September 27th, 2016 Announcements

LearnDash Updates latestToday we have released a major LearnDash core update designed specifically with two things in mind.

Our first priority was to improve the reporting performance and data storage. This is the last major step needed prior to the anticipated ProPanel v2.0 release.

Secondly, we wanted to give all of you maximum flexibility for how you present course material (which we think you will really like).

We rounded out the update with two highly requested features.

There are also plenty of “behind the scenes” modifications made to improve the overall functionality of LearnDash, making it more efficient and developer friendly.

So let’s get to the update, starting with the two highly requested features…

User Profile Updates

One of the first items you will notice with this new version is that the front-end profile has been updated to include some additional quiz information.


Review Quiz Answers

Currently all quiz attempts are recorded against the profile along with the achieved scores. Now learners have the option to view their individual quiz answers at any point in time.

When this setting is active, an icon will appear in the Staistics column of the user’s profile. When selected, a new window will open which will display the user’s answers they provided on the quiz, whether the answer was correct or incorrect, and any feedback you have configured for the correct and incorrect responses.

This feature is optional and can be turned on or off for each individual quiz when you are editing the settings of a quiz (by default the option is selected).

Admin Ability to Print User Certificates

Sometimes there are situations where it makes sense for the admin to print the certificate on behalf of the user. The admin and group leader roles now have the ability to do this from the user’s back-end profile.

Simply navigate to the profile and click the ‘certificate’ link. This applies to certificates earned on quizzes and course certificates.

Display Content to Specific Students or Groups

As you know, currently course content is only available to users who are enrolled into the course. These view permissions are restricted to the LearnDash course, lesson, topic, and quiz pages.

Well, they used to be restricted to these pages! 🙂

You now have the ability to make content on any page or post visible to users who belong to a certain course or group.

For example, let’s say you have a regular WordPress page where you list course specific resources but you don’t want everyone to have access to them. You can protect this content with the newly modified “Student” shortcode. It would look like this:


That’s it!

Only students enrolled into the course with ID “1234” will see the content between the shortcode. Use this on any page or post across your entire site!

But we took this new feature one-step further and created the same functionality for groups! This means you can make specific content on pages and posts (not just LearnDash courses) visible only to members of a certain LearnDash group.


This addition really opens up the possibilities you have for your LearnDash courses as it means your course content is no longer confined to only the lessons of a course.

Reporting Update in Preparation for ProPanel 2.0

Of all the updates, this one is probably the most significant. We have completely reworked how LearnDash stores course and quiz data. This is important for a few reasons:

  1. It makes working with the data a whole lot easier for developers (database information can be found here)
  2. It improves performance of report generation
  3. It is needed for the upcoming ProPanel v2.0 release

This particular change also improves upon the native LearnDash report exports under the REPORTS menu.

To upgrade your database go to LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > DATA UPGRADE.

From here you will see two buttons. One is for upgrading your course data and the other for upgrading your quiz data.


Click one and let it run to completion. Afterwards, select the other button.

This is an important step that must be completed in preparation of the upcoming ProPanel changes. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you again once ProPanel v2.0 is released.

All of these new features are available today. If you don’t see this from your admin dashboard, please reference this support article for some guidance on updating.

We Are Getting Close

As stated in this post, this new version of LearnDash is the critical precursor to ProPanel 2.0.

Now that it is in your hands, we are focusing on getting the finishing touches in place so that soon you will have an entire new dashboard reporting experience. The light at the end of the tunnel is within sight!

We want to sincerely thank all of you who are using LearnDash for both your enthusiasm and patience over the past few months as we worked to get everything in place. It’s with great pleasure that I can tell you we are now very close to ProPanel v2.0 release.

Until next time!

(Don’t have LearnDash? Join the fun!)

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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You guys are blowing my mind! I’ve gone from Moodle and a “one man show” who couldn’t get off the ground to 30+ interns and 3 new Instructional Designers in just six months. Just got 125 trainees handed to me by our first client and have to be ready by 10-1 when I didn’t think we could go “live” until 01/2017. We are on warp speed and couldn’t have done it without switching to LD. Thanks Justin!

Avatar Mike

That is absolutely fantastic Mike! Congrats!!

