August 6th, 2014 Grow with LearnDash

Today we are excited to announce the latest addition to the integrations for LearnDash, the Gravity Forms integration!

This integration opens up a lot of different possibilities for your learning management system, especially if you are wanting to creating a custom enrollment capability, be it for free or paid courses.

What is Gravity Forms?

For years, Gravity Forms has been the leader in custom form creation for WordPress powered sites, and they are often the “go-to” form plugin for many developers.

The great thing about Gravity Forms though is that you don’t have to be a developer to use it on your site. The interface is intuitive and their support is helpful. If you are in need of custom forms (contact forms, order forms, etc.), then you can’t go wrong with them.

What Does the LearnDash-Gravity Forms Integration Do?

Many of you have requested the ability to create a completely unique enrollment form for your courses, and that is what this integration allows you to do! Specifically, with this integration you can:

  • Create a completely custom sign-up form. The Gravity Forms builder allows you to capture any information you wish when users register to take a course.
  • Auto-enrolls users into the course of choice. The integration allows you to map your form to one or more LearnDash courses. Once the form is filled out and submitted, an account is created for the user and they are enrolled into the course(s).
  • Charge for courses or offer them for free. You can set a price and accept payments using any of the payment gateway add-ons offered by Gravity Forms.

Bonus Update: New LearnDash Price Type

Along with this integration we also added a new price type for LearnDash courses titled “Closed” in the latest version of LearnDash, which was also released today:

Selecting the “Closed” price time will remove the “Take this Course” button, meaning the only way a user can gain access to the course is if you manually enroll them, or if you are using an integration like the Gravity Forms integration to sell the course instead.

If you enter a custom button URL (optional), then the “Take this Course” button will appear on the course page and take the user to the page of your choice. This is particularly useful if you are using Gravity Forms. Simply insert the URL of the page that contains your custom registration form.

How to get Started?

To get started, you will need the following plugins installed and activated:

  1. LearnDash LMS
  2. Gravity Forms
  3. Gravity Forms User Registration Add-on (sold by Gravity Forms)
  4. LearnDash-Gravity Forms Integration

Once installed, all you have to do is create your form, and on the User Registration add-on settings page, you can associate the form with a course.

That’s it!

Now, when someone successfully submits the form (with or without a price) a user account will be created for them and they will be auto-enrolled into the associated course(s).

What’s Next?

First, a big thank you to you for suggesting this add-on. Gravity Forms will absolutely give you the most flexibility for user enrollment.

As always though, we keep moving onward with development! Some of our near-term plans include quiz and reporting enhancements – among other things 🙂 .

To download the latest integration (or to make your own suggestions for features), head on over the support site.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter


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Justin – kudos on the release – looks nice. We’ve just purchased your product a few weeks ago and are working to get it integrated into the extensive WordPress section of our website. I was impressed by how active you are with improvements made to the product and its inherent ability to integrate the substance of the content into an already visually appealing website design. Regarding this article — I hope you might also consider integration of Formidable Pro for WordPress, which is a fantastic and powerful WordPress forms plugin. We, along with several other clients, decided to abandon Gravity Forms and have been extremely pleased since going to Formidable Pro. It has become rather well accepted.

Hi Michael-

Thanks for the note and the suggestion! Make sure to submit it on the support site via the “ideas” tab as well so that it is officially documented.

+1 for Formidable Pro – It’s a seriously under rated form plugin which has now become a standard installation on every site I build.

I’ve seen on a number of forum posts over at Formidable, Stephanie (Formidable owner) has ported a few Gravity extensions to work with Formidable and unless my memory is deciding to be a little idealistic.. I’m sure I remember her mentioning that “if a gravity extension exists, it wouldn’t be difficult to make it compatible with Formidable as well”.

Thanks Justin.

Avatar Benjamin

+1 formidable pro is awesome

100% support formidable forms and learndash. I just purchased learndash and my only downside is the absence of formidable forms plugin. same with Michael, switched to formidable forms after much disappointment with other form plugins.

You can connect Formidable and LearnDash with Zapier as both our solutions are on that platform.

I love to see how you succeed to make LearnDash fully compatible with other plugins 🙂

Hi Justin,
Question for you: Would one want to use this with or without a Membership Plug-in, like PMPro?

Avatar Steve Carlson

Hi Steve-

Thanks for the note. PMPro has their own registration form, so any custom fields would need to be done within their application. Similarly to this integration, when someone registers for a PMPro membership level, they are auto enrolled to associated courses.

Avatar Normski

This is a powerful foresight and solution! Just brooding over how I’ll create a smart Reg for my medical website for both free and premium courses and you brought gravity form, you’ve earned my trust. Hope that I will have a Naira currency symbol in-lieu of Dollar symbol.

In addition, does all the plugin mentioned above included in the recent update for us to download? You said;

How to get Started?

To get started, you will need the following plugins installed and activated:

LearnDash LMS
Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms User Registration Add-on (sold by Gravity Forms)
LearnDash-Gravity Forms Integration

Are we to buy Gravity form plugins or is integrated into recent update of LearnDash?


Avatar bb

Hi bb-

Thanks for the note and kind words – this update was built with the intent to take course registration to a completely custom level. As a LearnDash customer, you will have access to integration, but you’ll need to purchase a developer license from Gravity Forms if you don’t have one already in order to use the integration.

Ok Justin, thanks for the clarification. Its cool. I will come back for the currency symbol option in due time.


