April 13th, 2016 Course Creation

If you are actively involved in the elearning industry then you have undoubtedly heard about the two major players when it comes to rapid elearning development: Articulate and Adobe Captivate.

These two juggernauts are pretty much household names in this field.

When one makes an important update, the other follows with updates of their own.

It can all get kind of… “noisy”, and among that noise there are some other solutions available. Some really good options.

One of those options is iSpring

iSpring Has a Cult Following

Normally cults are a bad thing, but in the case of iSpring it means that they have very passionate and loyal customers, so iSpring must be doing something right.

Now I’ll admit that most of my experience in elearning tools like these are with the two major players I mentioned previously. However, I have had the opportunity to download and use iSpring.

It’s pretty slick.

And easy.

And affordable.

If you have had any experience with Articulate products then you’ll find the transition to iSpring pretty intuitive as their offering leverages PowerPoint similar to Articulate Studio.

While certainly this makes for a familiar user experience, it may also be one reason you choose not to use iSpring. Some elearning professionals loathe the PowerPoint experience when creating their courses. It’s a matter of taste.

I could go on about the various features but it’s probably best if you just visit their feature page.

For the sake of convenience, I’ve included their overview video below to watch if you’re interested.

And in case you were wondering – YES, you can use LearnDash with iSpring 😉

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ISpring tools to create objects of audiovisual and interactive learning scenarios are an excellent complement to the courses offered with Learndash.

Hi Jason – interesting. how would it integrate with Learn Dash. e.g if I were to use the Quiz function which can be assigned points, would this integrate with the Learn Dash quiz points?

Avatar Jayne

Hi Jayne,

iSpring is a set of tools to create learning objects (screencast, quiz, interactions, simulations, screen recording, converting PowerPoint to videos …). Quiz results are not integrated into the administration of Learndash which itself has an excellent manager for Quiz attractive, useful and reliable.

In our case, we use iSpring to build interactive lessons.

For managing the entire course (quiz, certificates, monitoring of student activities, calendar of events, forums …) we use the excellent LCMS Learndash.


Mario, are you saying I can’t use Quiz feature from iSpring and successfully integrate it inside LearnDash?

I thought using GrassBlade (PRO + Premium) plugin on LearnDash is enough to have all iSpring features (including Quiz) be properly tracked inside LearnDash.

CAn this be done? I need to know so I know what are limits before getting involved with LearnDash.

Thank you.

Avatar Andre


the quiz question is interresting,

I would like to use the ispring quiz not with a iframe on my web site.
Because this doesn t protect the cotent enought.
So i thought using the Tin Can Api integration between learndash and ispring to protect my quiz content.

Do you think this is possible ?

Best regards,


Avatar Gulli

I started using #iSpring Suite when it first was available. I chose iSpring because, at the time, it was cheaper for me to use. As of this year, 2018, iSpring has increased their maintenance fees to twice the cost to that of Adobe Captivate. I am switching to Captivate for that reason. Both are great products, iSpring is intuitively easy and Captivate integrates well with Creative Cloud and has become much easier to use. Captivate, in my opinion is the winner.

Avatar Kevin

hi Kevin, interested in your updated experience of Captivsteveate

Avatar steve

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