October 11th, 2018 LearnDash Tips

Here is an easy way to customize the login page for your courses so that it matches your brand and provides a seamless experience.

Out of the box LearnDash and WordPress allows for large variety of functionality to help you create an online course experience that is ideal for your learners. However, one of the ares that WordPress seems to fall short is in the ability to customize the login screen.

In the video above we will go over some tools that you can use to quickly (and easily) customize the login page with your branding. Also, the video outlines a neat trick for redirecting users to a specific page (i.e. their profile) as soon as they are logged-in.

Setting up the profile page.

The first thing you will need to do is to create an account/profile page. This is done by adding the following LearnDash shortcode:


This will present the user with all the information related to the courses they have access to, including progress, performance, obtained points, previous quiz answers, and certificates.

If you are also using WooCommerce to sell courses then you can use their shortcodes to display a user’s purchases on this page. That shortcode is as follows:


That’s it! You have a profile page ready to go.

Design your login form.

For this step you just need to install two free plugins:

  1. Custom Login Page Customizer
  2. Peter’s Login Redirect

Use the first plugin to customize the branding of your login form. The video goes over one possible example but as you can see there are an endless number of combinations. This free plugin really gives you the opportunity to create a pleasant login experience that doesn’t feel so much like “WordPress”.

The second plugin is one option for redirecting users when they log into your site. The idea here is to redirect them directly to the profile page that you made previously using the LearnDash and WooCommerce shortcodes. This will show users exactly the courses they have access to and the purchase history (from WooCommerce).

You can also create a redirect for users when they log out of your site. For instance, you can send them to a promotion or a news page.

Get creative, but not too creative.

Just a word to the wise: don’t get too creative with your login form. It’s not ideal for your users to get confused when accessing the material. Keep it simple but don’t be afraid to really make the forms match your overall brand to create a cohesive experience for users as they access their accounts.

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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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I’m just learning LD. How do I control the re-direct for a ‘free’ course so the user can register/enroll? Right now I’m taken to a WordPress login dialog.

Personally I use Theme My Login to have them redirect to a WooCommerce My account page. Then handle the log in form on that page (for social login etc).

This only apply to the wp login, my course login is still the same, I mean the login people see when they want to enroll to a course, why is that?

Avatar Chris

So when I did this, I could not log into the Admin screen – so I had to delete everything. And start again. Did anyone else run into this problem

Just starting out with LearnDash. My first view is, LD is great for building courses. Everything else just sucks and required copious amounts of head-scratching. User logins, payment gateways, redirection after login, redirection after stripe payment, or if using WC it is something else with a different plugin. This is far too complicated and although you guys have made vast improvements with v3.0 it is REALLY off-putting the way you leave so much up to the users. Making comments above such as “personally, I use….” is not helpful at all. Why are you leaving so much to the end users?
I realise one of the benefits is to offer flexibility but one thing you do NOT do, is give a complete course on 1. This is how to set up LD if you want to use just PayPal, 2. This is how to set up LD if you want to use PayPal and Stripe only. 3. This is how to use LD if you want to use WooCommerce and the payment gateways available through WC.
This would really help. Given the tool you sell, I would have thought this would be easy for you to do, but instead, I find myself searching Google and coming across various conflicting videos. Sorry to sound so negative. Perhaps someone in product marketing can get their granny to try set this up and see how she struggles.

Hi Cliffy-
I hear ya, WordPress flexibility is not for everyone. There are multiple paths to the same destination and that can admittedly get a little confusing when starting out. The benefit of course being you get a exactly what you need with plugins (and sometimes a little custom dev) for your unique scenario. To get started quicker with most settings already configured there is the option to just get an exact replica of the demo site and tweak from there. Or, to just hire someone for a couple hours to configure things. And of course, we’re always an email away to help answer questions or to clarify something.

Hi Justin. I have one question.
I am making several courses, and I need to customize the login to just one of the courses. In the general setting in LearnDash, it seems that “Login & registration” editing will edit all the courses in my page. Is there a way for me to just edit the login for one course?
Best regards, rookie Learndash-user

Avatar Mali

That’s not going to be possible since LearnDash uses the default WordPress login capabilities, it’s not possible to have unique ones for different courses.

Buenas tardes

Estoy desarrollando una pagina de cursos con LEARNDASH.

En la cual, necesito que el login de LEARNDASH este en una seccion de mi pagina.

Normalmente al seleccionar el boton de Login de learndash me carga un POPUP, pero no quiero que sea asi.

Quiero que el formulario este en una seccion de mi pagina, si se puede separar el login con el registro tambien seria muy bueno.

Alguien que pueda ayudarme ?


Good afternoon

I am developing a course page with LEARNDASH.

In which, I need the LEARNDASH registration form to be in a section of my page.

Normally, selecting the Start learndash button loads me a POPUP, but I don’t want it to be that way.

I want the registration form to be in a section of my page, if you can separate the login with the registration, it would also be very good.

Anyone who can help me?


Did you found any sollution for it? I’m in the same case…

Avatar Tamás

hi. how i can add (one click login with google/facebook) in login popup of learndash 3?

hola conseguiste respuesta?

Hello, did you get an answer?

Avatar rhanzes

How to add Google Recaptcha in Login and Register Modal?

did anyone reply to this? I am getting spam via the registration popup form even though I have recaptcha installed and working on the website?

To make the registration section of the modal pop up to work, read this faq:

You need to tell WP anyone can register.

need a simple help…

i need to change the label “Username or Email Address” to just a “Email Address”, where i can edit this?

That’s a WordPress feature, not LearnDash. Look up some plugins that allow you to change the sign-up form for WordPress – those may help.

I would like to allow users to be able to login to learndash using their social profiles , eg Google , Facebook .

Please advice how is this possible

Avatar Nadhir

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