August 18th, 2022 Customer Spotlight

This month’s LearnDash customer spotlight is Schedulicity: a booking platform for service-based businesses and their customers. 

In 2010,  Jerry Nettuno launched Schedulicity. The sole purpose was to provide a powerful platform to facilitate transactions between small, service-based businesses and their clients. Jerry believed these entrepreneurs were an integral part of the economy but were sorely underserved and overcharged. He created Schedulicity to offer simple yet powerful tools to help these businesses grow and thrive.

When introducing a new tool to the marketplace, it’s essential to provide training for the software. Proper training increases product adoption and happy customers. And what’s the best way to provide training for your software company? With a WordPress site featuring LearnDash, of course!  Schedulicity uses LearnDash to provide free training for their software using the open course access setting and focus mode features.

Let’s take a tour of this beautifully customized WordPress site and get inspired by Schedulicity’s unique use of LearnDash.

A Well-Designed Homepage

When you land on the website’s homepage, you’ll find clear messaging highlighting the value of using Schedulicity. You’ll also find a list of its top features, customer testimonials, and vibrant calls to action throughout the page.

You’ll find a link to their Tutorials page in the footer menu, which displays a grid of short courses built with LearnDash.

The Perfect Use for Open Courses

Schedulicity makes an excellent example for using the LearnDash open course access setting. Open courses are free and do not require registration or log-in to access the course content. In Schedulicity’s adoption of LearnDash, it makes sense to use open courses. It eliminates the friction of remembering passwords and logging in to learn how to use the product.

A Distraction-Free Learning Experience

Another feature of note in Schedulicity’s LearnDash courses is the use of the focus mode feature. Focus mode aims to eliminate distractions by hiding navigation and footer elements. Removing distractors can streamline your user’s learning experience – increasing learning retention and completion rates. 

Do more with LearnDash 

Schedulicity has created a powerful scheduling platform and easy-to-use product tutorials using LearnDash, and you can too! There are a variety of ways to utilize LearnDash on your website.  How can LearnDash help you achieve your education goals for your students, company, or product? 

Want to take LearnDash for a test drive? You can experience LearnDash from a learner or a course creator’s perspective in our free demo.

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About Karmen Kendrick

Karmen is a product marketing manager here at LearnDash. She holds almost a decade of experience running an eCommerce site, a digital agency, and a WordPress course for beginners.

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