EdTech is No Longer Optional [INFOGRAPHIC]

The edtech arena is taking off, and that’s no surprise given the exciting advancements and accessibility of mobile devices.  Opinion among educators is predictably in favor of educational technology in the classroom, with a whopping 96% believing that it increases student engagement in learning. Heck, 89% of teachers believe that the use of ed-tech improves student outcomes in the classroom.  This is probably why we are seeing an increased use of learning management systems, ipads, and various apps in K-12 settings.

However, despite all the positive opinion and praise that the cutting-edge edtech offerings receive, one study has found that there are fewer teachers who actually use these tools on a frequent basis. Even though 92% agree that they would like to use more edtech in the classroom, they are running into challenges – most notably: money, access, and time.

The infographic below, supplied by graphite, details some of the disparity between the positive opinion towards edtech, yet its lack of use in many classroom settings. I find this study rather thought provoking as I begin to consider the gaps sited by the educators for not implementing, or perhaps “perceived” barriers.

The lack of funds pieces is very real, no arguing there as school districts are just plain strapped for cash.  However, the other common responses (Insufficient tech infrastructure in the classroom and lack of time to implement) both are to a large degree in the control of the teacher.  That said, teachers are also battling administrators, and often administrators are the ones in charge of the funds – so it’s understandably a tricky battle.

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  1. An excellent commentary on the educational climate today. We must make teachers accountable for the QUALITY USE and integration of this significant tool……
    As a Principal of a Primary school, it is the challenge of my career!

    1. Quality over quantity, if used it should be because using it really enhances the learning experience.

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