3 Places To Find ELearning Templates

elearntemplateIn a perfect world every elearning project would have an abundance of resources.

You would have enough instructional designers to structure the content, a team of subject matter experts ready (and willing) to provide you with the content specifics, and the proper amount of time to create meaningful simulations. Of course, this is all supported by a massive budget.

It’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

As many of us know, the reality is quite different.

Subject matter experts never have the time to talk about course content, teams usually don’t have enough instructional designers working with the content, time is limited, and so is the budget.

To make it all work, you have to be flexible and develop specific resources that you can leverage. One easy way to do this and have an immediate positive impact is to use templates.

Creating a unique template from scratch takes time, and time is money. If you can save some time in this area you can immediately apply it to another (such as dealing with those uncooperative subject matter experts)!

If you’re looking for quality templates, then I would suggest having a look at the following resources:

ELearning Bros – Probably the biggest name in the industry for templates across a large variety of platforms (such as Articulate, Captivate, Lectora, etc.). The design library is not only large, but constantly evolving. But fame comes with a cost; expect to pay higher prices for the template packages with ELearning Bros than some other shops.

Faster Course – Very much the “new kid on the block”, but very slick. They already have an attractive template library with a primary focus on Articulate and Lectora. You can easily try them out by downloading the free samples.

Rapid ELearning Templates – I’ve mentioned these folks before on this site because they do quality work. They have a few free downloads as well so you can sample templates for Articulate or Captivate.


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  1. Hi Justin, thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    Are there any templates available for LearnDash?
    Thanks, Karen

  2. Hi Justin,

    not sure if I told you this, but thank you for the recommendation! We are working hard on our template library, and it feels great to get noticed :).

    Best Regards,


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