Creating an online course is as simple as sharing a link of your video playlist and LearnDash’s AI will automatically turn your video playlist from YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia into an online course. As e-learning experts, we understand the importance of building a great course. That’s why we’ve been hyperfocused on making the building process that’s as seamless and stress-free as possible. 

We are excited to share with you the latest LearnDash enhancement –  specifically for improving the course creation (and selling) process for course creators like you!

Create a course in minutes with LearnDash’s new course creation AI

The most frustrating part about creating a course is the amount of time it takes to get everything in place. Well… until now! 

The LearnDash Course Creation Wizard lets you get your courses published in literally minutes! It’s a truly hands-free building experience that you will not find on any LMS in the market!

If you have video content in your course (hint: you should), then this release makes it easier to turn your existing videos into a complete LearnDash course. 

Imagine transforming your most popular videos into an informative course in just minutes! Simply insert your YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia link and LearnDash will create a course from a YouTube playlist. Our wizard will build out your entire course for you, saving you days of configuration! 

Better marketing for your course with the new built-In coupon feature

LearnDash 4.1 has made coupon creation simpler, and native to the LearnDash platform. We now have coupon support for both flat rate and percentage-based discounts natively built into our plugin. 

You now have more control over how you market and sell your courses without having to install any additional e-commerce plugin.

Give learners more control with the Mark Incomplete feature

Helping your learners keep track of their progress is crucial for course creators. We’ve made that super simple by allowing users to easily separate completed and incomplete course lessons with LearnDash’s Mark Incomplete feature that a. It’s one of the best ways to keep learners engaged with your course content.

Stay GPDR compliant with the new Export/Delete Data Sets feature

Privacy is important, and it’s an area we take very seriously at LearnDash. As privacy standards evolve, we ensure that our software stays up-to-date in these areas as well.

We want to make sure you stay GDPR compliant, so we’ve made it easier to manage your visitor’s data. This update allows you to access stored data to export information or delete data as necessary. If your learners request that their data be fully purged from your records, you can easily fulfill their request.

Customize LearnDash’s Focus Mode to keep learners on task

Focus mode increases course completion and learning retention rates by eliminating distractions for your learners. Now you can give learners more power over their learning with a customizable sidebar.

In previous LearnDash releases, the sidebar position for Focus Mode was only on the left side, but as of today, you can now change the sidebar position to the left or right depending on your preference!

Additional Updates: A look behind the scenes 

LearnDash has been around a long time because we understand the importance of new features and continual improvements and updates to the existing functionality. Our developers have been hard at work on some “behind the scenes” updates as well, including:

  • Updated assignments to open in the WordPress admin to improve the usability 
  • Fixed carriage returns and JSON parsing options in quiz submissions
  • Fixed Course ID in ajaxQuizLoadData being blank sometimes
  • Fixed minor bugs with quiz save & resume functionality
  • Fixed PayPal transaction in the report tab showing as a draft if the IPN response hasn’t been returned
  • Fixed course navigation not showing on open courses

Join us for a LIVE tour through the 4.1 Features

Join our upcoming free webinar on Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 1 pm EST to learn how to Instantly Create a Course from Your Favorite Video Platform. Save your seat here.

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I was hoping there was a reply section! Thank you!
My partner and I have been working on a different type of offering, our businesses are going to be donation based. Not 501c3 type, but give as you can or feel type. Is there a plugin that will work for our courses? In LD?


GiveWP is a great option. You can learn more here:

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nice content ai course selling

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