September 10th, 2014 Grow with LearnDash

LearnDash Updates latestThe latest version of LearnDash has been released today, and with it comes some powerful features to give you some more options with your course delivery.

Before getting into the details, we first want to thank all of you for your continued support and trust in the LearnDash WordPress LMS. It is motivating to hear and see all the unique ways you are using LearnDash to deliver your online courses!

Without further ado, let’s get into some of the major features of the update.

Automatic Course Expiration

We are rather excited about this new functionality as it allows you to get creative with the way you structure your course offerings. With this feature, you now have the ability to specify how many days the learner has access to the material after they enroll.

After the allotted time has expired, the learner will be notified that they no longer have access, and will no longer be permitted to view the course content.


One of the many benefits of this feature is that it gives your courses some added security, preventing someone from purchasing once and then sharing their log-in information.

Combine this with the Lesson drip-feed feature and you can have a truly structured offering where the system holds the learner by the hand and walks them through the content.

As an additional option, you can determine if you want to delete the learner’s course data after expiration. For instance, you may wish to remove all previous course data if your training is designed for yearly certification.

Custom Course Redirection

Many of you using LearnDash are developers creating an LMS for your client and have requested some more flexibility around course redirection. In this new version, we have added three filters to make this possible, specifically:

  • learndash_completion_redirect Specify where a user is taken after they finish all lessons and quizzes in a course.
  • learndash_completion_redirect Create custom routing for any ‘Mark Complete’ button. Also works for custom routing when a user clicks the “Click Here to Continue” button after a quiz.
  • learndash_course_join_redirect Allows you to determine where a user is taken to when they click on the “Take this Course” button and are not currently logged in (presently, the default routing is to the log-in form).

These filters can be found here on the support site.


You will be notified of the new update from your WordPress dashboard. Alternatively, you can update manually. Before updating, make sure to properly back-up your site.

What’s Next?

We are in a rather busy (and exciting) time as we enter into the last quarter of the year. At the moment we have a handful of new add-ons in the works as well as an update to ProPanel that is nearly finished. In addition, we are preparing for WordCamp Ann Arbor at the beginning of October (come say “hi” if you’re in the area)!

As always, we want to thank you for choosing LearnDash as your LMS.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter


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That mark complete redirection is just what I needed. Thanks Justin!

Avatar Paul Jordan

Glad to hear it Paul!

Hi Justin, the link “These filters can be found here on the support site.” is not working, I get a “page doesn’t exist” Cheers

Avatar Bart Nutton

Ah yes, those are no longer applicable. You can find everything you need at

Wow Justin, this “Automatic Course Expiration” is an awesome feature! Thank you so much for this, couldn’t have come at a better time than this! 🙂

Avatar Andre

Well Done Justin,
So excited about the Automatic Course Expiration
Good job

Avatar Susan

Thanks for this great piece of software!

The only thing that misses for me is integration with wishlist.

Any idea for a timeframe?

Thanks for listening.


Avatar Frank

Thanks Frank – make sure you vote up this integration on the support site if you haven’t already!


I am using WLM with LD. Does what I need.


@John, I am using it to but I can’t enroll users/roles into the system. I have to protect certain pages. It’s a lot of work and can’t really make advantage of all the benefits in LD e.g. the ‘trial lesson’ in LD and dripping. I have to drip content with WLM.

So it would be a great benefit for me. How do you use it? (dutch)

LD is getting better and better!

Avatar Elena

Awesome update, all super useful features. Best LMS out there 🙂

Much appreciated, thanks Ross!

Wow! This is a great update. It’s funny that you mention redirection as I was about to email you. This semester I’m using LearnDash with 75 students ages 13-17. The only complaint is that after they log in, it takes them forever to get find their next lesson topic. Could a feature of LearnDash or ProPannel include a feature to jump students to the lesson topic list for the course they previously completed after they log in? Most of my students use mobile devices and our school internet is slow, so minimizing the number of page loads and scrolling would make it more intuitive for them.

Thanks! LearnDash is by far the best LMS I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for the note Michael – you could potentially have the users redirected to a page upon log-in that contains the LearnDash profile shortcode. This will display all courses they have access to so they can quickly navigate to them and see which lesson/topic they are on. If you have additional recommendations for features, do submit them on the support site.

