IDEA: Real Time Relevant Course Feedback

This idea isn’t revolutionary by any means, but I keep thinking about how useful it could be for learning professionals, companies, and any other organization.  The idea first came to me after reading some feedback on someone who suggested a feature for WPLMS. In some respects this may already be in place  (if so, please share!) but even if it is, I think it should/could become a norm.

The idea?  Incorporate a mechanism to capture real time course feedback from learners.  Let me explain by way of a scenario:

Major Corp is implementing a new financials software to handle their organizations billing, accounts receivable, and so on.  Before Major Corp employees can get access to the system, they must take a 101 level e-Learning course and then a 200 level course (live training) in their specific job area.

The 101 course contains high level process information (ex: what has changed and why), as well as some basic navigation and introduction into the software.

Employee Joe takes the e-Learning course.  While taking the course, he doesn’t understand the new way that bills will be processed.  At this point, he enters in a question in the question box which captures the point in the presentation. A notification (or the question itself) is sent to the appropriate contact who either answers the question via email to the participant, or compiles questions/answers into a centralized location. 

I particuarly like this type of functionality because it can help an organization understand the pain points of the new training.  It also lets trainers know where the material may need to be updated.

Anyway, perhaps I can add this as a LMS wishlist item.


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  1. Hi Justin,

    Take a look at the site. I saw a video of their practice program showing realtime feedback. They’re now using it for reverse homework-lecture teaching. Students watch the video courses at home and do their homework in school. They do Q&As online while being monitored in class. If a student lags behind or gets a question wrong, the teacher sees it right away in realtime and goes to the student to assist them. I haven’t seen this implemented yet on a smartphone, which I think will be very useful.


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