gamebrainGamification popularity is nothing new to those who are heavily involved in the learning industry. Every course seems to have even the smallest amount of gamification integrated, be it online or in-person.

Gamification is growing in both the corporate sector and in education. It is a fantastic way to bring some life to elearning since they can often be tiresome and lack any real engagement.

In addition, live training sessions benefit from gamification in that it encourages learners to think about the content from another perspective.

Did You Also Know…?

  • Over 75% of people are “gamers” (50% casually and 27% moderately).
  • Learners recall only 10% of what they read and 20% of what they hear. This number jumps to 90% if they are applying content within a simulation.
  • 80% of learners say that their productivity would increase if their university was more game-like.
  • Over 60% of learners would be motivated by leader boards and increased competition among the students.
  • 89% would be engaged with an LMS if the application had a point system.
  • Favorite gaming methods include level progression, scores, avatars, and virtual currency.
  • Least favorite gaming methods include competition, virtual gifts, real time performance feedback feeds.
  • Most effective gaming strategies include illustrating progress, increasing engagement through forums, creating challenges and badges, and instilling a sense of accomplishment when something is completed.
  • By 2015, 50% of organizations managing innovation processes will gamify select aspects of their business.
  • By 2015, 40% of Global 1000 companies will use gaming as the primary means to transform business operations.
  • 53% of individuals responding to a survey on gaming say that by the year 2020 gamification will be adopted by most industries.


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