Awesome stuff as usual! …still hoping that one day there will be an option to have other people upload their courses themselves without going into the “back-end” (Udemy-style).

Avatar Amanda

Hi Justin,
Many thanks to your superb efforts in improving what is already an excellent software !!! Eagerly awaiting the quiz question level export functionality and automatic Course-gradebook.
Vivek Gupta

Avatar Vivek

Great software Justin! I recommend it all the time.

The only thing holding us back from using LearnDash is not being able to integrate with InfusionSoft. I was told by an LD rep that this can’t be done, but if anyone knows differently or if you have done this, please let me know!

Avatar Gena

Hi Gena, one possibility could be to use the Infusionsoft integration that WooCommerce sells. Since LD has an integration with WooCommerce, it may be a viable option (of course it would depend on the level of integration you are looking to accomplish – anything beyond that would need custom dev).

These new feature are definitely very useful !
Thanks to Justin and his team for their passionate work !

Justin, this update is fabulous!
We were waiting on the redirection capability. So happy for it’s quick arrival.

Thank You for keeping LearnDash fresh with regular updates.

We’re thrilled that we chose LearnDash as our LMS!

Avatar Michele

Thank you Michele – happy to hear that the timing works well with your project!

Nice feature….. For the redirects it is awesome…. one problem is I am not a coder. Can you build a field into the interface (Redirect url) for the none techy amongst us?

This thing just keeps getting better and better.

I have two Academy projects underway and don’t know how I would have got them done without Learndash!

One more thing….. will you be offering a white label version?

Avatar kevin hall

Does the automatic course expiration also work without the user getting an email notification?

Hi Simone-
Users are notified they no longer have access when visiting the course via a notice. No email is sent unless you happen to be using an email integration at time of sign-up.

Fantastic! Just what I’ve been hoping for.

Thanx for keeping us informed and all the hard work. I love the new functionality. Also great to see your enthusiasm – it shows. You are really committed to your product and customers.

Avatar Piet Joubert

Is there anyway to integrate LearnDash with InfusionSoft, or push/pull data from it into IS or membership site?

Avatar Gena

Thanks again for commitment to ongoing development, and user responsiveness!

Can you give us a teaser on the ProPanel update?

Avatar John

Hi John-
Thanks! The ProPanel update will likely be the next update we push out and will be a pretty big overhaul of the current functionality (in terms of visual appearance) as well as added components for easier visual reporting.


I have one problem.. i want add comment on lession topic in learndash..
but not option or functionality there..
we can you any custom for that if yes then please guide me.

lots of thank you..

Avatar arpita

Happy to help Arpita, open a ticket and we can discuss further!

If I use monthly subscriptions for a course, is access to the course automatically restricted when the user stops paying? Thanks.

Avatar Nata

Hi Nata, it will not, you’ll need to remove their access.

Is there a plan to add this functionality in the future? Thanks in advance.

Avatar Nata

Not in the near term, but write us and we introduce you to partner firms for any features you’d like to see developed.

Does the system give the user any warning notification or email to let them know that their course will be expiring soon? Or at least give us the ability to automatically notify users who have not completed a course within a certain time frame after starting?

Avatar Greg

Hi Greg-

There are a few options depending on the use-case. Feel free to write us with more information and we can outline what options are available.

Hi Justin,

Thank for a great plugin!

Does LD allow me to do the following?

1. A student enrolls today, 27 Jan 2016, for a course that only starts 1 Feb 2016 (I know LD can do this with ‘Make lesson visible on specific date’) BUT
2. The student then only has access to the course for 1 day.

The way I understand the current plugin’s features is that you can ‘Make a lesson visible on a specific date’ OR ‘Make a lesson visible X days after sign-up’, but not both. So if the person signs up today, he will have access now and only for 1 day, not for 1 day on 1 Feb 2016 as in the example used above.

Can LD do for me what I want it to do (i.e.g have someone enroll now – maybe 10 days in advance, but then only give them access on a specific date for X-number of days starting on the FUTURE date, not NOW (i.e. the date of enrollment?


Hi Stephanus-

You’re correct, it is indeed “one or the other”. Either lessons are made available “x days after enrollment”, or they are set to a specific date. Course expiration can occur at at any time.

