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The WP Favorite Posts plugin mentioned in this article is no longer maintained. A similar process could be done with a different plugin.

If you have created online courses using LearnDash then you can allow your learners to bookmark (or save) their favorite lessons as they go throughout the course.

As you can probably imagine there are a variety of reasons why someone may want to save a lesson, including but not limited to:

  • They find the content interesting
  • They want to revisit the lesson at a later date
  • They have a question regarding the content want to ask the instructor a question
  • They want to show/share it with someone else

This list goes on and on.

Enabling The Ability to Mark Lessons as “Favorites”

To activate this ability for your own courses in LearnDash, all you need is a single free plugin.

Install and activate the WP Favorite Posts plugin.

Once that is done you have a few options you’ll need to configure. First, you can specify if only registered students can save lessons (which probably makes sense in most cases).

In addition, you can customize the way this is displayed to users with pre-built icons or your own custom image.

There are also plenty of label settings so that the terminology used by the plugin matches that of your courses. The default options are shown below.

Now when your learners take a course and come to content that they wish to save all they have to do is click the icon.

There is a widget that you can activate so that a user has immediate access to any lesson that they mark as their favorite.

That’s all you need – you can literally have this up-and-running in less than five minutes.

Have fun!

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What does the frontend of this look like. I already have WP Favorites installed. It is enabled but I don’t see the like button on the courses. I also don’t see it in the learndash demo. Can you help me, please.

Thank you.

Hi Dara-
It just adds a section on each of your courses where someone can save them (with the icon you choose) – the design of the widgets portion (where their saved lessons can appear) will depend on the theme.


Unfortunately the plugin is no longer supported, and I have issues with the presentation of the favorite list outside a widget. I feel it would be great if this feature was included directly in Learndash as it is critical that learners can bookmark online lessons as they bookmark pages in books (IMO). The resume function provided by UO is great but what if a learner is following several courses at the same time?
Is this planned for future development?


Avatar Remi

Totally agree. I’d be great if this functionality were included in LD natively. This plugin is not being updated anymore,

I do have the same problem.

Avatar Otto

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