October 17th, 2013 E-Learning


Today’s technology is really changing the landscape of college education. It is becoming more and more rare to see textbooks, pencil & paper, and even a printed syllabus from a professor.

Instead of the tried-and-true tools of the past, the college classroom is outfitted with ipads, smartphones, and ebooks. The university campus bookstore looks different too in that many are carrying less books and shifting to ipads (and other tablets).

Not surprisingly, the modern college student today is very dependent on technology. Accordingly to one survey (with a sample size of 500), 73% of students indicated that they cannot study with technology.

That same study found that 70% of students used keyboards to take notes during class instead of paper. With this in mind, it would make sense why students said they could not study without technology.

Office hours seem to be a thing of the past as well. A whopping 91% of college students use email to communicate with their professors.

The rising influence of the latest ed tech gadgets in higher education is not all that much of a surprise. The students in college now grew up with elearning in their high schools, so it just makes sense that they also be in universities.

But ed tech isn’t just beneficial to the student. Colleges are finding ways to cut back on costs in an effort to improve their bottom line.

It has been estimated that digital textbooks cost roughly 40% less than a printed one. Immediately this offset can be pushed to students, with revenues aimed at other critical areas of the institution.

Yes, everything at this point has an app, and the college student is more than ready to use them. Consider the following tools at their disposal:

  • Skype: group projects from the convenience of your dorm.
  • Evernote Peek: virtual flashcards.
  • Grades 2: Acts as grade calculator and assignment reminder.
  • Snoozer Recordings: Records long lectures and takes pictures – then pairs the two together.
  • Wunderlist: Hundres of “to-do” lists in the palm of your hand.

This has only touched the surface of how ed tech is changing today’s college student. As elearning, Tin Can API, and other technologies creep their way into K-12 in more influential ways, we are bound to see most traditional methods move their way to the digital arena. It will be exciting to see what kind of impact this has on future generations.




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