March 14th, 2018 LearnDash Tips

If you are selling your LearnDash courses then you need to configure a sales page that converts.

Fortunately the flexibility of WordPress gives you plenty of options for creating high-impact sales pages for your courses. There are actually a number of ways to go about creating a sales page depending on how you are planning to sell your course (i.e. shopping cart, membership plugin, or built-in LearnDash payment system), and what other tools you are currently using.

In general we see two primary ways people create sales pages for their courses:

  1. Using LearnDash shortcodes on the course page itself.
  2. Using a page builder like Beaver Builder or Elementor for creating a landing page.

Using LearnDash Shortcodes

The quickest way to create a dynamic sales page is to add the sales content directly onto the course description. Using our shortcodes you can present one message to those who have not yet purchased the course and then a new message for those who are enrolled. You will use the Visitor and Student shortcodes to accomplish this.

[visitor] Insert your sales text or videos [/visitor]

The above is all you need. Any content you put between the visitor shortcodes will only show to those who have yet to purchase your course. You can include things like sales videos, images, testimonials, and anything else to help explain the course and secure the sale.

When someone purchases the course they no longer see this information. Instead, you can display a unique message to enrolled users:

[student] Add your welcome message [/student]

I should also note that you can use both the Visitor and Student shortcodes on any page you wish, not just the LearnDash course page (though that is where they are most commonly used). This means that you can post course specific sales messages anywhere on your WordPress website, and when someone is enrolled into that course then that message no longer displays.

These shortcodes are a great way to personalize the course experience just a little more for your learners. Oh, and when the course is complete you can also make use of the Course Complete shortcode to cross-promote your other course offerings.

Creating a Landing Page with a Page Builder

Another really popular option for creating a sales page is to use a page builder like Beaver Builder or Elementor. The nice thing about this approach is that you can create entire pages dedicated to selling your course, which is great if you want to include many testimonials and long-copy sales text.

Plugins like these often come with pre-made templates that you can use as a framework for structuring your sales message. All you then need is to use the LearnDash payment button shortcode to insert your course purchase button onto the page and you are all set.

[learndash_payment_buttons course_id="123"]

This simple shortcode will put the default course purchase button onto any WordPress page, including one created with a page builder plugin.

Be Creative

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ways to create sales pages for your LearnDash courses. The flexibility of WordPress and LearnDash means that you have an almost endless number of options available to you. Mix and match techniques, experiment, and choose a method that best fits your overall business model.

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2 quick questions.

1) I’ve created a sales page & used the shortcode for a payment button i.e. [learndash_payment_buttons course_id=”123″]

It all works great, and the Stripe pop-up window is a great user experience. the only thing I can’t figure out is that above the button it reads “You must purchase this course or log-in to view the content.”

Q. How do I remove that?

2) I’ve tested the purchase, the purchase data goes through to Stripe, but for some reason I’m not getting an auto-enroll email? I’m sure that’s a simple fix – can you point me in the right direction?


Hi Tom,

1) Can’t help you there

2) I’ve had the same problem, have you tried purchasing with an account you haven’t already registered on your wordpress site by any chance? ps. sometimes your host only sends the emails every hour or so on top of it.

Avatar David

This shortcode doesn’t work for me – I have the correct course id (8) – but nothing shows up.

[learndash_payment_buttons course_id=”8″]

To check the course id and that shortcodes work in the content area I am using I tried [course_content course_id=”8″] and the lessons show up ok.

I am using the Elementor editor.

Is this old code, I notice some shortcodes are prefixed ld_ and some learndash_ and some with nothing ….


No, the code isn’t old – it still works. Open a support ticket and we’ll assist.

It’s not working for me either.

Hi Amy,

You may need to try testing with a non-admin account. If you still have trouble, see our documentation on the Visitor block/shortcode, and we’re always available if you want to contact support.

It would be a great feature to have a shortcode for the buy-URL, so I have full control over the button look & feel.

Is there a way to show or hide sections, images, or columns in Elementor with the [student] and [visitor] shortcodes? Or does it only work in the text editor?

Avatar Molly Gauthier

Here is the thing. This will work if I put it directly on the sales page.
My concern is, if I list the courses using the LD course grid, how do I link the “See more…” button to direct members to the custom course sales page?

I have the exact same problem!! Did you find a way to link the “see more…” to the course sales page??

Avatar Jon

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