July 18th, 2016 E-Learning

With the rise of mobile devises there has been more talk about micro-learning.

There are many resources to learn more about micro-learning, but in a sentence it is a way to deliver learning content that is optimal for the smartphones and tablets.

It is a really exciting time for the elearning industry. Mobile learning represents the transition for the elearning standard that has been prevalent for the past 15 years.

Major companies around the world are recognizing the importance of micro-learning, including Google.

In fact, Google has set-up an entire site on the topic at thinkwithgoogle.com.

The site is dedicated to Google’s research and findings as it relates to the way we sell, purchase, and learn with technology. The aim of the site is to be a resource for pushing the marketing industry forward.

Google provides data that they are exploring and trends that they are tracking with regards to digital marketing campaigns across industries, platforms, and audiences. You have the option to subscribe to their newsletter so that you are always up-to-date on their latest findings.

Of particular interest to me is the section called “Micro-Moments”. This section is dedicated to consumer behavior and what it means for brands.

While the focus is commercial in nature, I couldn’t help but notice how the analysis on consumer behavior is directly related to how we obtain information (or learn).

As online shoppers we solve problems and find answers in the moment by piecing together multiple micro-moments of content which ultimately influences our behavior.

This form of impromptu learning is almost second nature for people. It makes sense to tap into this learning behavior when we create online course content. The next generation of online courses will need to be easy to access and consume in the moment as “information-on-demand”.

Want to learn more? Head on over to the Google Micro-Moments section of their “Think With Google” site.

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You seem to equate micro-learning with m-learning (mobile learning) but they don’t appear to be the same thing. I read the other article you wrote a few months ago and the link to the German study. Micro learning is about the merits of learning via small chunks of learning as opposed to large amounts. Also the Google micro moments site looks fascinating but it doesn’t discuss learning – it’s all about marketing and advertising and how we inhabit a world where we spend the majority of time online using our phones.

Hi Mike-

There’s overlap for sure. Micro-learning’s rise is the result of the rise in mobile learning (specifically the increase in mobile device use).

Of course. However micro learning can be delivered to any device even my 27 ” iMac. And I can use my mobile for downloads of huge traditional learning like a Kindle reference book. This post seems to conflate the terms. I appreciate the effort though.

Mobile eLearning has been around for almost 20 years, Justin. When I built SunTAN at Sun Microsystems in 1997, one of the first learning management systems in the world, I targeted my sales force, since just-in-time learning was very important to this group of learners. I addition to normal layered, content-rich webpages, I had a special page built for each product that would give the three key selling features in less than 100 words. It was designed to be accessed from the saleperson’s cellular phone and reviewed five minutes before entering the prospect’s office. It proved to be very effective and when one of the most successful salespeople in the company said it was largely responsible for closing a $14.7 million sale, I never had trouble getting funding or support from senior management ever again.

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