October 29th, 2013 Announcements

LearnDash UpdatesOur goal at LearnDash is to not only develop robust built-in features with our product, but also to expand its functionality by developing integrations with other value-adding WordPress plugins.

A lot of thought and evaluation goes into this process as we want it to truly benefit our users.

One item that has come up from time-to-time is the integration of LearnDash with popular membership plugins available. Of course, LearnDash offers course protection organically, but there are also some added benefits and features by using a membership plugin for protection in conjunction with LearnDash.

From our initial release, we have ensured that LearnDash was compatible with the most popular membership offerings, allowing you to protect your courses, lessons, lesson topics, and quizzes just like you would any other WordPress page or post (should you want to).

Still, we wanted to take it one-step further to provide you another intriguing option…

LearnDash & PaidMembershipsPro (PMP)


After many hours of research and conversations, one name kept coming up: PaidMembershipsPro. PMP is a FREE membership plugin that is packed full of features – and is regarded by many as one of the best membership plugin options available on the market. The more we learned, the more we recognized the benefits it could bring you as a LearnDash user.

The team behind PMP (Jason & Kim Coleman) are top-class as well.

With PMP, you can:

  • Create unlimited membership levels
  • Run membership reports
  • Offer discounts for membership levels
  • Integrate with popular services like MailChimp & Infusionsoft
  • And much more!

Also, just like LearnDash, PMP is WordPress Multisite compatible (an essential feature for any WordPress plugin), so you can truly maximize your learning network.

How does it work?

Getting started is easy, all you need to do is:

  1. Install/Activate LearnDash
  2. Install/Activate PaidMembershipsPro
  3. Install/Activate our Integration

Now, when you create a membership level, you can associate it to one (or more) courses. When someone purchases a membership level from PMP, they will now be auto-enrolled into your course.

How do I get started?

We have included instructions and a video on our support site so that you can get started quickly.

Tools & Experience = Success

Our goal is to always give you access to the tools necessary to make your WordPress LMS a success – but we understand that an LMS is more than just having the tools, but also about having the support to back it up.

Don’t ever hesitate to take advantage of our deep learning industry experience and contact us via the forums or help desk whenever you feel in a jam, or even if you just want to exchange ideas.

As always though, you can expect us to continue to refine LearnDash – in fact, we are hard at work on a particular feature that we know you are going to love!

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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This sounds great! Just what we need. Can’t wait to try it out.

I have just got Learndash to set up a Leadership, Strategy and Governance Learning portal – in 2 weeks you have already added 2 significant improvements, I love it, thanks a million it was well worth the investment…

Great to hear Roger – happy that it is working out!

Awesome! Thanks a lot Justin!

You’re very welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

Cool! I’ll add this to my network today! I love how your feature updates are always useful and applicable.

Great work Justin! Many thanks.

Avatar Christiaan

I’m impressed with your dedication to making this plugin great Justin, nice work! One question I do have…do you use a membership plugin at all for the support site for learndash? And how to do you make the login page be the front page and then have it automatically redirect to the support.learndash.com page without having any public people see it? I’d like to set the same type of system up for my site to make it easy. Thanks again in advance!

Hi Trent-
Thanks for the note. No, we don’t have a membership plugin installed on the support site (although we could have easily implemented one), we just require log-in in order to access. There are many free plugins that allow for this functionality on wordpress.org.

Trent, the article we wrote here should help you keep users out of the WP admin dashboard whether or not you are using Paid Memberships Pro for membership.

Bravo Justin! If there was an award for ‘Most productive development of a wordpress plugin’, you’d have to a nominee.

Avatar Benjamin Green

Thank you Benjamin for the very kind words!

I always wait for the latest updates from LearnDash. If my budget is enough I’ll definitely use it for my clients.

Thank you for submitting this information to my email ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi Justin,
This is a great one. It would help with my preparation of future online courses.
It’s greatly appreciated.

Happy to hear it Alan ๐Ÿ™‚

I have downloaded both PMpro and the integration download for my Learndash, but it has not integrated and none of my courses are showing, just my blog content.. What am I missing please?

Open a ticket at http://support.learndash.com and we’d be happy to investigate further!

Hey Justin!

I’ve been using LearnDash + PMPro for over a year now and am pretty darn happy with it. The biggest drawback though is a HUGE one. The First Click Free functionality of PMPro does not work with LearnDash. This has enourmously negative SEO impacts.

Thinking about trying something else because I can’t figure this out.

Any thoughts?

Hi Mitch-
Thanks for the comment. Probably will need more details as to what you’re looking to accomplish – please do open a ticket with support describing a bit more about your current setup and I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Hi Justin,
Is there a way to enrol users based on 2 fields (instead of paying), like policy/membership no and Date of Birth as the verification methods?

Avatar philip

You don’t need a membership price (it can be free) for the PMPro integration.

Hello there,

As suggested I downloaded and use the free version of membership pro plugin but i am experiencing a lot of problems.

Learndah & Paid Memberships Pro plugin replace the “Take Course” button with “You must purchase this course or log-in to view the content.” text.

“Take Course” button come into view only after disabling Learndash & Paid Membership Pro plugin.

The problem is that it is stuck on that sentence. Even if the course is set to FREE and even after logging into the platform. It doesn’t allow the user to start the free course.

I am not getting any real support about this.



I’m a new used getting started with this integration, and was hoping to read the instructions that this page indicates are available at the following URL: http://support.learndash.com/paidmembershipspro/

Unfortunately, that link takes me to a support page with what appears to be content unrelated to these instructions.

Is an updated link available, and if so, what is it?

Many thanks,

Avatar Jeff


the link is a blank page:

Where can I download the plugin?


Avatar oloman

Download by logging into the support site, or from the ‘addons’ menu of the software.

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