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laptop-computerIf you are creating an online course then you know the importance of video.

Text can be cold and impersonal.

Videos on the other hand allow you to form a human connection.

You can walk through the core topics of the course, present the material, or even show a demonstration.

A quick search in Google will yield thousands of results for video recording software with varying price tags.

However, one that might not make your radar initially is a program that I’ve personally used since 2012.

The program is called Screencast-o-matic.

Interesting name, yes, but it’s actually quite fantastic!

Probably most attractive about it is that the entry level plan is free so you can start creating videos in minutes after downloading the software.

That said, for only $15 per year you can upgrade to their pro-plan and get a slew of other extra features. In my opinion upgrading to their pro plan is well worth it (and totally under-priced).

When you create videos you can push them to popular video hosting platforms (such as YouTube), or you can have them host the video for you.

The interface isn’t overly complicated so you can really start recording in minutes.

Now your online courses can have video explanations with a professional visual quality.

Take it one step further by purchasing a recording microphone from Amazon.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get quality audio equipment. In fact, there are some pretty well-rated options for less than $100.

Now that you have all the necessary tools, have a look at these articles so that your videos follow elearning best-practices.

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Do you have a lavalier mic you recommend? I start reading, and everything is promoted to earn money off of it (naturally!)—so the reviews become kind of meaningless. Thanks. 😀

Last I checked, if you do a quick USB mic search on Amazon there are tons of reviews for a variety of products. In general if you have any mic that isn’t your built-in computer microphone you’re going to sound a lot better than most audio out there.

Thanks for this tip! I just watched their overview video on their website and it looks terrific. It looks similar to something we used to use but they closed up shop in July: Screencast, I think it was called.

I am totally going to start using this. Thanks, Justin!

You’re welcome Laura, happy you found the tip useful!

Regarding that, how can I show a self hosted videos? By just putting the URL is not doing well, so any hint?

I’m not sure I understand the question Juan. If you’re referring to LearnDash and would like support, please open a ticket.

Can I host the video lessons on screencast-o-matic and integrate them with Learndash LMS? Like one does using vimeo or wistia? Thanks!


Our video progression tool will not work with screencast-o-matic, but you can still embed the videos into lessons.

I am new to learndash but familiar with screencast o matic. Since I’ll be selling my online courses using learndash, YouTube is out for me. I can produce mp4 videos and vimeo with screencast. Would I need to get a separate hosting platform for my videos or it can be supported by learndash? Could I use screencast hosting services and will it be supported by learndash ?

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