March 28th, 2022 LearnDash

As you may know,  LearnDash 4.0 came with some pretty cool new features, including our first iteration of Learning Paths, also known as Challenge Exams. 

In this post, we’ll be exploring exactly what a challenge exam is, how they’re used in LearnDash, and what’s in store for the future of learning paths within LearnDash.

What is a Challenge Exam? 

The challenge exam is a way for you to test the skill and knowledge of a learner. It allows you to automatically determine if a learner has the required knowledge to progress to a more advanced course. If you’ve ever used Duolingo to learn a new language, then you’ve probably seen this concept in action.

Our challenge exams work by giving a learner a test that you’ve created based on your course prerequisites and completion requirements. They’ll take the one-time test where they must correctly answer every question to advance to the next level course. 

How Challenge Exams Are Used In LearnDash

For the most part, challenge exams are created like regular quizzes. The only difference is that there’s no Gutenburg block that exists specifically for challenge exams outside of the challenge exam page. 

After you’ve created your challenge exam, your learner will have one opportunity to pass the test. There are no second chances for your learners in the initial implementation of challenge exams in LearnDash. Every answer must be correct or the learner will have to continue and complete the entire course. 

Challenge exams are positioned at the beginning of a course and once a learner successfully completes a challenge exam,  they’ll be issued the certificate if one is associated with the course.

On the learner’s profile, each lesson, topic, or quiz that’s included in the course will also be marked as completed just as if they completed the entire course. There are also customizable messaging options available. Depending on whether your learner passes or fails the exam, they’ll get a tailored message. 

The Future of Learning Paths in LearnDash

Challenge exams make up part of what we define as learning paths, a way to send users to specific areas of your course based on their skill and knowledge level. 

In future iterations of challenge exams, we’re adding the ability to insert challenge exams in different areas of the course so you won’t be limited to placing them only at the beginning. Additionally, you’ll be able to utilize them to complete and redirect to different lessons within the same course. 

Keep a lookout for the next update but for now, challenge exams offer the complete functionality you need to test your learner’s skills, find out what they really know, and give them a more personalized learning experience. You can learn more about how to create a challenge exam here.

Have you tried the new challenge exam feature on LearnDash, yet? What are your thoughts on it?

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