LearnDash 2.0 is Officially Released!

LearnDash Updates latestToday we are very excited to announce a major development in LearnDash, the direct result of which based on feedback and conversations that we have had with you in our forums and the help desk.

Before getting into the extent of the changes, we would like to take a moment to thank you all for your kind feedback and overall enthusiasm for the direction of LearnDash.

This particular update marks the beginning of some pretty exciting enhancements in both LearnDash the product and our direction as a company.

Without further ado…

Introducing LearnDash 2.0

Some of you may recall that in January we gave a complete overhaul to the course and progress display on the front-end. LearnDash 2.0 brings the redesign component full-circle, with the main focus being on a redesign of the back-end.

But it really is more than that.

This update will decrease the amount of time it takes to create a course, and edit a course – making the entire process quite a bit more intuitive.

One Menu … for Everything!

Consolidated menu makes life easy!

Once activated, LearnDash will now take up minimum real-estate in your admin menu. No need to jump between various menu items, everything is centrally located.

When you click on one of these menu items, all associated features are included as tabs at the top, making it easy for you to find what you need without digging around through various pages.

Enhanced Assignment Module

Speaking of the menu, you will notice a new “Assignments” menu item. The LearnDash assignment feature has been significantly enhanced. Specifically, you can:

  • Require an assignment upload for a lesson or topic: Users cannot move on until it is submitted.
  • Require manual approval for assignments: Prevent course progression until you manually review and approve the submission.
  • Set assignments to auto-approve upon submission: Instantly mark the uploaded assignment as approved.
  • Provide feedback to users on their submitted assignment(s): Make suggestions or comments on assignments, only the user who submitted the assignment will be able to see them and respond.

Associated Content Navigation Editor

Creating an online course can be time consuming, especially as you add more and more content – constantly requiring navigation between courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes.

With this in mind, we have created the Associated Content Navigation Editor.

Let’s say that you are editing a lesson in one of your courses and remember that you need to change something on the course page. Well, all you need to do is click the course name and you are taken to the course editor, effectively eliminating three to four extra clicks!

Here’s a quick demonstration:

Consolidated Quizzing

To make the quizzing process more intuitive, we have centralized all quizzing functionality to one quiz engine (instead of two separate quizzes, formerly labeled as “Simple” and “Advanced”). Nothing to do on your end, this will all happen in the background when you update!

Keeping with the tabular design, we have now consolidated the quiz settings and question creation process. Everything you need to leverage from the powerful quizzing functionality is now all on one screen!

New Certificate Shortcodes

While we were busy reconfiguring the LearnDash layout, we also threw in a couple new shortcodes for your certificates. You can now dynamically include the course name and the quiz name on any certificate.

With this in place, you now have the option to create just one certificate and it will be applicable for all of your quizzes and courses!

Simply Put, It’s Just Better!

Countless of hours were put into improving the user experience of LearnDash. These updates are the result of your feedback, pain-points we had identified, and overall elearning best practices. The end result is an extremely powerful, yet intuitive experience.

As always, thank you for your support. We are excited to continue driving innovation in the WordPress LMS industry.

One more thing…

As you can tell, this is a major release. We recommend you make the appropriate back-ups to your site prior to updating.

You can update automatically from your Admin dashboard, or by downloading the latest version from the support site.

Until next time!


About the Author:

Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by the world's leading organizations, such as the University of Michigan, Digital Marketer, WPEngine, and Infusionsoft. Justin has made a career as an elearning consultant where he has implemented large-scale training programs for Fortune 500 companies. Twitter | LinkedIn

  1. D

    Hi, tried to update the plugin on the WP backend and got this error:

    An error occurred while updating LearnDash LMS: The package could not be installed. The package contains no files.

  2. Mark McGuinness

    Great stuff Justin, you really put a lot of time and effort into this. Greatly appreciated.

