July 25th, 2017 LearnDash Tips

One of the most important aspects to many online learning programs is the data. With relevant data you can tell if your learners are completing the courses, if they understand the material, and where they are getting stuck.

For years ProPanel has been the reporting add-on for LearnDash that enables you to quickly see information relevant to your learners and courses.

Today I am excited to share that we have officially released version 2.1 of ProPanel which includes two significant updates that are the direct result of your requests!

So before jumping into the details, on behalf of the entire LearnDash team I want to personally thank you so much for sharing your ideas. Your input is shaping this product!

Now onto the good stuff!

YES! Front-End Reporting is Officially Here! 🙂

There is a good chance you just jumped to this update and skipped the intro above. If you did, I don’t blame you. This is quite exciting!

Included in version 2.1 is the ability for you to take all the reports you have on the back-end and display them on the front-end – like so:

Pretty neat, right?

Here’s the cool thing: you can use our template for the front-end reporting or you can build your own layout with the individual widget shortcodes!

When ProPanel is installed the Shortcode Wizard will have a ProPanel option in the left menu. Select this and you will be presented with your shortcode options:

Selecting the first options (as shown above) inserts a quick link to our front-end template. If you want to arrange the data in a specific way then you can select the individual shortcodes from the list.

One scenario where front-end reporting is particularly useful is if you use the LearnDash Groups feature. No longer will your Group Leaders need to jump into the WordPress dashboard to view the Group activity. This makes for an easy, non-intimidating user experience.

Also, ProPanel isn’t just for Admins and Group Leaders anymore…

You now can give any user role the ability to access ProPanel (not just Group Leaders) by granting the user role the ProPanel capability. Simply leverage a free plugin like User Role Editor to make the adjustment and you’re all set.

Sift Through Data with Improved Filters

When ProPanel version 2.0 was released we introduced the ability to filter data based on Course and User. This was a massive step forward from previous installments – but it was just the beginning.

While the filters provided a great way to dig through the information, your feedback made us realize that we could make it better.

You will now see that you not only can filter by Course, User, and Status, but also by Group.

As you select any one of these filters the other filters will update automatically based on the selected item. For example, if you select a specific Group then the User filter and Course filter will update accordingly. You can narrow the information down even further by status.

Once you have drilled-down to the exact data you are interested in seeing you can export it to Excel and only the filtered information will be downloaded!

This new functionality (and more) is available to you today in ProPanel v2.1.

[Note: This version of ProPanel must be used with LearnDash v2.4.6 or higher]

Don’t have ProPanel? Upgrade your account and get instant access!

Looking Ahead

It is hard to believe that the year is more than half way over. I must say though that there are some exciting innovations ahead for 2017 – including but certainly not limited to:

  • Free integration to use with a marketing focused shopping cart
  • Third party add-on options to enhance your LearnDash powered courses (private sessions, course reviews, etc.)
  • An entire new way to create & manage course content in LearnDash

The last one is what I’m most excited about.

We have been working on this for a good part of this year and it represents a complete pivot in the way things work currently across the entire WordPress LMS industry.

Thank you all again for your continued support in LearnDash and our vision to make online course content dynamic & enjoyable. We quite literally couldn’t do it without you!

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Thank you, Justin and Co.! I’m in love with LearnDash!

It is awesome!!!! Congrats and thanks for that.

I know this doesn’t belong here but where is the article about linking learndash with quizlet…

Avatar Javier serantes

Thanks Javier!

Though I’m not sure what you mean by ‘quizlet'(?)

Hi there again, you guys wrote an article about linking quizzes with our learndash courses. Quizlet helps you in a flashcard mode to show the words, translations, concepts and definitions, and most importantly gives you the opportunity to learn them by playing some intuitive games. Quizlet.com

I believe you had written an article about this… But I can´t find it. Could you help me?

Avatar Javier

Woah, just woah. This is amazing, I love that team LearnDash listens to what customers want and then over delivers. I’m so happy I’m a customer.

Avatar John Ross

I am filled with the need to Woo and Hoo!

Thank you for giving us what we need to keep clients out of the backend.

Avatar Rob

Ha! Thanks Rob, happy to know you will get use out of the front-end view!

Brain candy! This is sweeeet! Helps us focus on creating content!

Thanks Mike – glad you like the update!

