September 3rd, 2013 Announcements

LearnDash Updates latestToday we are extremely excited to announce our latest update to LearnDash.  Since our launch, the LearnDash community has been absolutely fantastic when it comes to suggestions for features.  This update is 100% due to the feedback you all have given us in the support forums and help desk.

Thank you so much for your continued dedication.  As always, you can (and should) expect us to release updates on a regular basis based on this feedback.

On to the updates!

TRUE Drip-Feeding of Lessons!

Now when you build out your courses in LearnDash, you have the option to sequentially deliver the lessons to your users on a pre-set schedule.  This is true drip-feeding, and adding it is extremely simple:

  1. Create a course
  2. Add lessons
  3. Determine when you want the lessons to become available

For example, I set-up a course with three lessons – the first two lessons available right away, and the third lesson is set to become available one day after course enrollment/purchase.  LearnDash auto-configures the delivery date and displays it by the lesson, ensuring that the lesson content cannot be viewed until the scheduled date.

You can also drip-feed content by a specific date! Click here to learn more!

Until this point, the industry has relied upon membership plugins to sequentially deliver (drip) lesson content.  Membership plugins are great, but relying upon them for drip-feeding comes with a fundamental flaw: You cannot hold more than one membership level at a time!  This means that if you assign one membership level per course (and drip-feed each lesson accordingly), then your user cannot have another membership level for a separate course while maintaining access to the first membership level.

With the LearnDash Drip-Feed feature, your users can have access to an unlimited number of courses, and each course can drip-feed lessons on a separate, unrelated schedule.

Naturally, you are not required to drip-feed lessons. If you want, you can make all the content available at once to allow a user to progress through the course at their own pace.  Either way, we think you’ll love the flexibility of this feature.

Simplified Course Enrollment


Based on your feedback, we have went ahead and simplified the manual course enrollment for the Administrator.  Enrolling a user into a course can now be done from the User menu in your WordPress Dashboard.  Simply click on the user’s name, select the course you want to add them to (or remove them from), and click UPDATE.  Done deal – all is good to go 🙂 … Oh, and if your lessons are drip-fed, then the drip-feeding schedule will begin right after enrollment.  Simple, right?

Partner with Experience

Here at LearnDash, we are happy to bring our Fortune 500 consulting experience to your learning management systems.  Elearning is what we do – we live for this industry.  With your help, we continue to refine the LearnDash plugin.  We owe you all a huge “thank-you” for the dedication you have to our product. We promise to always stand by you, our customers, as we continue to refine our offering.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter


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Another happy Learndash day! Thanks for the dripfeed functionality.

Question. Are you going to ad a third layer for setting up courses (courses, modules, lessons)? That would be really nice to.

Avatar Wilco

Thanks Wilco! (regarding your question, just keep one eye on your inbox 😉 )

Thanks, can’t wait to see that in my mailbox. IT is the only reason I’m only testing Learndash. When have 3 layers I can start using Learndash for real and sell courses. The two layer systeem does not fit my coursestructure.

Avatar Wilco

Mee too. Waiting for this. After this feature I will subscribe. Awesome plugin!

Avatar Lucas

I really need this third level drip content as well. Can you send this my way? I own learndash. Thanks.


I own a copy of LearnDash, but I too need three levels before I can use it. I am delivering an ebook and need three levels. (Book = Lesson Chapters = Lessons Sections Withing Chapters = Modules)

Avatar Grant Swaim

This is awesome! So excited to use these new features. We launch our new campus with LearnDash next month and it seems the capabilities are getting better and better!

Thanks Christal, so happy you like it! Would love to see your site when it’s complete! If you want, feel free to share it in the support forums 🙂

Justin, are you able to have SCORM files released based on the score of the previous SCORM or lesson?

Avatar Tim

Hi Tim-
Thanks for the note. LearnDash doesn’t support legacy versions of SCORM, so not in that particular case. Currently, you can set a LearnDash quiz on a lesson, and prevent progression until a certain score is obtained.


Fantastic! absolutely brilliant implementation and I think you’ll soon find that this takes your LMS way out of the LMS market and into a backbone feature of any revenue generating content site.

thanks – your company has continued to deliver time after time.

