October 11th, 2016 LearnDash Tips


Today we are really excited to let you know about the latest add-on, the LearnDash Gradebook!

This is a prefect tool if you are using LearnDash in a traditional classroom setting or wish to have a blended learning program.

With the Gradebook add-on you can mange your students grades and track their online progress all from a centralized location – no more jumping between tools!

Not only is this gradebook deeply integrated with core LearnDash features, it boasts some pretty impressive settings of its own that will give you a great deal of flexibility in how you manage and report on student performance.

This new add-on was created by Real Big Plugins and is available for purchase from their site.

Add-On Features


Front-End Report Card – Privately share learner grades with the front-end report card feature. They simply log-in and can see how they are performing. An example of this is shown above.

Automatically Synced with LearnDash – The gradebook will automatically pull in grades from your LearnDash based quizzes and assignments.

Manual Grade Entry – Administer grades for non-LearnDash items, such as classroom participation, projects, or reading assignments. If it needs a grade it can be added to the gradebook!

Weighted Grades – Need a grade to be weighted? No problem! Just select the option and you are all set.

Custom Grading Scale – Configure a custom grading scale to match your needs (i.e. what constitutes an “A” versus an “A-” or a “B+”), or choose to not use letter grades at all!

How It Works

After you install and activate the Gradebook add-on you will see a “Gradebook” menu item under LEARNDASH LMS.


As soon as the add-on is active you will also be presented with an optional guide that explains the various settings. Given the number of settings we recommend going through the tutorial first.

After you have gone through the walk-through you can begin configuring some of the settings for your own classroom.

For example, you can set-up your grading scale:


As you can see in the image above you can add or remove any of these as you see fit so that it matches what you need for your own classroom.

Another nice option is to configure the various color settings that display for each grade. For example:


Again, you can add or remove an unlimited number of grade styles so that they match your grading scale perfectly!

After you have configured all of your settings the gradebook will be ready to start tracking and reporting. As a reminder, it will automatically pull in a learner’s performance on quizzes and assignments. You can also add graded items that aren’t directly related to LearnDash such as participation grades.

At any point you can see an overview of how students are preforming from the Gradebook’s primary admin screen:


You can give students the option to track their grades as well using the front-end report card feature. Implementing this is simple. All you need to do is add the following shortcode onto the page:


That’s all!

Couple this with the LearnDash front-end profile and your learner can have a comprehensive view of their online course progress and performance.

If you have a need for a robust classroom based learning management system, the LearnDash Gradebook is a must!

Where To Download

This is a premium add-on created by Real Big Plugins and is available for purchase here.

If you have any questions or comments related to this add-on, do not hesitate to leave them below.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Thanks for the great write-up Justin! We’re excited about this new extension. LearnDash is such an awesome platform to work with and we’re thrilled to be a part of this new functionality.

Thanks Kyle – the gradebook is awesome!

Are you able to set up different grading scales, weights, and color for different courses, or is it a one-setting-for-every-course pluggin?


At this time, the settings are global. We are planning on including features in the future for overriding the global settings for individual components.

Not everything is clear. I would really like to see a demo version on the website.

Avatar Oleg Buylov

Hi Oleg-
If you care to post any questions I’m sure the folks at Real Big Plugins could assist.

Does this gradebook track and report on Points as used in LearnDash? The demo images imply percentages and letter grades rather than tracking total points.

Avatar Chris


At this time, points are not considered. The gradebook calculates based on a percentage scale. Thanks for asking!

Hi guys, just wondering will this report on quizzes taken through tin-can courses? Or is based on the number of modules completed out of a course?

Avatar Stephen Burke

Hi Stephen, just the native quiz in LearnDash.

