February 26th, 2015 Announcements

Recently we announced that we had opened the doors for other app developers to create add-ons and integrations for LearnDash WordPress LMS.

Today, the folks at Memberium have officially announced their integration with LearnDash. The biggest advantage of their integration is that you can now leverage the powerful Infusionsoft platform with your online courses.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Infusionsoft Meets LearnDash


Without question, Memberium is the #1 Wordpress membership plugin for Infusionsoft. It is used by some of the largest names in internet marketing, including Ryan Deiss from DigitalMarketer.com.

If you’re not familiar with Infusionsoft, it is a software that automates both sales and marketing through lead capturing, email marketing, and e-commerce.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs world-wide use Infusionsoft to create high converting marketing and sales funnels, to communicate with perspective and current customers, and to facilitate online payments.

Memberium infuses this powerful software with WordPress, and their LearnDash integration brings this to your LearnDash courses!

Add-On Features

Advanced Infusionsoft integration: Start or stop different campaign builder sequences, apply an Infusionsoft tag, or run a specific Infusionsoft action set upon the completion of any LearnDash course, lesson, quiz, assignment, or achievement.

Sell LearnDash courses & create unlimited free, trial or paid membership levels: Create an unlimited number of membership levels and connect these membership levels to specific LearnDash courses to create different membership bundles.

Start or stop Infusionsoft campaign builder sequences based on course progress: Start or stop different campaign sequences, or achieve different campaign goals when a student completes a specific lesson or course.

Offer targeted one-click upsells upon completion of a specific LearnDeash activity: Redirect students to an upsell offer upon completion of a specific LearnDash course, lesson or assignment. Offer targeted 1-click upsells to existing paid students and relevant offers based on a customer’s past buying history.

Track course progress with Infusionsoft tags: Apply Infusionsoft tags when a student completes any individual LearnDash lesson, course, assignment or achievement.

How It Works

Simply install LearnDash & Memberium on the same site and you have the ability to begin using Infusionsoft for your LearnDash course activities. For more information, please see the following documentation.

Where to Download

This is a premium third party integration that requires the purchase of Memberium.

What’s Next

In the coming weeks you can expect two things from us:

  1. Additional add-on releases (both free and premium)
  2. Core LearnDash updates (always free)

We are looking forward to getting you the next LearnDash core update as it will immediately give you some exciting options for your certificates and for course cross-promotion. We’re in the final phases of testing, so keep an eye out on your inbox! 😉

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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I’ve got to say that the LearnDash integration was a real breeze due to well thought out features and documentation. All the hooks we needed to integrate this with Infusionsoft were easily accessible. Making progress measurable and verifiable, and linking that to marketing automation and client workflows has been a game changer for us as well as our clients. We announced it internally to our partners and are already seeing a lot of value from merging LearnDash with Memberium; at least one of our clients has already started an entire business building these kinds of sites out and is landing clients.

Thanks for the kind words David, it means a lot. It’s exciting to hear about what people are doing with the LearnDash & Memberium combo!

Looking forward to the webinar!

Hi Justin,

This looks great! Does this integration solve for multi-seat purchases?


Avatar Jessika

Hi Jessika-

Thanks for the comment. I suppose it would depend on what you’re trying to do. Feel free to write us here with more details on the set-up you want in place.

Hello Justin

Congratulations !!!

Indeed, with Infusionsoft you go Learndash in a new dimension.
Infusionsoft is a leader in its market and its target.
This is also a big machine.

There is a promising outsider which, much like lerndash, does not stop to grow and develop : AgileCRM.
The costs are lower for the moment.

I wait for the webinar.

Bravo !

Avatar Ludovic

Thanks Ludovic! I must admit I’m not as familiar with AgileCRM as I am Infusionsoft. I’ll check it out.

Webinar should be fun, see you there!

Hola Justin


Estaba esperando esto desde hace tiempo. Llegó en el mejor momento y de inmediato lo utilizaré.

Muchas gracias!

Avatar Jhonnys Rodriguez

¡Genial! Me alegra saber que usted encontrará la integración útil!

(Traducido con Google Translate)

The #1 Infusionsoft + WordPress membership – with well over 5000 installations and over 35 million managed subscribers – is iMember360. In comparison, Memberium has approximately 400 installations which – by their own account – manage approximately one tenth as many subscribers as iMember360.

