for us to see LearnDash being recognized in the industry. Mots recently, LearnDash has been recognized as a G2Crowd High Performer for Spring 2018.

This designation is the result of a proprietary algorithm that G2Crowd uses to score and rank the software that is included in their database. It is a combination of user reviews, market presence, and niche.

LearnDash started as an idea in a hotel room and today is responsible for powering some of the most impressive, custom learning programs that I have personally ever seen. This incredible flexibility is the direct result of being built on top of WordPress. The WordPress ecosystem of developers, themes, plugins, and service providers has completely eliminated the barriers of learning management. With WordPress and LearnDash, your LMS molds to your online learning program and not the other way around.

LearnDash and the LMS Industry

In 2012 when LearnDash was just an idea there were not many people willing to take it seriously. WordPress was a blogging platform, not meant for learning programs. But a lot can change in six years and today we see LearnDash being used by both individuals and companies alike.

So far, the vast majority of businesses using LearnDash fall into the “small business” category. There are some medium businesses and occasional big business as well, but they are not as common. Note that a “small” business does not constitute the revenues, but rather the size in terms of employees. As we build the LearnDash software in new and exciting ways I hope to see large companies (i.e. more than 1,000 employees). Part of this is education. The other part is progressing LearnDash to better fit enterprise needs.

Regardless, we are excited about the strides that have been made and where we are headed. Getting recognition from the industry and our users is just further validation that our ultimate goal of flexible and effective learning delivery is resonating across a wide-range of audiences.

What is G2Crowd?

G2Crowd is an online database of thousands of software solutions across nearly every industry. The purpose of the site is to help consumers research different options that they have available for specific software. People who are using (or have used) one of the software options in their database can leave ratings & reviews.

What is useful is that G2Crowd requires that reviewers verify their account with the software that they are reviewing, so you know that they actually are using it. Also, profiles tie into LinkedIn. As a result, you get a lot of professionals who are leaving detailed and qualified feedback.

G2Crowd then ranks the software across different categories with their proprietary algorithm. This can be useful when comparing different solutions against one another.

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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter

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