Awesome! We are in the process of beginning the development of Prep Exam courses. Each course has about 10 LESSONS, each lesson has about 5 TOPICS. With each TOPIC featuring 1 QUIZ, we therefore have about 50 quizzes per course. My questions:

1) is the gradebook accessible in the back-end to course creators/instructors only – or is there a possibility to make the gradebook visible also at front-end to students so they can see their progress (grades) on several levels (LESSON-TOPIC-QUIZ level) – and then work towards improving their performace based on the grades they will see in the dashboard?

Thanks, Stephan

Hi Stephan-
There is both a front-end and back-end component. The front-end ‘report card’ is for students and the back-end is for the admin.

At last, flexible options to administrate the gradebook! Thank you!
It was probably the biggest Learndash weakness. Super excited to see these great improvements on LearnDash.

Happy to hear you like it Carlos 🙂

Can we still export to Excel so we can upload if using a university’s lms in conjunction?

Avatar David

Hi David, yes LearnDash data can still be exported.

How does this plugin work with Groups. Can the group leader access the student report cards?


Thanks for bringing this up. In the current release group leaders do not have any special, extra views for student grades. However it is on our roadmap and I would probably classify it as our most important feature which we’re already working on including in version 1.1.

In our case, the courses are adopted as a supplement to formal classroom instruction, with the LearnDash group corresponding to a particular formal class with its own grading policies. Is it possible in future updates for the assigned teacher (group leader in the LearnDash course) to configure the Gradebook specifically and exclusively for that group? Just got the plugin and will have time to explore. This is shaping up to be a great experience. Thanks.

Avatar Celito


That is exactly our top priority feature for the next release. We’re hard at work on it already. Thanks for bringing it up!

This is absolutely fantastic…weighted averages, offline manual entry…AWESOME!!! You have literally made my year…and you’ve made some very very happy parents who up until this point have only had visibility into raw scores…Thank you!!!!

I am very disappointed with several aspects of this gradebook. Most importantly it does not accommodate formative assessment. Just a grade – no comment??
It is also unclear how to assign a gradebook to a specific course and I cannot find any participants other than the first and last 30 on my users list.
To be honest, I found KB Gradebook to be much more sound and adaptable, although it was not so stable.

Avatar Gerald Roos

Hi Gerald-
I’d strongly recommend sharing your thoughts with the add-on developers. As it’s a v1.0 I’m sure they’ll be building it out based on early adopter feedback. You can have a direct influence in this roadmap if you communicate your ideas with the Real Big Plugin team.


Thank you for taking the time to share your input on this plugin. We greatly appreciate this helpful feedback. I’d like to first say that the lack of pagination on the student listing is a known deficiency which is being addressed in the next patch release. Regarding the need for a formative assessment and your other general disappointment, I want to express that this is the initial version and we are very, very actively working on the long list of new features. The gradebook will continue to get better and better in the future. We’ve recorded a long list of enhancements of our own and requested by customers so the roadmap is very exciting.

Once again, thank you for sharing your input and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to share any other thoughts you have on how we can make it more useful to you.

I use Learn Dash for training employees. It is also used by multiple franchises. Is there a way to use the plug-in without having it shown on every users’ account? This way I can have time to get to know the plug-in before presenting it to other owners.

Avatar Allison


Thanks for the great question. The answer depends a little on which features you mean and your configuration. If you’re referring to the report card feature, that is generated by a shortcode so it will appear wherever you place the shortcode. If you’re referring to other backend features, there are currently no settings for limiting them to only specific users though we could certainly explore such functionality in a future release.

If you want to dive deeper into the details or simply share with us your specific requirements feel free to open a ticket on our site. We’d love to get all the input we can to make sure we continue developing this plugin in a way that serves our customers best.


We use numeric grades, from 1 to 10. 10 is an excellent result. If we have 3 activities with 6, 8 an 10, the average (final grade) will be 8. Is it possible for Gradebook?

Avatar Alexander

With grade book are you able to upload your own marking criteria to add comments and a grade “score”? Or is it simply a A/B/C mark that you can give?

Avatar Shannon

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