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If you have ever studied a language online then chances are you have come across the popular Duolingo program.

The teaching method relies heavily upon gamification elements to teach key language concepts. In fact, it’s one of the best examples of gamification currently on the market. It’s no secret why many learning programs want to emulate their offering.

I think this is a good time to mention something: you will be hard-pressed to create an exact replica of Duolingo for a few hundred dollars.

Their learning management system is a complete custom build and has massive amounts of investment (both in time and money).

That said, you can still capture some of the key elements from Duolingo in your own learning program.

Creating Your Duolingo Clone

Duolingo boasts a lot of features but there are some key components that stand out over the others. We’ll focus on how you can achieve these features with WordPress.

Core Feature #1: Course Creation

This is where LearnDash comes into the picture. LearnDash makes it easy to create robust online courses leveraging WordPress. You can also prevent users from skipping around in your course until they successfully demonstrate that they have learned the content by passing checkpoint quizzes (a key feature that exists in Duolingo).

Core Feature #2: Gamification

The “bread-and-butter” of Duolingo. To implement gamification elements like badges, points, and leaderboards with WordPress & LearnDash all you need is to use BadgeOS. The great thing about BadgeOS is that it can connect to a user’s LinkedIn profile so that they can take their achievements with them, so to speak. This is exactly what Duolingo allows.

Core Feature #3: Forums

When you learn a language on Duolingo you have the opportunity to interact in course related forums. LearnDash has you covered with forums as well with the bbPress integration.

Core Feature #4: Social Interaction

Duolingo is a truly social platform where you can build out your user profile. Using the BuddyPress integration for LearnDash you can do the exact same thing.

Putting It All Together

The final thing you will need to do is to “package” all of those core features together in an attractive way. The easiest way to do this is to use a WordPress theme like Social Learner by BuddyBoss (although you can use any modern WordPress theme you wish).

And that’s it! You’re well on your way to emulating some of the popular features that Duolingo offers to their users in their program.

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Am thinking of creating a language site. My question is do I open a wordpress account first, then add learndash alongside buddyboss as plugins. Could you please clarify because I am new to this and I don’t have a big budget on this project yet. Your recommendation and advise is appreciated.

Avatar Alfred

Get a WordPress site first (preferably with one of these hosts). Then you can get LearnDash.

So I’ve already created a wordpress site and have a website. I don’t quite understand the hosting idea. I paid $50 dollars to start a wordpress with my domain choice. I think I need to be clarified on the following points
1) How do I change a wordpress domain to include one of the hosts you mentioned and what is the essence of incorporating hosting
2) Is Learndash LMS a wordpress plugin because I searched and learnpress was coming up instead
3)Do I pay for Learndash separate and then Social Learner by BuddyBoss
4) Could you tell me all the individual plugins I need in order (a-z) as well as the cost of each service that will enable me to create an interactive site where users can contribute content and stuff like that


Avatar Alfred

Thanks. Figured it out for the most part through research.

Avatar Alfred

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