Mike—You hired all those people and your not live… joking everyone to their own. You probably have your stuff much straighter it sounds than I. We train over 1000 folks a day and have been doing this before Lynda or any of the others (but we are nitch). My problem has been I cant seem to find people experienced enough to hire. Regarding the update: Content specific filtering via shortcodes, and new reporting features… Justin your work is far more valuable than you know… Come work with us!

Avatar Matt

This is awesome! Looking great! Can’t wait to update and see it in action.
Thanks for your continued work on the LD functionalities 🙂

Avatar Helma

Love waking up to these awesome updates! Keep up the great work and pace Justin!

Avatar Chris Savage

Great round of updates, thanks Justin (and team).

One thing that would be extremely useful for our site, is for admin/group leaders having the ability to approve the awarding of a certificate.

So, for example:

1) Learner completes course material and quiz
2) Group Leader and Admin notified of successful completion
3) Group Leader/Admin confirms completion, and certificate is sent to learner

Is there anything planned for this type of functionality, or is there a way to make the above work in the current version?

Thanks Justin

Thanks for the comment and suggestion Alex. In case you’re interested, you can sort of accomplish this already if you include an open-ended question in your quiz. Just make sure it isn’t set to auto-approve so that only when graded (approved) by the admin/group leader will the course be marked complete and certificate awarded.

Thanks Justin, I’ll give this a go!

Great new! The ability for ADMIN to print certificates is huge for me. Thank you! To make sure I understand, we should update Learn Dash, and then do the update to user course/quiz in anticipation of ProPanel upgrade? thank you

Yes that’s correct Nancy. Update LearnDash, then after doing so go to the Settings page to upgrade the course/quiz data.

Thank Justin – Just completed everything successfully! So excited for the new updates. Thank you!

Hi Justin

Excellent effort by your team. The only thing missing from LD is the quiz feature which can select an x% of questions from each lesson depending on the lesson size and compose a suitably structured final exam. I hope some effort can be exerted in this direction. Regards.

Omar Khan
Karachi, Pakistan

Avatar Omar Hayat Khan


Many Thanks! Another great update. You keep proving you have the best service and not only hear our questions but also listen to them and respond to them. Many big companies can learn so much from the way you’re running your business. Always present for your customers, supporting them and always friendly, and trying to help. I visit your forum several times every week, and know how much work it is to answer al those questions carefully. Learndash is the best buy I ever did for for the value of the software and the service. I know what I’m talking about, I also developed software and know what it takes to do that.

Avatar Wilco

Thank you for the kind words Wilco 🙂

I’ll second that! Definitely agree!

Killer update! The best solution keeps getting better 🙂

Love the enhancements to the user profile, these touches go a long way!

Avatar John Ross

Love LearnDash, Been watching the company for several years. Love the ideas, but still waiting for a few key features:

1) A similar built in video protection / playback plugin (like S3MV from Digital Access Pass), something that can play back S3 video content in a streaming mode with expiring URL’s.
2) Ability to edit Quiz Results as administrator or Instructor – granting bonus points and so on.

Once these two items have been built, I will return to LearnDash. Yes, I have purchased a license a while ago, but no – because of these two features missing, I have not had a reason to renew.

Appreciate the feedback Dan!

I agree on the bonus points feature. Many teachers (and students!) realize how motivating these bogus (er, bonus) points can be. They also help students pay attention to entire lessons, not just to material that they think they will be quizzed on.

As far as the S3 video is concerned. I use WordPress Lightbox Ultimate Plugin. It works great in Learndash.

Avatar Joe Hyink

Great job by a great team that knocks the likes of WP Courseware off the map. Glad I made the decision to move to this platform after such a dissapointment with WP Courseware. The Learndash team were great with a recent request for a redirect after quiz completion/failure. They continue to extend an already superior platform. Excited for the future! Thanks to all involved…

Avatar Alan Smiles

Happy to hear that you’re enjoying LearnDash Alan 🙂

Superb! Thanks so much Justin, looked forward to this update and eagerly awaiting the propanel update to go with it. Thank you so much for all your hardwork!

Avatar Neil Williams

Thanks Justin great just get better and better!

Avatar Christine Brooks

Thank you so much for this update!
I appreciate your clarity about the update and what is coming. Thanks, thanks, thanks for all that you are doing so that I can keep improving what I offer to my students.