Question, is there any plan to have a “group” field in the main data export? I have been using Google Data Studio to create reports using the main Learn Dash Report export, and the one thing I was hoping for from this update was the addition of a group field in that main export (doing an export per group isn’t a great solution).

Thanks for the awesome updates!

Hi Josh, thanks for the comment! This isn’t included yet in the report but we have a filter you (or your developer) can use to include custom data in the report. Just send support a message and we can get it to you.

Thanks for the response Justin!

Excited for the upcoming major LearnDash Upgrade 🙂

Really excited to hear about a new way to create & manage course content too! I got LearnDash in its early stage but I never used it because of the way to manage and add content. There has been a lot of (exciting) updates since then: I’ll make sure to dig into it again when this new way gets revealed. 😉

Keep up the good work!

Awesome! Thanks Fred – glad to hear LearnDash is going to fit into your plans!

Thank you so much Justin and the LearnDash Team!!! We are the brazilian team from AlfaUno and we all in love with these updates! We´re so glad to be a customer too! Keep up with the good work!!!!

Thanks for choosing us Bruno!

AWESOME! Wowsers I really need to get my site migrated over from Rainmaker…I already bought the pro version of LearnDash and now just need to make the time to migrate!

Any chance the “Free integration to use with a marketing focused shopping cart” is SamCart?

Thanks so much Kyle! SamCart is indeed a marketing shopping cart… 😛

Hi, I am thinking about upgrading to pro version to use propanel. Just one thing, I’m using Front End Course Creation add-on and Course Authors can upload courses on their own. Will they be able to use propanel to track reports and data of the courses they CREATE?

Thanks for the comment! Well, I think the instructor add-on creates a new user role so I see no reason why you couldn’t give that user role access to reports – but you may wish to contact the add-on author to verify.

So much happy on this.

Looking to see how I can use this when someone buys a group membership for them to see where their child members are at.

Thank you, Justin. Although I do hope your team will add a Date filter to Pro Panel in the future. I have to provide course completion reports to my client monthly and unfortunately, I still have to print out All data first and only then try to format the date in Excel and then filter by Month. It is so cumbersome and time-consuming!

Thanks Elena – please do write us direct with more detail. I’d like to get your use-case recorded as we look at continued updates.

Question: When you say “An entire new way to create & manage course content in LearnDash” for 2017, will this include the possibility to re-use the same quiz questions in different course environment, aka ‘prep exams’ and ‘final exams’ to avoid having to re-create questions twice?

I guess this would be tough to do programming-wise, but would be soooo awesome for our current course setups where EACH course quiz comes in two versions basically: a ‘prep exam’ quizzes allowing you to learn based on all MCQs – and a ‘final comprehensive exam’ taking questions out of the ‘prep exams’.

We are planning to duplicate a great number of quiz question to achieve that goal with 6 courses (over 6*300 prep exam quiz questions – but only 6*100 final exam quiz questions

Any luck we will be happy?

Thanks for the note! Maybe I’m misunderstanding the question but you already do have the option to re-use quiz questions across different exams. 🙂 When you go to add questions for a quiz just select the ‘copy questions’ button and you’ll get the ability to pick from your already created questions in other exams.

Yep, that is correct Justin! We are aware that it is possible to copy a question. But in that case, the newly copied question will receive a new ID if I am not mistaken. Now, will an update (edit change) of the original question automatically update the copied question?

I am asking this as we have a need to regularly update our questions for exam requirements: Questions are often available across several separate quizzes in the same course (and sometimes even across several courses). So having to update only the original question to also automatically update all copied questions would be a real benefit for us.


This is exciting news however I am in the middle of building and preparing to launch a site.
When is this update that ‘represents a complete pivot in the way things work currently across the entire WordPress LMS industry’ going to be released?

Im nervous in moving forward right now.

Thanks Shane! We’ve forged new paths in the past and always make a point to preserve what our users create. Please, create with confidence – we have your back.

So no date for the next core update?

I’m yet to buy LearnDash and have my eyes so fixed on the coming update as well as the ones recently released. However i need some more clarity on ‘ a complete pivot in the way things work currently across the entire WordPress LMS industry.’Is this to mean full frontend editing is coming too? BTW you guys rock!

Thanks Vishan! Front-end editing is possible already using the Front-End add-on. The pivot in course creation process is an evolution of how content is viewed by the creator and the software. If you create content today with the current way then all will remain intact after the update.

