Any instructional designer knows the importance of having a quality screen capture tool available at the click of a button.  For years, the gold  standard for this software has been Snagit by Techsmith.  In all honesty, they really have put together quite an amazing product, so if you have the means to do so, I would highly recommend investing in it.


If you are a budget seeker, then there is a fantastic open-source option available that has many features that are similar to Snagit.  This free alternative to Snagit is called Greenshot, and with it you can:

  • Create full screenshots
  • Create partial screenshots
  • Annotate, highlight, and crop screenshots
  • Instantly send the screenshot to a file, clipboard, printer, or email

Even if you are a fan (and user) of Snagit, I strongly recommend that you download this free tool and give it a shot.


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If you’re looking for a free alternative to SnagIt, why not just use Jing, which is made by the same company as SnagIt (Techsmith) and is also free?

Sandra S.Reply

Another good tool, but somewhat limited (a bit more limited than what Greenshot can offer).


Thanks for the great article! I can also recommend the screenshot tool from Usersnap as a great Snagit alternative.

Especially if you’re working on web projects! It’s super easy to capture browser screens and annotate them. Every screenshot will be saved in the project dashboard where you can discuss with your colleagues and clients.


Is this freeware for enterprises/corporations?

Aaron Mustafa N'DiayeReply

Yes, you can use it how you like.

Thanks so much Justin – love the sites!

Thanks Michael, glad you find them useful 🙂

Thank you! I love this Greenshot tool.


Why not just do screenshots and edit in image editors? Seems much more straightforward. On the Mac its CMD+SHFT+4. There is a setting to change so that images are saved to a specific location and in what format (jpg or png). That’s it

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