December 16th, 2015 E-Learning

wordpress-for-elearningMany of us know that elearning is great because it is a convenient way to provide training to a large number of people at the fraction of the cost of live training initiatives.

The content is delivered consistently as well and results of which can be accurately measured.

Entrepreneurs have also gravitated towards the elearning industry because of how it makes it easy for them to monetize information.

You find bloggers, consultants, and training organizations alike leveraging elearning to sell courses related to their expertise.

It’s something we see quite often with people using LearnDash.

The benefits of distance learning through online courses has also caught the attention of investors… in a BIG way.

Below you will find a list of elearning and training companies who have received significant investments recently.

All of which are hovering around $50 million!

  • HotChalk – $230,000,000 (link)
  • – $186,000,000 (link)
  • Udacity – $105,000,000 (link)
  • Udemy – $65,000,000 (link)
  • Varsity Tutors – $50,000,000 (link)
  • Coursera – $49,500,000 (link)

Pretty impressive to say the least. But these are just U.S. companies. Similar investment activity has been recorded for those outside of the United States. By way of example:

  • TutorGroup – $200,000,000 (link)
  • – $157,000,000 (link)
  • 17zuoye – $100,000,000 (link)
  • Yuantiku – $60,000,000 (link)
  • NetDragon Education – $52,500,000 (link)
  • Genshuixue – $50,000,000 (link)

To state the obvious: these aren’t small numbers.

As such, it’s probably reasonable to assume that there will be continued growth in this area of elearning for the foreseeable future.

Investors aren’t going to let major portfolio projects like these slip to the wayside. At this point they have been proven and the growth prospects are likely still very strong.

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