February 27th, 2014 E-Learning

lms-revealedWhen implementing a learning program, one of the most important decisions you can make is choosing a learning management system. The LMS is an integral part of the entire learning initiative, so you will want to ensure that it is aligned with your goals.

One of the biggest mistakes I see from people who are implementing an LMS is falling for feature creep. They want their LMS to do everything including cook dinner. What’s worse, they end up paying way too much for features the don’t even use.

Your LMS Should Grow With You

The better approach is to find a learning management system that can meet your basic needs effectively. Sure it’s great if it comes with forums, chat functions, image sharing, and so on – but those are just bells and whistles (from my experience, many of which are never used).

If a formal learning program is new to your organizational culture, then start with the basics and move on from there. Once you nail down the ins-and-outs of your LMS core features, then explore some of the other fun options.

Essentially, your LMS should grow in functionality as your organization grows in familiarity with elearning.

This very fact is what makes WordPress a great LMS.

If you need a feature, all you need to do is find the proper add-on (or “plugin‘ in the WordPress world). In many ways you are only limited by your imagination. Anything from rating systems to chat features can be added at the click of a button.

Be careful though, this can actually backfire.

Remember that the more functionality you have enabled, the more time (and knowledge) it will take to manage your learning management system. Before you just add another feature, make sure you do the proper research to see what people are saying (both positive and negative) so that you can make an informed decision.

Also, adding too many features too quickly will confuse your users. Keep it simple and make sure to include instructional documentation so users know how to actually use the features you add.

If you have ever thought about using WordPress as your LMS, the time has never been better. Check out some of the features you can instantly have on your site with a robust LMS plugin.

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