Ray, thank you for your very kind words! As long as we keep getting suggestions, we’ll continue to push-out updates 🙂

Can the drip schedule by set by calendar date?
For example all learner/members get access to a certain intro level.
Then everyone starts the course at the same time, lessons released 1 per week.
Those who join late get all lessons released up to that point.
Keeping everyone on the same track, but allowing early and late enrollment.

Avatar lisa

Hi Lisa-
Yes, you can do this. Since lessons are built on custom post types, you can set the publish date for the lesson right by the “PUBLISH” button. Or, you can have all students click the “JOIN” button for the course at the same time and they’ll gain access accordingly. Alternatively, you can manually enroll a user using the new enrollment functionality and the drip-feed clock will begin.

nice! now i can get rid of my membership plugin and use this plugin primarily. This really simplifies my life. Excellent update!!

Hi Justin,

You have no idea how many problems this update would solve for me, if it works the way I think it will. I am so excited in anticipation.

Question: Am I missing something? I updated Learndash to version 1.4.4 and do not see the described settings? I am on a Multisite setup and have “enabled for network.”

I can’t say thank you enough for this update. 🙂

Avatar Guy

Hi Guy-
Thanks for the note, happy you find this useful. The settings should be there, open a thread in our support forum if you still don’t see them on the Lesson page.

Hi Justin,

It turns out that my membership plugin was hiding the settings. Membership plugin now uninstalled. Yay!

Avatar Guy

Congrats on that great plugin.
I´d love to know if it´s full translatable for other languages than english.

Avatar Pereira

Hi Pereira-
Thanks for the note. Yes, LearnDash code is internationalized, meaning you can easily translate it to any language. It’s already available in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, and French.

Thanks Justin
Do you need a Portuguese translation? if so please let me know i´ll be glad to receive the .po files, ok?

Avatar Pereira

Hi Pereira –
We’ve had a few customers who have kindly donated their translations and we would be extremely grateful if you wanted to donate your Portuguese translation! As always, you can send us a note via the support forum, or contact form! Thanks again!

Hi Justin.
Great News !

I bought a membership plugin .. yesterday .. 🙂 ..which by the way allows users to subscibe to different membership levels .. at the same time (Memberpress)

Just wondering what I’m doing to do with it .. now ..

Anyway, this is just great.

Have a nice day.

Hi Eric-
Thanks for the note! A membership plugin is a great tool to have – hold onto it for a while and I’m sure you’ll find a use for it 🙂

Now this is a fantastic option… Excellent work.
Purchasing the product the month for our courses.

Hi Justin
Great update, but a couple of questions.
Membership for our site also functions as a newsletter subscription and needs to have tick boxes for several membership options, so not sure we can use this.
One thing that really interests me though is whether the box that you show at the top with the 3 drip feed lessons is something that could show up as a widget or in a shortcode that could be placed in the side-bar or on the My Course page? I’d really like to be able to show users a clear picture of where they are up to in the course.

Hi Jules-
Thanks for the note. With this feature now in place, we are currently building it out further – we think you’ll like where we are heading with it 🙂

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us in the support forum.

Will do – thanks so much. We love Learn Dash!

Justin & The Learndash Team–
I wanted to write a quick post to THANK YOU for being so responsive and for providing such excellent support! The updates that you continually provide to the LMS just keeps making it better & better. I looked for a long time before I decided on Learndash and I am extremely happy that I chose your LMS. It is great and continues to get better with your updates and additions. Justin, you have been amazing with the support! I am always surprised at how responsive you are when an issue arises and the time you take to help troubleshoot the problems with my website. I cannot thank you enough. Your work and your support are simply excellent and I would give you and your work the highest recommendation possible. Thank you again!!


Thank you so much for the kind words Patty! Feedback like this is what motivates us to keep LearnDash moving forward 🙂

This feature is GOLDEN. I love the fact that it calculates the date also! Good stuff, but is it possible to drip feed entire courses as well?

My Situation: I run a math tutoring site and would like to set up a course for the various different topics. (i.e Algebra, Fractions, Functions & Graphs etc.)

Not only do I want to drip the lessons within each course.. But I ALSO would like the other topics/courses to be unavailable at first and be dripped over time. So the student progresses in a logical manner and pace.

Is this possible?

