ELearning: The “Anti” Snow Day

snowFor those of you who live in a place that gets a lot of snow, you at some point have had a “snow day”. As a child, this meant you didn’t have to go to school, and nothing could be greater!

In my adult years I occasionally had a “snow day” for work (usually in the form of my flight being canceled) – it felt just as great as when I was a kid, allowing me to spend the day working from home.

While many school districts account for possible snow days in a given calendar year, they still do cost quite a bit of money. In addition, classrooms themselves are impacted as lesson plans have to be altered due to students missing an entire day of classes.

However, elearning has changed the nature of the snow day. In fact, it is in many ways the anti-snow day.

As many classrooms are equipped with some form of elearning component, students can now log-in from their homes and complete assignments, interact with other students, and view lesson content (not that they would want to of course).

Having elearning for the classroom means less time spent catching-up on lesson content. Teachers in the K-12 space as well as in universities can remain on schedule and students don’t miss out on key learning objectives.

If you are a teacher or professor and still do not have a learning management system in place for your coursework, then consider this an additional reason to get one! Say goodbye to re-work because of weather. Lessons plans can continue as normal.

Sure, for the student this takes some of the fun out of the snow day, but it also means that they too can learn in the comfort (and convenience) of their home, which is a nice break from the standard day-to-day schedule.


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