March 11th, 2014 E-Learning

Every year the ELearning Guild administers a survey among their members asking various questions regarding industry specialization, title, and salary (among other demographics). Well, the results are now available, and this year they have released them in a nifty infographic.

Despite the variety of areas that someone could work within the elearning industry, there are three main focus points of this graphic: instructional designer, training director, and elearning manager. I suppose I am slightly confused between training director and elearning manager since at first glance they both appear to be pretty similar (even in salary).

The highest average salary as reported in this study can be found in the Netherlands, topping out at 97,295 USD per year. Naturally there are some economic factors that could be leading to the fluctuation across demographics, but it is still interesting.

What I find to be most surprising is that over the past four years, the average salary has remained pretty consistent, both in the U.S. and globally. I would have expected this to be on a steady rise given the way elearning has picked-up in popularity and acceptance the past half-decade.

The saddest reality from this survey is the disparity of salaries between men and women. On average, this survey found that women’s salaries were roughly 9.7% lower than the average salary of their male counterparts (across all job titles).

Personally, I find this quite inexcusable. Hopefully the results from this report will provide women working in the elearning industry some empirical data that they can take to their employers.

If you do find yourself in a situation where your salary falls below the averages in this report, then there may be some things that are within your power to help you change that could impact your bottom line.

Keep in mind that the graphic below is just a slice of the entire study. The ELearning Guild has published a full report as well that is available for download (the URL is printed at the bottom of the infographic). This will provide some more insight into the methodology and results.

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