Hi Justin,

Looks good. A quick question. You write that it is possible to have front-end reporting for groups. Is it possible to create a front-end reporting page for individual users? I feel that it would be very useful for my learners to have an overview page of their activity and progress. At the moment they only have the “profile” page through theme my login and it is not very appealing (would welcome alternative suggestion to TML).

Avatar Donal Elsted

Thanks for the comment Donal! This is covered by the LearnDash profile shortcode. They can see course progress, quiz scores, reprint certificates, etc.

Oh, that’s great. To be honest, I only discovered the shortcode wizard through this current announcement (even though I’m sure you told everyone about it). There are so many aspects to LearnDash that I sort of heard in passing, didn’t need it at the time, promptly forgot about them, and am only now becoming aware of what is on offer. When I have a moment, I will play with it a bit.
Keep up the great work. I am really thankful for what you do (and your colleagues) and greatly respect all the knowledge and ideas that you put into making LearnDash a success.

Avatar Donal Elsted

I have dozens of clients that have hundreds of employees. We are planning on placing each client in a group to take the same course. We would like a group leader from each client to be able to access a report of their group and only their group. Ideally, it would be great if I could use the new pro panel update to give the group leader the reporting access for their group. I am having difficulty finding documentation on how to accomplish this. Where to build the page, how to restrict reporting access to only the group leader and how to restrict reporting access to only the group leaders group.

In summary, I need the following:
1. A page on my site where each group leader can access front end reporting. No other users will be able to access this page.
2. The necessary shortcode etc to place on the above page
3. The ability of the group leader to run a report for only his or her group. No other access to other groups as they are for other companies.

If I am approaching this wrong, please let me know. I would prefer not have a separate course for each client. I have the UncannyOwl pro toolkit installed. I also have MemberPress installed, but I am not currently using.

Appreciate any insight.


Hey I’m obviously not as technical as everyone else… so it would be helpful to SEE what effect these updates have on a user’s experience. Can you make a quick video and walk us thru it through please?

Avatar Graeme

Hello Justin Ferriman, please i want to create education portal website using wordpress. All other things are done but am hooked up with uploading student result to the portal so that on imputing their scratch card pin they can print their result. Please sir can you help me with any plugin that will assist me to create that page. thank you sir.

Avatar justice

As always, perfect delivery and exciting news for a really useful platform! Cheers!

Have I misunderstood something? I just tried to use this feature and whilst the initial screen appears in the front-end, clicking on any of the links tries to take the user to the WordPress Dashboard. I am trying to use this to display Group information to customers who are Group Leaders but linking them to the Dashboard does not provide an acceptable experience. I understood this was ‘Front-End’ reporting am I doing something wrong?

Avatar Matt

User mgmt is powered by WP and is always going to be back-end, but you could just couple it with Theme My Login for front-end profiles.

can i show pro panel functionality to user?

No, just admins and group leaders unless you give permissions to subscribers.

Is there a way to have ProPanel Filters default to a specified course or group?

Avatar Steve Klingler

No there isn’t a setting for this.

Are there plans to improve the look of ProPanel now that LearnDash itself has been drastically improved?

Yes, we do have plans for ProPanel 3.0, though no ETA at present.

Please help a brother out, sir. The “shortcode wizard” link above is broken, and the instructions pre-date Gutenberg (and I’m in Elementor, so doubly stuck). I would dearly love to give my group leaders reporting functionality that does not make them want to tear their hair out, and what you have posted above looks lovely. How (please, how?) do I give it to them? Is there a list of shortcodes that includes ProPanel reporting?

Nope. Wait. Found the wizard button in the compose window. It took 9 months, but I guess I finally got desperate enough to dive into the Gutenberg editor. Would you consider adding a button to Elementor’s panel, much like Smart Slider has helpfully done? Or as I said I’d happily take a plain list of shortcodes.

Please add a ‘Date’ filter to the LearnDash Pro Panel Reporting. Our LMS has quite a few courses, and I am tasked with the responsibility to generate a course completion/exam report for each course to the Program leaders on a monthly basis. Without the reporting functionality having a ‘date filter’, I must export all data and then sort the data using the ‘Date Completed’ field. This process must be repeated for each course. Having a ‘date filter’ option built right into the LearnDash Pro Panel Reporting function would be quite a time-saver!

is there any way that make if a course had only 20 user course register close and no one can register any more?

Avatar eiliya

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