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elearning-wordpressThere is so much time today spent on formulating effective assessment questions that it can be easy to overlook best practice when it comes to feedback techniques.

What do I mean by “feedback”?

In this case, I am referring to the message that is displayed to a user after they submit their response to a question. Many instructional designers will intentionally omit question-by-question feedback (which is fine), but there are some advantages that can be achieved by including it.

That said, if you do have feedback after a question, it should provide value – it should not just be “CORRECT!” and “INCORRECT!”.

Assessment Feedback Tips

First, you may want to consider giving the learner another chance to get the question right. It helps them to understand what is wrong and gives them another opportunity to succeed.

Try using “That’s incorrect, try again!” instead of “That’s incorrect, the correct answer is…”

Another possibility is to give feedback that they are almost correct, but that they should try to select the most appropriate answer. You can encourage the learner in the response by using something similar to the following:

You are almost there, please try again!

In the event that the learner selects the wrong answer, you can also give them a hint. This will help to guide their thought process so that they aren’t just guessing until they get the correct answer. In the response, you include the hint as follows:

That’s incorrect. Hint: Think about how…  Try again!

When the learner finally does get the answer correct, don’t miss out on an opportunity to further reinforce the concept. Instead of saying, “Correct!”, supplement the correct response with additional context. For example, “That is correct! This example shows the…”. 

While this helps to provide additional context, avoid having something that is too lengthy.


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I think it important to differentiate between learning or “knowledge check” questions and “qualifying/certifying” assessment questions. We provide customer feedback during the learning phase, but during the “do you really know this” assessment for certification purposes, we don’t give them hints, but do indicate if correct or incorrect. We also do allow retakes.

Avatar Susan Alderson

Where LearnThings is falling short for me is that there seems to be no way I can give feedback to students that have uploaded assignments. It would be great to be able to send the assignment back with comments from within the LMS.

Avatar Gerald

Hi Gerald-

Thanks for the note. If you are referring to LearnDash, then this feature will be available shortly. If not the next major update, the one after.

Any progress on feedback? A student portal to see feedback and grades?


Hi Lance,

Feedback can be given on assignments submitted in LearnDash.

Hi Justin,
Was talking with Elle… Seems the “send back the assignment with comments” has not been developed yet…
Any idea of when it could come pls?
Having feedback is a must-have, but especially if assignments are physical documents, it can be interesting (necessary) the teacher could mark the assignment, add comments on the paper and scan / send it back from within the LMS.

Avatar Guillaume

Comments left on assignments are sent to the user as long as the assignment isn’t approved yet.

Thanks for the answer… but that’s “only” comments, not the corrected paper.

Avatar Guillaume

Picking up on this thread – is there now any way of sending an assignment back with inline comments on it? I note the comments can be made in a comment box on the site itself but it would be really good for instructors to upload marked copies for students to download and work there way through.

Avatar Kirsty

Hello Justin. I am considering buying LearnDash. The assignment feature you refer to is of interest to me. In roughly what time frame do you think it will be available? Weeks or months?

Avatar Norman

Hi Norman-
Thanks for the comment. We are enhancing the assignment feature at this moment and it should be out in our next major update (perhaps the next one depending on testing).

Hi Justin
Do you have a way to send feedback to students in the form of comments and attachments as yet?

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