Hi Justin,

I wanted to piggyback on Stephanus’ question because I’m still a little unclear. In your response, you say that ‘Course expiration can occur at any time.’ If you set the content for the lessons to be available on a specific date, does the “Expire Access After (days)” start counting down from the date that the first lesson is available or from the date of purchase?

Avatar Jayson Rivest

Hi Jayson-
Course expiration is set on an “x days after enrollment” schedule, for example, 10 days after enrollment the course expires. If you schedule a lesson to be available on a specific date (as oppose to “x days after enrollment), then that date needs to come before the user loses their course access or they won’t ever see it.

If the User reached x (course expiration days )days , getting automatically disabled their access. I need notify email to the user (“your course going to expire very next day”) before 1 day

Avatar magesh

This feature is currently in development. At present, you can use the Zapier integration to connect to your preferred mail-service for sending notifications.

Is there a trigger for course expiration that I can use with Zapier? Is course expiration the same as course completion?
Basically I need to unregister people from a webinar once their course expires and I was wondering if there’s a filter or action or a zapier trigger for that.

Avatar Ilya Gromov

Not currently in Zapier but in the Notification Add-on there is this trigger.

Hi Justin,

Is it possible to create feature which allows an additional option of extended access to a course, following a notification of expiring access?


Avatar Claire

Hi Justin,

We have training courses that have to be completed in a certain window of time or by a certain date? How do we restrict them from starting a course to soon and keep them from not finishing in time to be ready for the next course that begins a few weeks later? Any way to deal with this issue.

Is there a way that you can let the students when they start the course, the system intuitively lets them know?


Avatar Jodi Brodkin

Course expiration will prevent users from accessing after a certain date. There isn’t a feature to prevent giving them access unless you do it manually using a membership plugin (temporarily) to prevent view access to lessons -or- just facilitate enrollment in another way and when you’re ready place all users into a group, assign a course to the group, and publish.

Every one day all courses is unsubscribing from user.

Avatar Nick

Thank you for sharing.
My customer sometimes need learn lesson random. Don’t need to take lessons in order. How can I delete “Mark complete” button and how can my customer lauch any lesson they want at anytime. Thank you so much.

You can turn off linear progression and use filters to send users from one lesson to the desired lesson of choice.

I have a question about “expire access”.
Let’s say student is enrolled for a course which expires after 90 days. But before the expiration date he buys again (in woocommerce) the same course for another 90 days.
Now two situations:
1. Student buys after first 90 days (he already lost access), will he have history of his finished lessons, quizzes etc?
2. Student buys before first 90 days (he still has access), will his access extend by new 90 days?
Thank you for help!

I need to be able to terminate access at the end of each month instead of by Number of Days. Is there a way to do that?

No there is not a setting for this in LearnDash.

Hi, how do i reset the access to start?
Situation: Customer buys the access, fails to finish the course in time.
I am a nice person so i want to allow him to pick up the course where he stopped – so the progression is not lost on him.
How do i do this?

Avatar Michaela Honer

Aloha! I think the 2nd bullet under “Custom Course Redirection” is supposed to be “learndash_quiz_redirect” (“learndash_completion_redirect” is repeated twice, with different descriptions).

Avatar Paul Ryan

Hello there!, im trying to redirect after a quiz completition, and it works fine when someone approves, but when someone doesnt it just doesnt appear no button to continue, i wanted to the clients know the results via mail and not direcly by the leardash plataform. I guess if i use the same button when someone completes correcly the course appears in when some one fails could be the solution but idk how to do this. A little hand over here please!.

Avatar Leandro Vernocchi

Shoot a note to support and we’ll help 🙂


I am using LD with WC subscriptions. I have monthly subscriprion to my courses and I need that cours expire on subscription expiration / cancelling and re-enroll when subscription is activated (paid) again.

Can I achieve this and how?

Thank you!


Avatar florin


How can I renew manually the access for one user that their course time is already expirated?

Thank you

Avatar Uxio

This is an excelent question. Sometimes the student needs more days to finish the training, so how could we add or give more days ( as we consider for each case)?

Automatic Course expiration feature.
I have some concerns, do this means that the course disappears from “my courses” of do this means that just the student Dora not have access to the course?

What is the case if you finished the training on time and what is the case if you does not finished the training yet?

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