I should also note that I have not bought the plugin yet but I will be doing so very soon! (today or tomorrow)

Avatar Jordan

Hi Jordan-

Thanks for the note. Course dripping as it is with lessons is not yet available, but can be done by leveraging membership plugins (we have a beta version we can send to you if you decide to purchase). You can also set a course as a pre-requisite, so you can still control when a user is able to access another course by timing the lessons accordingly.

J. Does the Learner get notified per email that their new lesson (dripped) is available? If not, can this happen?

Hi Ryan-
Thanks for the note. At present an email is not sent, but this is on our radar for development.

Hey Justin

Great plugin and great support (do you ever sleep). Any news on the learner get notified per email that their new lesson (dripped) is available?


Avatar Eben

Thanks Eben, much appreciated. Go ahead and add submit this feature for consideration on the support site so that it can start gathering feedback/votes!

Yes, I’d very much like this too, it’s the missing piece for me. Where is the support site for this to vote on this feature?

Avatar Shaun

It’s on the “IDEAS” tab to he left of the screen when you log-in.


I’m interested in your plugin and I’d like to know if the notification for new lessons feature has been included before buying it.


Avatar Christian Zoppi

Hi Christian-

Thanks for the note! Notifications aren’t auto-sent upon dripping of content, but you can line up an autoresponder so that when someone is enrolled into a course, your 3rd party email program sends a message on the date the lesson is available. Feel free to write us with more details about your project and we can provide additional insight into how it might all work.

Hi Justin, is it possible to come at course timing from a different angle? That is, I want to grant access to a course for a period of time. When that time is up, the student no longer has access to the course.



Avatar Mike

I need to add enrollment duration to my courses as well… can’t wait for this feature!

is there a tutorial on how to set up a drip feed?

Avatar HLD


Thanks for the comment. Yes, we have documentation available on our support site. If you have any questions, go here to raise a support request.

Hi, is it possible to rename the three levels (course, lesson, topic) as (course, module, lesson)?

Avatar Angel

Hi Angel-
Yes, you can rename them.

How is it possible to rename course, lesson and topic

Hi Michael-

You can see these instructions for some more details.

Do you have the “Idea” url for the drip-lesson emailer? We need this BAD! 😉

Avatar Martin

This one is certainly on the radar!

Hi Justin,
is it possible to schedule a course or a lesson on a certain day? I’d like my first lesson to begin (for example) on September 1st, independent of when people sign up. It’s important for me that as many people as possible start a given course at the same time, because I’ll also give deadlines for assignments.

Avatar Annelie

Hi Annelie-
Thanks for the note. Think of the drip-feed feature as a “countdown” – the clock begins at enrollment. In the future we may look into specific day scheduling.

Scheduling lessons on specific date would work well when you want a group of people to step through a course together. You can schedule a lesson to start on a certain day. This would allow students to work in sync completing discussion, quizzes and homework. Then the next weeks lesson starts on a date a week later. This will keep everyone together even though people have signed up for the class at different times. This is a feature that I need and would use.

Can you please tell me how i can enrol a user for multiple courses?
I have PMP and Learn Dash.

Please help urgently.


Avatar sandy

Hi Sandy,
You can associate more than one course with a PMPro level for multiple course enrollment. Happy to help further – please open a ticket on the support site and we’ll get you squared away.

Hi there,

Is it possible to set that the drip doesn’t “start” until someone has finished a pre-requisite lesson?



Avatar Kevin

Hi Kevin-

Thanks for the note. This kind of drip-logic is not possible with LearnDash. You can schedule drip-feeding to be date based or for a “countdown” to begin immediately after course enrollment.

Hi Justin,

I am from a corporate training company and I am planning to use a LMS for following activities –
1. Create, schedule and sell public workshops (live classes in a real classroom)
2. Create, schedule and sell virtual classroom

My interest in not in selling pre-recorded e-learning courses, only selling instructor led classes (live or virtual-live).

Is LearnDash the LMS to go about? How do we schedule virtual classrooms?

Your help is highly appreciated.


Avatar Singh

Hi Sing-

For #1, you would need to use one a program such as Event Espresso which handles live training event registration (we integrate with their platform for some added functionality). For #2, LearnDash was built specifically for online courses, so that’s no problem 🙂

If you want live instruction as part of the online courses, at this point in time you’ll have to leverage a third party application such as GoToMeeting, AnyMeeting (my favorite), or another solution.

