Imitation is Flattering, Not Threatening

thick-skinWhen people create a course that they intend to sell the one thing they are most concerned about is that someone will come along and steal their idea.

It’s safe to say that everyone has this thought go through their head at some point.

In fact, in every consulting call I have done with LearnDash customers this is a consistent sentiment.

While it is understandable to feel protective over your course, you actually should look forward to people imitating you. Why? Well, if you have something worth imitating then it means that you’re doing something right!

The truth is this happens in every industry.

Every business is vying for a competitive advantage. When an industry leader introduces a new innovation then others are bound to follow at some point.

Just be glad that you aren’t the one playing the “me too” game. Sure, it’s one way to stay afloat, but you’ll be a follower and your customers will come to realize this.

Instead, focus on your course offering. Worry only about the things you can control, it’s far more productive.

How are you going to differentiate your course? How can you provide the most value? What can you do to be even better? Focus on answering these questions and you will find that you don’t need to worry about how your competition is copying you.

If anything it is a compliment if they do. You need your competition to keep you sharp between the ears. The ones that bring forth their own innovation will ultimately prove useful in pushing you to create better courses.

Embrace competition, even if you think they are just copying your courses. Think of it this way: if they are copying you, then they’ll always be one step behind!


Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Twitter | LinkedIn

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