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The videos mentioned in this post are outdated. The LearnDash Bootcamp covers LearnDash 3.0 and above.

If you are creating a course using LearnDash then it can be helpful to “look over the shoulder” and watch someone walk you through the necessary steps.

The reality is that software is great but everyone will have questions at some point. Maybe it is with regards to a particular setting, or perhaps about the best way to go about configuring a course. Sure someone can tell you how to do it but seeing it done can go a long way.

It is with this in mind that we have published a Creating a LearnDash Course video series on our YouTube channel.

What is Covered

Click Here to go directly to the Video Series

This 10 video series covers the most common steps when creating an online course with LearnDash. The videos are narrated by Joe Casabona, a WordPress expert and user of LearnDash. The videos are as follows:

  1. An Introduction to LearnDash
  2. Creating Courses
  3. Adding Lessons to Courses
  4. Adding Topics to Lessons
  5. Evaluating Students with Quizzes
  6. Using WooCommerce with LearnDash
  7. Processing Payments with Stripe
  8. Custom Login Pages with the Uncanny Toolkit
  9. Custom Login Pages with Theme My Login
  10. Creating a Course Grid

You will be watching as Joe creates his own course using LearnDash and the associated add-ons, explaining and demonstrating the popular settings along the way. It is like he is right there with you explaining the “what” and “why” so you too can create your own LearnDash powered course.

If you are using LearnDash currently, then these videos may give you some additional ideas.

If you have yet to join us, then I encourage you to give the videos a watch. These are a nice introduction, but only scratch the surface at what is possible with LearnDash and WordPress, so make sure you write us with more details about your project so we can discuss the options that you have!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter


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Thanks for the vids! They’re very clear and helpful!

Can I create a site like TED.com using LearnDash? I.e user scan search/filter videos by topics, duration, author etc? So I need something close to ted.com , Can I have it using LearnDash?

Avatar Sunil Kumar

You can create a course catalog and then create a search functionality so people can search for courses by various criteria.

I tried to add users but it doesn’t work and I don’t know how to do if I want to limit user access to particular courses.

I have installed on WordPress. And it is working fine.

Hi, the Theme my Login has changed quite a bit since this video series was created. I’m wondering if someone can make a recommendation on how to proceed with this plugin. As a new comer to LearnDash, it’s a bit beyond me at this time to sort out. Thanks for any recommendations!

Hi, thanks for the tutorials. I am new to learndash and am using the latest Learndash pro version.
I also have issues with tutorials looking different and am becoming a bit confused as to where to find everything. Will there be any updated tutorials for latest version 3 of learndash?
You mentioned in an earlier reply to install Classic Editor – will this do anything to the current content?

Yes, there are tutorials for LD3 under the OVERVIEW tab.

I am so confused! I only have one course it’s 7 videos no copy. I just want people to watch my instructional videos and buy the course. It’s not as complicated as your video. Can someone help me?

Avatar Pay

Certainly, happy to help. Just open a ticket with support with more info and we’ll point you into the right direction.

Why I cannot find any fully training Course about LearnDash on udemy.com I could find it but unfortunately, it was only for Spanish speaker. Please if there is any course let me know. at lease we need to have a course for 5 to 10 hours to make semi-pro website. Any help appreciated.

Avatar Karwan Saed

We don’t publish anything to Udemy. You can watch the videos for free on our YouTube channel.

I’ve been following the tutorial videos but now with WordPress 5.0 I’m at a bit of a loss as visually things are very different from the tutorial videos. Example, I’m following a video “Adding lessons to courses” and it shows learndash shortcodes in lessons, located just above where the text goes, next to all the formatting buttons, I’m trying to follow but after the update I can’t locate things. Any advice?

Avatar chaia

You can install Classic Editor and everything will match. We have a new series coming out in early 2019 which will feature Gutenberg.

Thanks for the tutorial!

Avatar Aaron

Thanks for the tutorial!, nice post..

Thanks for the share :))

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