Avatar bb

Hi Justin,

If I am reading this correctly I would need the gravity forms developer licence, plus the GF user registrations plugin in order to make this integration work?

At first glance it seems as if the personal gravity forms licence will be sufficient – can you confirm that this is the case please?

Thank you


Hi Ant-
Thanks for the note. Yes, you will need a developer license, which comes with the user registration plugin.

Hey there Justin,

Nice job, as always. You are constantly working to make this product a winner for all. Kudos to you and your team!


This looks great, can’t wait to give it a try!

Thanks Justin for a nice updates. Just want to know that is it possible to continue the quiz if it is stopped due to any failure.

Thanks Rajesh-
If the quiz is abandoned in the middle of it, then the user will need to restart the quiz.

Will there be an integration with the Formidable Pro forms plugin anytime soon?

Avatar Shem

Hey Justin,
I use formidable pro forms instead of gravity forms, same flexibility with a lot less cost. Do you think it would be easy enough to create a similar setup to integrate Learndash with formidable forms.

Avatar V

Hi V-
Thanks for the note. The integration would likely be similar – I’m sure a capable developer/firm could do it.

Does anyone know Gravity forms has the functionality to make it so that when someone registers, their membership has to be confirmed by an admin person?

Avatar Tom Answer

Hi Tom-

It’s a good question, and probably one that the folks at Gravity Forms can answer more completely. I will say that when a new user registers for a site, WordPress does allow for certain security controls so that an admin must confirm the user on the site before that user can log in.

Once you register – how does it know when the course expires?
One issue we are having is expiry dates with registrations and memberships – what is the best way to do memberships and registrations; do it with gravity forms or with a membership plugin?

I’m in design stage and I’d like a slick, easy controllable solution for access on payment or free, with LD courses/modules/lessons/topics at the centre of it all ……

Any guidance much appreciated.

Hi John-
As with anything WordPress, there are multiple paths to a desired end goal. You may find this article useful with regards to memberships:

If you have questions relating to your site’s configuration, please do write us and we can brainstorm a bit.

Hi Justin, we need to add just an extra field to the register form, is only a field to the user fill with a PIN number, but the PIN number has to be validate with the same already in the server, this plugin will works?


Hi Justin,

I would like to ask is there a required version of gravity forms so that I can make a custom registration page ? Because it seems I can’t find the learndash setting on gravity forms user registration page.

Avatar Alec Jones

Latest version of everything (LD, GF, LD-GF integration)

Hey gents, I have been looking for an option to send the password to the customer (as a customer notification), but I can’t pick the field password from the drop-down?! Its not available. The field password is available at the form, so user can create his own password. User registration addon is installed. Any ideas?

Avatar Dan

Hi Dan. Your best resource for this question will be GravityForms’ support. Our integration is only for connecting a form and courses together so that enrollment occurs.

Hi Justin
I bought GravityForms and GravityView to build my site. I also got the members plugin which is fine for the office admin. But i need my researchers to register on my research site and only view their own created documents.

I dont offer courses or anything like that. So researchers apply for funding using the forms etc. There are several stages of applying for funding… Proposal then Protocol then contracts then …

Can i use LearnDash for this?

Hi Wilna-

Thanks for the note. I don’t think that LD would be your best option in this case (i.e. strictly document creation control).


Is there a way to add a new user to a group instead of course?


Avatar Mike

Hi Justin where in the code do I remove the “Open” course price-type. The problem is that it auto-enrolls users and this compromises user privacy as every instructor will now have access to emails to every user and that could lead to spamming of users. Our instructors are outsourced.

Good day i want to link take this course to my own customized page, not paypal

Hi Justin,
Is it possible to have a custom registration form for new students to create an account on the website. The completion of this enrolment/registration form would need to be required in order for them to purchase a course.

I don’t want people to purchase courses without providing enrolment details but I dont want people to have to fill out all their enrolment details every time they want to purchase a course. Does that make sense?

Can you point me in the direction of how I would do that or is it already an option in LearnDash?

Avatar Rebecca Asquith

Hi I’am Having trouble on getting the courses from learndash because the option where you choose the associated course did not appeared on the user registration.

“Once installed, all you have to do is create your form, and on the User Registration add-on settings page, you can associate the form with a course.”

Avatar Von

Is it possible to use the plugin Woocommerce to enroll specific people with different memberships so you later can use the [student] and [visitor] shortcodes to regulate what the users can see? As i understand it you can do that with Gravity forms but is that possible with Woocommerce aswell?

Is this plugin going to be updated? Almost 2 years since the last update for this plugin. Need this plugin to work with my course signup forms!


Avatar Adam Johnson

Yup, works like a charm — if you run into issues just reach out to support.

I setup this combo to purchase the course, but it seems like the form always asks the user to enter a new username, password, email and create a new account – even if the user is already logged in.

Do you know if its possible to have it recognize if the user is already logged in, and not force the use to create a new account?

Avatar Aram M

You can use the ‘update user’ option instead of the create new user in GF.

Where can I change the default REGISTER form at login/register page?

Avatar Carlos h Targon

Sure is a shame you guys can’t hard code this into LD. This is just another plugin we have to maintain and more associated cost.

This post is a tad dated. See for our built-in registration/login form.

Where can I change the default REGISTER form at login/register page?

Avatar Ruben

This is great but can you have the option to not auto approve the account and not enroll users?

Avatar Marius van der Merwe

Can this be updated to include group enrollment also from the user registration settings? Thanks

Avatar Temi

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