November 28th, 2013 E-Learning

turkey-picIt is that time of year again, the time where we get together with family to share in one of the most anticipated meals of the year (and perhaps watch some football – Go Lions!)…

In the U.S., the ingredients of a thanksgiving dinner are ingrained into our psyche. Everyone has their favorite food, and the smells are unmistakable.

Which got me thinking… If elearning were a thanksgiving dinner, what food(s) would it be?

Okay, by my own admission this is going to be a bit of a stretch, but humor me 🙂

I have thought about some of the more critical components of the elearning and matched them up to what I think their Thanksgiving food equivalent would be. Below are my thoughts on the matter.

But, just like everyone has their favorite dish at Thanksgiving, I am sure you are likely to have your own opinion as to the pairings below. If you feel so inclined, feel free to share your views in the comments!

Elearning & Thanksgiving Food Pairings

The Turkey – Everyone knows this is the reason why you sit at the table to eat. The turkey is the center of attention at the dinner table during Thanksgiving. It only makes sense that the elearning equivalent to the turkey are the learning objectives – it’s what you came for!

The Stuffing – The turkey is one thing, but it isn’t complete without stuffing! While the learning objectives are why you came, the stuffing adds quite a bit of flavor. In my view, the stuffing is the tool you use to deliver the elearning. Be it Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, or hey, even LearnDash 😉

Mashed Potatoes – Usually taking the spot right next to the turkey, mashed potatoes are always on the Thanksgiving menu… the same way you will find a quiz associated with almost every elearning course. Mashed potatoes are the quiz.

The Gravy – Mashed potatoes without gravy? Never! If mashed potatoes are the quizzes in our elearning courses, the gravy is the reward at the end. This can be a certificate, credits, points, or any other form of recognition. It’s gravy so it’s all good!

Green Beans – Every Thanksgiving dinner needs a little color, and that color is often green (be it green beans or collard greens). Greens are highly versatile and take different forms at every dinner table. They can be in a casserole, fried, sauteed, or steamed. The versatility of green beans is quite convenient – just like elearning is versatile and convenient. Take it on your phone, tablet, or laptop… and at the time of your choosing!

Pie – Be it pumpkin or peacan, many dinners are bound to have some sort of pie. It’s often the last thing eaten when you have room for nothing else, but it’s always so good and sweet. The elearning equivalent to the dessert at Thanksgiving are the bells & whistles available in elearning. The clickable elements, streaming videos, gamification, various learning paths… pretty much anything you do to add a little fun into your learning!

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