    Keep up the fantastic work 🙂

  3. Marc Saxe

    Hi Justin,

    Much anticipated changes. Thanks for the effort. Do you have a test site we can demo prior to updating?


    • Hi Marc-

      Thanks for the note. Probably best to create a clone of your site (you can do this easily in cpanel) and implement the change there first, this way you can know what to expect.

  4. bb

    Look sleek and intuitive! I love the new design. I’m yet to install learnbdash and I when I do and create course with it, I will know the sheer power of the LMS. Thanks Justin for this solution. Cheers!

  5. Justin, good work — that’s definitely a nice clean-up and structural re-organization. Great to see ongoing progress with the plug-in, and I’ll for sure upgrade when I’m next at a stopping point in development.

    Do you have a link to detailed release notes worth posting in your introduction. Was curious if you’ve enabled the ability to assign categories to Topics — I hacked a statement in your plugin to enable this capability, but wasn’t sure whether this messed something up more broadly, i.e. with features I haven’t noticed over the past few months.

  6. D


    I only had one quiz in my old install. After update, it does not appear in the quiz list, but does appear in the import/export list. However, when I attempt to import, it asks me to select a file (it does not seem to recognize the quiz listed in the list).


  7. Amr Soliman

    Heu Justin,

    I updated to 2.0 and all the courses and quizes are working perfectly. Thanks for another great update..love the integrated interface..you keep making things easier and easier for us 🙂

  8. Tanya Smith

    Justin & crew, I am constantly amazed at how much you put into keeping Learndash current. You are always improving, always looking for ways to make it work even better.

    Two biggies for me are – 1) the centralization of the Learndash tabs to one area in WordPress (hooray!!); and 2) certificate shortcodes (OMG, you took this straight from my wish list).

    Thanks for all the hard work, time and attention you guys give to making an optimal product!

  9. JJ

    Justin and team,

    This is a brilliant update, and just in time! Providing comments to a student is a big improvement, this was at the top of my list…
    Hopefully the submit an essay type question isn’t too far away which has now moved to the top of my list ha….

  10. Will

    Definitely must better interface! Nice update! One question is have the user capability settings changed with the update for authoring courses? With the update it seems as though this has changed?

  11. Michael Kimmig

    Great work Justin! Makes a lot of sense (and life easier…)
    Cannot wait to try everything out. Keep on like this.

  12. Giovanni Petrone

    Hi Justin,
    it was possible to associate the same lesson to multiple courses before this upgrade.
    Unfortunately this is not possible with the upgraded version, is something that was intentional?
    This conflicts a lot with our business model. We have lessons hat need to be associated to multiple courses.
    I’d like to hear your opinion on this point.
    Many thanks

    Giovanni Petrone

    • Hi Giovanni-
      Thanks for the note. LearnDash was never built to associate one lesson with more than one course since it threw off mapping, reporting, and caused various other conflicts. Feel free to contact support if you have more questions. There’s a quick workaround available.

  13. Istvan

    Did you change the way results of advanced quizzes are stored, or is it still in single field serialized arrays?
    Asking because we’d like to access cumulative results, how many people said what answer…

    Best, and congrats on the new release.

  14. Ryan

    Thanks for the update Justin. Looks very good. I’ve also updated Propanel, but just wanted to check that Learndash plus will continue to work as it did before.

    Best wishes

  15. Bec

    Will there be a way to copy lessons into multiple courses? This is important for our business, as we offer 2 different courses but want to repeat some of the content.

  16. Eddie

    Hey Justin, you guys continue to do awesome work and I’m sure I speak on behalf of most of us when I say I am thankful for your ongoing communication, support, innovation, and updates.

    Just did a backup and will be installing and playing around with 2.0 now.

  17. Hi Justin
    I have not yet updated to 2.0. My WP is 3.9.2. Compatibilty is Unknown. Before I update I would like to know if you have tested LD with the latest WP version.
    Thanks !

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