January 25th, 2015 E-Learning

With every year comes new and exciting figures in the elearning field.

As to be expected, the data is showing a continued rise in elearning use among a variety of industries. Not surprisingly, mobile learning is also on the rise – with some reports indicating that by 2017 the market will be roughly $12 billion.

Elearning use has shown gains in nearly every sector. Corporations are continuing to adopt elearning programs, currently at a rate of 13% per year (a pace tht is projected to stay consistent through 2017).

Whenever you have an elearning program, you need a learning management system. Studies have shown that 74% of companies currently use an LMS for managing and maintaining their elearning. The LMS market is booming as well, with total revenues at $4 billion, expected to be around $7.8 billion come 2018.

One area that I find most fascinating is the growth of MOOCs in the corporate sector. In many ways this can replace a learning management system (or perhaps act as the LMS). Last year it was reported that MOOC usage in the corporate sector was at 8%. Analysts are predicting that the trend will increase and this figure will reach 28% in the next couple of years.

It’s apparent that companies are seeing the advantages of the MOOC approach to elearning. By way of example, Google has roughly 80,000 of their employees enrolled into Udacity’s HTML5 course.

The infographic below, released by ELearning Industry, shares additional facts and figures surrounding the elearning market. One thing is for sure, elearning is continuing its rigorous growth rate!

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