Hi! Was there ever an update to adding another level? (Courses>Modules>Lessons?) I know someone mentioned it awhile back, but haven’t seen any updates in that regard. Would be VERY helpful! Thanks.

Avatar U Trivedi

Few ways to add levels, depending on your needs. Write us with more details and someone will reply shortly.

Do you have a Shortcode to get the course availability date for the logged user?

Hi Hernan, currently there isn’t a shortcode for this, it will display automatically in the course content.

Is it possible to hide drip lessons that aren’t yet available in a course? Currently lessons that are set to be available X days after enrollment in a course are visible within a course with an “Available on this date + time” sticker on them. The lessons I provide are meant to be fun surprises each month so I’d like to hide them. (Also, I am very aware that I’m replying to a thread from 6 years ago 😛 hoping it’s still active!). Thanks!

Avatar Jasmine

Hey! This is great, wondering if it’s possible to see where a student is currently at and which lectures they have been given already? Thanks!

Avatar Brandon


Anyway to create a course using Learndash, that drip feeds the content, but the content is only available on the day it is drip feed? Not available anymore after the day has passed.

I mean a free version of the whole course would be available so that you’ll access the content day by day, but you have to go through the lesson on that specific date it is released. If you don’t go through the content you won’t be able to go back to it later.

The paid version would be a normal kind of drip feed where you can access all the previous lessons anytime after their release date.

This kind of arrangement would help me create a new kind of freemium model, where the basics are free, but the unlimited access + other certain extra features + content would be paid for.

If this is not possible, can you think of any workaround in wordpress using learndash?

Avatar Tuomas

Hi Tuomas-

Thanks for the comment. This would require custom configuration. If you want recommendations on firms that could do this just send us a note.


Hi there,

I’d love to purchase this plugin, but I remember having a couple issues and I wonder if they were resolved:
1. Does the drip feed function send e-mails to users when new lesson becomes available to them?
2. Does access to the courses stop automatically if people cancel their membership (paypal integration). I’m using “all you can eat” model with all courses available for a monthly fee.


Avatar Nata

Anyone? I really need to know this, please. I’m looking for a right plugin for my site. Thanks a lot.

Avatar Nata

Hi Nata-
Thanks for the comment. Please send us a message with some details on what it is you’re trying to accomplish and someone will reply shortly.

Nata, Did you get clarity about this-
1. Does the drip feed function send e-mails to users when new lesson becomes available to them?
2. Does access to the courses stop automatically if people cancel their membership (paypal integration). I’m using “all you can eat” model with all courses available for a monthly fee.

I’d love to know.

Looks great. My request would be for you to develop a system whereby someone could enroll for and purchase just one lesson out of a course. So, for example, if I offer a 11-lesson course, I could offer a portion of those as ala carte choices. This would help me a lot. Thanks for considering.

You have any plans for a deeper integration with MemberPress? I have found it to be a great membership plugin compared to MANY I have tried. I have literally tried them all.

Hi David-
Thanks for the comment. Currently it’s not on our near term development plans, but it’s possible should interest be high enough.

Hi Justin,
Could you tell me if now memberpress is on your near term development plans ?
The membership is a good business model to sell elearning courses built with Learndash.

Thanks Justin.

We have a beta integration with MemberPress. Send support a ticket and we can get you it.

I’m considering purchasing LearnDash, and MemberPress integration is a requirement for me, so it’s great to see you have a beta integration in the works.

Thanks Daniel! If you purchase LearnDash send support a note and we’ll get you a copy of the beta to use.

I have LearnDash and was wondering if the course could be set up so it sends an email to the enrolled students to different lessons on different days – can a course be set up with the drip feed and sending emails to the student when the lesson is available?

Few ways to do this Simone – send support a note with your question and we can let you the various options.

Hi, may i know more about the drip-feed feature. I would like to, within each enrolled user of my course, which consists primarily of 12 videos and some accompanying reading materials, make available videos on a weekly basis i.e. enable the next videos the following wee. Or, within each user, make available next videos after they have written some reflection on the prior video. Is it possible? Or is the drip feed feature on learndash time-scheduled only?