And a brief reminder… iMember360 has provided a free integration with LearnDash for over 18 months now. It can be downloaded at http://extend.imember360.com. With over 60 users using iMember360.

Memberium is a subset of iMember360, lacking many features found in iMember360. Anyone considering a membership site for Infusionsoft + WordPress should stick to the original rather than a knockoff.


I’ve been using LearnDash fully integrated with Infusionsoft for over a year. Applying tags, starting/stopping campaigns based upon completion of topics, lessons, quizzes, courses and tracking students progress within Infusionsoft etc. etc.

This is achieved by using iMember360 and LearnDash.

See: http://marketplace.infusionsoft.com/

However pleasing to see that another vendor has realised the benefits to users of offering an integrated solution between Infusionsoft and LearnDash.

Avatar Arthur Sexton

Memberium focuses on support and after just under a year of public sales (several years of private clients like Ryan Deiss of digitalmarketer.com) we’re right on track since we take the time to fully support each client as they come through.

Since we personally use LearnDash and set clients up using LearnDash we not only support it or integrate to it but love it as well. Our users get more out of our content and it’s easy to use. iMember users are welcome to join the webinar too.


Exciting development Justin, congrats!
I’m afraid i cannot make the webinar. Will it be recorded? Can we watch it later?
Thanks, Ryan

Avatar Ryan

Hi Ryan-

Thanks! Yes, we’ll be recording the webinar.


For the past 1.5 years, we have been recommending LearnDash to our users. As such, iMember360 has a fairly large LearnDash user base. You may want to join our free FB support group so you can meet them there as well.



Hi Bob-

Thanks for the comment and for sharing the imember resource – will have a look!


Of course I am very pleased to see results after you had opened the doors for other app developers to create add-ons. I am sure you, now, will dedicate, “aggressively”, to improve LearnDash, since you will not have “distractions”. In this regard, I have some ideas that I would like to see implemented:

LearnDash Ideas Tab to be powered, using, as a model, http://ideas.woothemes.com/forums/72423-general-ideas. Note that “ideas” must be separated by categories;
Creation of the “integration” category (in ideas tab);
Creation of the “compatible theme” category (in ideas tab). Regarding compatible themes, I would like you to give attention, more than special, because what is expected from a compatible theme is much more than a good design:
An excellent visual, valuing and improving the presentation of LearnDash;
A clean code;
Constant update;
Good support;

Thanks, John.

Hi John-

Thanks for the comment and for your suggestions, very much appreciated!


I love to see your continued success and passion shine. LearnDash is a game changer.

I’ve been consulting with speakers, consultants, authors and small business owners for years and many of them have major challenges with their online course graduation rates.

In fact, our initial conversations, combined with the launch of Memberium and the integration with LearnDash, set my business in a new trajectory. I’vs pivoted my business to solely focus on helping my clients radically improve their graduation rates by deploying the LearnDash, Memberium and Infusionsoft suite.

LearnDash provides an incredibly easy LMS architecture. Memberium provides the most reliable and more importantly, the fastest integration and connection to Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft provides a powerful accountability engine.

The hat trick of online learning.

The “learner” deserves the best opportunity to create the transformation they originally bought into.

Thanks for your commitment and spirit. I’m along side you on your mission. Please let me know if I can be of service.

Mike Weiss

Great to hear, thank you Mike. We are humbled that we can be part of your success story.

Our competitors love to minimize/position us as “knock-off” and mention less “features” which can be misleading.

Memberium is just about a year old in public release, and is coded from the ground up for security, scalability and performance. ( Google “imember360 security” for some of the more well known issues ). We match membership related functions, along with providing our own functionality not implemented by iMember360. We provide the same functionality with FAR fewer shortcodes by using a better design, and this helps avoid bloat and slow performance. Another example is that instead of rolling our own homemade SEO or analytics, we integrate deeply with best in class plugins by experts such as Yoast. This combination is what’s driven top tier marketers to rebuild their systems and switch. We are also unique in that we stand behind our product with a money back guarantee, instead of “all sales are final”.

In the end, competition is good. 🙂

The “iMember360 security” issue is the product of a single person to whom I once suggested he should stop clowning around. To date, as David Bullock and Micah Mitchell very well know, there has never been a single security breach. Ever.

The other “rumor” is that Memberium is not a cheap knockoff. Anyone doubting this is welcome to contact me privately for a detailed comparative review of Memberium and iMember360 source. One will see that as of last year, when it was first plublished, Memberium uses some code that is identical to iMember360, uses some identical function names, uses identical table structures, identical variable names, etc.

