Various types of gamification elements have been around for a number of years now but it is still proving to valuable when it comes to online education. One would naturally think about the traditional education settings, but gamification in business shouldn’t be overlooked.

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to leverage current technological methods to improve their bottom line. As online education becomes mainstream it only makes sense that businesses invest in implementing these programs using all the latest “bells & whistles”.

There are many benefits to having gamification components in online courses, many of which I have covered already so no need to harp on those again. I will just reiterate that the biggest benefit (in my opinion) is that investment in educational opportunities is one key way to attract and keep talent an an organization.

The workforce is changing over. Millennial expectations are different than their predecessors. If you don’t have the educational opportunities available then they will jump ship to another business – likely a competitor.

However, by thoroughly training and growing their skill-set they will feel valued. When Millennials feel valued they are fiercely loyal. This pays off for organizations in a big way.

As the infographic above points out, next year gamification in business is still expected to grow as more businesses jump on the gamification bandwagon (better late than never).

Here’s the best part about gamification: your organization doesn’t need to have deep pockets to implement a gamification program.

If you have a small business (or are just part of a small business) then you can quickly set-up an online training portal leveraging WordPress and LearnDash. Gamification elements like badges & points can be implemented too. All of this will set you back only a couple hundred dollars.

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