If it can only be controlled by schedule, is it a fixed date for each module (course basis), or can it be auto-scheduled from the day the enrolment into the course begins (user basis)?

Avatar Juinn

Lessons can be scheduled by specific date, or by “x days after enrollment”. So if you set it to “7 days” then each week a new video is delivered.

How is the user notified the next lesson is available – is it automated by email ?

Avatar Mark

Yes, you can set-up an automated email.

Hello! Learndash is great! I am trying to figure out how to use it for a course I am building out and am wondering if there is a way to schedule topic release as well as lesson release? I don’t see an option on the individual topic pages to do that.


Avatar Nathaniel Gustafson

Topics currently adopt the Lesson drip parameters in LearnDash.


Im using the latest version of Learndash but when drip feeding X number of days e.g 7, it still shows all the lessons and i am able to click on the lesson and see the content.

If there a bug with this?

Avatar Amin

You are the admin so your permissions are different.

No i registered as a new user in incognito mode and it still displays all the lessons and content.

Any other ideas?

Thank you

Avatar Amin

Hm, open a support ticket with your site details and someone can assist.

Hello Justin,

Is it possible to set that the drip doesn’t “start” for each lesson until someone has finished a pre-requisite lesson?

You had commented above 3 years ago that this was NOT possible. Is this still the case?

Also is it possible to limit access to course in entirety? Example I only want my users to have access for 6 months.

FYI I have already purchased LearnDash

Avatar Dale

Hi Dale,
Yes this is still the case. Yes, you can limit course so that after 6-months access is revoked.

Hello Justin,

Is it possible to hide the lessons from the lesson list if they are not Dripped yet?

Some of my courses have 30+ lessons in it, and although I Drip them week after week, it might seem a bit overwhelming for my users to *see* all the lessons awaiting them. I would like the lesson to be displayed in the lesson list (on the course page) only when the Drip time has come for each lesson.

Is this possible?
Thanks in advance,

Avatar Alb

At this time the lessons are visible in the course list (with their release date). You’d need some custom coding to change this behavior.

The Drip Lessons by LearnDash Group module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. Out of the box, LearnDash supports releasing access to LearnDash lessons a certain number of days after enrolment or on a specific calendar date—but that date applies to all users. This module extends drip dates by allowing them to be set by LearnDash Group. This allows you to have different groups progress through a course at different times and still manage their access with dates appropriate for the group.

I have searched high and low for the drip-feed option but it is not visible on my version. Version 2.6.4 Have I missed a setting somewhere? Overlooked a tickbox on setup? Please help

It’s available when editing a lesson among the other options. Please open a ticket with support and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Hello there. I have created scheduling for my lessons before, and it worked. However, I am trying it now for a new course, and it is not working. Did the update do something to it? I can’t login to get support, because I think our account is owned by a past developer who no longer works with us. How can I get support?

Avatar Isaac

Hi there. No, we didn’t change anything with drip-feeding. If your dev purchased the license then it’s legally their license if it’s in their name and we cannot revoke or change ownership. You could request that they transfer it to you, or purchase your own license so it’s no longer tied to them.

I’m also having issues with the drip feed setting. It’s a very straight forward setting, yet it’s now not working.

I’m not logged in as an admin account, I have indeed verified through an incognito window a fresh session, and I have no duplicate courses yet I am seeing the same issue of having drip feed seemingly not work at all under any configuration.

Please open a ticket with support and we can assist further.

Hello, is there any way to drip the topic with a thrird party or something. Or is that posible wir a membership plugin that works with woocommerce gateway?

I am trying to do something but I am not sure if I can do it with learndash.
I would like to customize the content drip function.
I would need the lessons to be released on a specific date indicated by the student.
I am organizing a course for pregnant women and based on their month of pregnancy, I would like to start the lessons and follow the lesson plan going back to their pregnancy period.
Do you think there is a way to do this?

I would like to use Learndash for a 36 month online course which they would pay monthly and get access to one new video (drip fed) each week. Does access to the course stop when someones cancels their subscription? Can they still see the lessons they paid for up to the point their subscription ended?

Avatar Alex Jones


I wonder if this is possible and if not it will be awesome to add:

It would be great if we could define for which group of users the dripping is active.
For example our plattform will have “Premium Members”, which see all content right away and Basic members will drip in.


Avatar Dennis

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