Based on the code, it become very clear that the source was in part plagiarized and in other parts reverse engineered.

Seeing that sufficient core portions of Memberium are incredibly similar to iMember360, including some of the bugs that existed in iMember360 in 2013, it’s very comical to hear about “security” warnings from someone who basically copy/pasted the very code that is now claimed to be a security risk. Too funny…

As mentioned above, luckily for Memberium and “their” version, those security issues are not real. Repeating a lie, no matter how often, will never make it true.

As to money back guarantees, our approach is even simpler and much fairer: We offer a time-unlimited trial version. You never have to pay us to test the plugin. You only need to buy if you are satisfied that it fulfills your needs and does what it’s supposed to do.

Based on frequent user comments, our policy turns out to be much easier than to have to haggle with Dave over whether you can get your money back. After all, on Memberium’s website, it does state very clearly: NO REFUNDS! One has to wonder: Which is it then? No refunds or money back guarantee?

So the alternatives in this respect are simple:

(1) Use and test iMember360 for as long as you wish and don’t pay for it until you’re convinced that you need/want it and are ready to go live.
– or –
(2) Pay now for Memberium and then try to get your money back from Dave/Micah even though their site categorically stipulates: “No Refunds”.

I won’t go into what is a “top tier marketer” other than to suggest that Memberium should perhaps set their sights a little higher. 🙂

More could be said, but I just wanted to address the myths being propagated in the preceding post.

Thank you for your time.

We don’t provide refunds on yearly subscriptions and advise clients to buy a monthly plan which is fully refundable if they aren’t sure yet. Giving away free licenses would be fun, but again, we’re committed to supporting our members so we’ve not provided free licenses publicly yet.

You seem to be misunderstanding several of the things we do and misrepresenting them here but that’s ok. There’s plenty of people who do understand Memberium & love it.

You can spread as much goodness our way as you’d like though, thanks!

Your ethical reputation precedes you, no need to really comment on your posts. A negative remark from you is a badge of honor. Keep them coming!

And no worries: I do not misunderstand what “your” software does, I wrote most of it.

Excited for this webinar! Thanks for putting it together and looking forward to what I can learn.

Avatar Jen Menlo

Kudos to the Memberium “team”.

They have now changed their “No refunds” policy to a “30-day money back” guarantee across the board, instead of the stealthy “no refund” for the expensive items offered. Their site now matches what they had been incorrectly claiming all along. Step by step, truth in advertising. Nice.

Yep, we realized that if you were misunderstanding it, then other people might as well.

Thanks for the tip, keep up the great work champ!

I’m not really familiar with David Bullock, but I have known Bob and Micah since early 2010. I know the roots of both iMember360 as well is Memberium.

David’s statement – ” We provide the same functionality with FAR fewer shortcodes by using a better design, and this helps avoid bloat and slow performance. ” if not only not true and misleading, but it just plainly illustrates the mindset of a group of folks who just aren’t either knowledgeable about the design of iM360 or truthful.

Since Memberium is based on a subset of what Bob & Micah marketed some time ago, it just can’t keep up with the technical innovations that Bob has implemented since Micah moved back to the states. The power, ease, speed, control, and flexibility of iM360 can’t be even approached by Memberium. I had to laugh out loud when I read “we do all the same stuff with less shortcodes.” That was really funny.

Since LearnDash has been supported by iM360 for 18 months and there are a larger number of installs using the connectivity to LearnDash that it supplies, I’d say Memberium is late to the party.

Kudos to LearnDash and Justin for for creating the platform and thinking ahead to allow for other platforms to connect. I’ll have to look at LD seriously in the near future I think. We have a project coming up that may require the LMS model along with triggered reporting to third-party mentoring/monitoring providers.


Avatar Carl Chapman

Carl, no you’re not familiar with me 🙁

Anyone who wants to become familiar with me is welcome to review my LinkedIn profile which lists what I’ve done and the many projects I’ve been involved with, and the endorsements of my professionalism from coworkers and bosses from all sectors of business, with recurring themes of marketing service, integrity, ethics and over-delivery on expectations over the last 9 years: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidjbullock

I’ve been programming since the early 80’s and sold my first program in 1983, I’ve been building and running multiuser membership sites since the dial up days in the mid 90’s. I’m not some rent-a-coder. I’m younger than Bob and like Bob I am a proud military veteran. As a result Im sure he’s been programming longer which I’m he’ll be quick to reply and point out in his next attack since he follows us everywhere compulsively hate responding to everything we post.

