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flipped-class-jpgIf you are a teacher and are considering ways to make your classroom more dynamic, then one of the easiest ways to get started is to create your own personal online (virtual) classroom from your students.

There are many programs out there that give you hosted solutions, but you will be limited in the level of customization you are permitted to implement. Not to mention that most of these platforms are “cold”, or lack any personal touch.

How to Get Started

You may already be familiar with WordPress, and know that it is one of the most flexible free pieces of software available today. There are many themes available (both free and paid) that will make it easy for you to make the learning experience unique.

All you need is hosting. When you sign-up with a host such as this one, WordPress will already be installed and ready to go.

After creating the necessary pages (“Home”, “About”, “Contact”, etc.), you will be ready to install a WordPress LMS plugin (we happen to know of a good one 馃槈 ) to make course creation and delivery a piece-of-cake.

Here’s a tip: Create a course per class, and then create a Lesson for each week of the semester. You can then use Topics for the subcategories, for example, each session. Populate the content, add quizzes, and anything else you feel will be useful!

Don’t want students to skip ahead? No problem, you can drip-feed your Lessons to become available at specified intervals. Using the LearnDash Group feature, you can enroll all students into the course at the same time so that they will be delivered the content on the same schedule.

From start to finish, this process will probably take you a week – assuming you have all the content already created. If you have to create the content, it will take longer. The point is, once you have it complete all you need to do is maintain it and interact with your students.

So what are you waiting for? In a couple weeks you could have a robust class learning management system!

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Hi Justin, this sounds just what I am looking for. I’m just curious though: Does Learndash provide the learners with some means of interaction with each other?

Hi Alexandra-

Thanks for the note. There are a few ways you can encourage student interaction. The easiest way is to just enable comments on Lessons and Topics. This way, learners can discuss the content on the actual content page. Alternatively, you could also install this free plugin: http://bbpress.org … this will create a formal forum.

Thanks Justin. Your answer got me thinking though. Would it also be possible to combine Learndash and BuddyPress to build a “social LMS”? Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated!

BuddyPress is also a good choice for some situations, and is compatible with LearnDash. Sometimes it can be “too much” though as there are quite a few features. If you need something that is more simple, then you certainly don’t need to use BuddyPress and can still accomplish much of the same functionality.

Thank you, Justin. I will have a look at both.

Hey Justin, really like your article, thank you for sharing it with us. As an Instructional Designer with children in primary school, I am all for eLearning based training. My only concern, which was also raised by Alexandra is the ‘interactivity’. I think this would be great for the kids to do their homework activities. Saves bring home books and other material. Simply logon on, do your homework and then the teacher can check / run a report in the morning to review the students answers, peer comparisons (to identify those that are struggling) and discuss any outcomes / objectives they set beforehand. Insert applause here Justin.

Avatar Blair Kearsley

Hola! Estoy muy interesado en adquirir su plug-in, pero tengo algunas dudas:

1) Una vez dise帽ado todo el curso, 驴Es posible hacer instancias del mismo? Es decir, crear varias aulas donde se est茅 dando el mismo curso pero con distintos alumnos. Muchas veces ocurre que un curso se extendi贸 por alguna raz贸n y otro debe volver a comenzar. Siempre hablando del mismo curso, solo que son grupos de estudiantes distintos.

2) 驴Volver a reutilizar un curso terminado es f谩cil?

3) 驴Hay alg煤n Demo de la administraci贸n y creaci贸n de cursos?

Muchas gracias.


Juan Manuel Camerini

Avatar Juan Manuel Camerini

S铆, puede crear “grupos de estudiantes” y ellos pueden tomar el mismo curso. Como alternativa, puede copiar el rumbo para un conjunto diferente de los estudiantes.

P贸ngase en contacto con nosotros para una demostraci贸n.

(traducido con Google Translate)

Hola, estoy buscando una manera en la que pueda dise帽ar un curso y que otro profesor sea el encargado de ver las actividades y calificarlas sin poder modificar mi dise帽o, ccomo lo puedo hacer con learndash.

Avatar Elber Gonzalez

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