I am aware that you’re Bob Keen’s business partner, which you always neglect to mention in your attacks as you guys follow us around the web. I’ve nothing bad to say about you other than you blindly follow Bob around attacking me, but I believe that you are a loyal partner and honestly believe him and aren’t in on it. Yes, we provide the same functionality using fewer shortcodes which are natively compatible with WordPress. This makes the system easier to learn and contributes to the speed increase our users enjoy.

Digital Marketer has used both systems *extensively*, and after switching over all their sites due to ongoing issues, Ryan Deiss recently endorsed us this year:

We use Memberium when building all of our membership sites. Memberium is hands down the best membership plugin available for Infusionsoft. The plugin can handle membership sites of any size and the security is impeccable. I recommend Memberium for ANY business owner wanting a safe, reliable, and profitable membership site.
– Ryan Deiss

The shortcode claim is a low hanging fruit that is easy to explain and is an important demonstration why software architecture is important. Memberium has a completely different design replacing the these hundreds of shortcodes with just one more powerful and easy to learn shortcode per table that’s flexible enough to handle all the fields. Memberium shortcodes also provide functions which currently have no analog in the iMember360 world.

Memberium has a great many features which are similar or compatible with iMember360, because it was designed at the request of a user of iMember360’s biggest sites who needed an alternate solution due to reliability issues. $_SESSION data and tag formats were matched in order to provide compatibility client code that relied on those data structures. There’s no mystery there.

The proof is in the pudding, many of our clients are iMember360 sites that looked to us to finally solve speed and reliability issues that more successful sites have when their growth collides with iMember’s design and code limitations. In one case a client forfeited their annual subscription to iMember360 to switch to us. Bob will of course respond and deny that, just he still lists on his site that iMember powers Digital Marketer, yet if you look at their site source code it’s clearly powered by Memberium for some time now on all their main sites. There may be some obsolete Digital Marketer site(s) out there that run iMember360, but nothing they’re currently promoting or using. Bob is welcome to \point any of those orphaned sites out and we’ll get them switched over.

Bob loves to claim that Memberium is “his” code. He doesn’t mention that his code is encrypted and that nobody but him has access to it. He has his old copy of Memberium which he accessed from a client who switched away from him, and who’s system he accessed AFTER the client cancelled their iMember account due to unfixed bugs. You’ll have to trust him that our code matches his code when he’s the only one who had access to both and the chance to make his code look like ours for any “demonstrations”.

Our Infusionsoft interface is different (and open source), our clients enjoy code that is leaner and measurably faster, our data sync system is completely different (and again faster), we don’t require the site admins to increase their memory, we don’t require our users to update when WordPress updates, and we work reliably on popular web hosts iMember360 can’t or won’t support.

Funny things to claim for code that’s a “copy” that “can’t keep up”.

I know this reply will result in more compulsive attacks, but some of these obvious truths needed documenting.

What a masterful slalom around the main issues! And those were issues you raised…

You should really consider a run for the next Winter Olympics.

You are trying to depict yourself as the victim of “compulsive attacks” but please do take the time to read my posts and yours. Where did the attacks start? By whom? Honesty is virtue. Look it up.

I am sometimes tempted to roll it all out for the world to see what you’re really all about… copies of emails, FB messages, Skype messages… Beside surprising the hell out of Mike Weiss and the Romines with some of your comments, it could be very informative to see the kinds of basic questions you were asking me at a time when you were supposedly already “fully deployed”. I’m not sure it’s legal and it could harm others who are not a party to this burlesque of yours. Your luck.

People who have followed some of the discussions on this matter in Facebook will have duly noted that your claims are not consistent: Memberium, it seems, was “born” at different times; the extent of similarities varies from post to post, as do the reasons for said similarities.

And you **ALWAYS** forget to mention that your partner, Micah Mitchell, who was once my marketing partner in Costa Rica, who had full access to all our source code, databases, Infusionsoft application, plugins, client programs, Amazon accounts, etc. How “convenient” to forget this detail, one that could (should?) be regarded as Memberium’s midwife. Integrity is also a virtue. You should look that one up, too.

The floor is yours… no more time for your fake victim complexes. Have a great day!

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