Wishing you all the best as you make your way toward ProPanel 2.0.

Thank you Cindy, we’re excited about PP2.0 too! 🙂

These updates are fantastic! With regards to the quiz answers… it’s EXACTLY what a client was just asking about last week, no kidding. Just fantastic!

Any chance that in the future we could display content specifically to people who are NOT a student of a specific course or group? In combo with your newest feature, this would really open up the possibilities of making more dynamic sites for individual students.

Keep up the great work!

Glad the timing worked out Kyle, and many thanks for the idea regarding course/group exclusion!

Hi Justin

Can you clarify how to see the front end statistics in the user profile?

I have checked my page which has the shortcode for the LD profile on but I cannot see any stats icon or information

Avatar Phil

Hi Phil, sure no problem! If the quiz you mentioned is an existing quiz you will need activate this setting on the ‘edit quiz’ page first. New quizzes will have it auto-selected.

Thanks for your reply but I still cannot find the screenshot shown on this page where you actually view the user profile and then the course results. I am checking the user profile page that has the shortcode in it.

I have checked the option under the quizzes for statistics in the user profile so in theory it should show?

I am using quizzes only (not in a course) so would this make a difference?

Many thanks

Avatar Phil

Check the back-end user profile as the admin. If you still can’t find it please open a support request.

Yes I can find the results in the back end but cannot see it in the front end user profile as you show in the screenshot.

Avatar Phil

It shows for the learner (not admin) on the front-end when they are looking at their profile.

thanks, a quick question with the new pro-panel that you are bringing to market soon..

Will this allow me and a group leader to export quiz data (answers for multiple choice and essay text format questions) for users??

I know I can buy a plugin that claims to do this but before I did weeks prior to the change I wanted to check.

thanks G

Hi Garry, we’ll for sure be adding the ability for admins to print a user’s quiz statistics. I cannot guarantee the same for group leaders in the initial PP2.0 release but it seems like a logical enhancement.

thanks, does that include any answers they have provided to free text answers (essay) type questions? or purely the top level scores?

the reason for asking is that it would be good to compile a summary of responses for certain essay style questions to review. it will help to share learning and feedback.

it will also mean that this who couldnt be bothered to answer properly can be isolated too 😀

That new shortcode feature is awesome! I didn’t even know I wanted it, but now that I see what you created, I can think of a dozen great uses for it on my site. Thanks!

i second that the student course id code is just what i was looking for. can it be used for more than one course – what would be the syntax [student course_id=”xxxx”,student course_id=”zzzz”,] sorry for the dumb question but i am new to WPress.

Avatar Kim

This is a splendid update! Just want to say a big thank you Justin for the hard work your putting into LearnDash!

Thank you Jellis, the kind words mean a lot.

Hi Justin,

really wonderful news and as far as I can judge from reading, a really big update! Thanks for your effort you put into LD to improve it. I really appreciate it.

Just a quick question about something I so far have not read about: Any news on WPML-compatibility? This is indeed a very important point for me, since the current solution is not very comfortable for me.

But anyway, this has no influence on my positive thinking about LearnDash.

Cheers and regards,

Avatar Stefan Lohkamp

Thanks Stefan, we’ll certainly be digging further into WPML this year.

There is still one issue why LD is not the absolut best in Iordpress/Woocommerce world. LearnDash courses don’t handle as actually products by Woocommerce. Meaning, we can’t use any dynamic pricing, product bundle etc.plugins to sell courses more effectively and easier. Every other e-learning platforms can used by those plugins.

But anyway LeanDash is the most reliable choice in this world.

Hi Jakke, send our support a note with more details. We’ve seen WooCommerce+LearnDash used across a variety of contexts leveraging various WooCommerce features. Would like to understand more about your situation and provide assistance if possible.

i discovered by accident that if you create the product as a course linking it to the learndash course and publish it, then edit it back to say simple product you can use all the woo commerce bells and whistles but it somehow still keeps the course link – don’t ask me how it works but it might be worth a try.

Avatar Kim

Updated through WordPress Admin and showed successfully updated but, keeps showing up to be updated again, like it’s caught in some sort of update loop seen below:

LearnDash LMS
You have version 2.3 installed. Update to View version details.
Compatibility with WordPress 4.6.1: Unknown

What should I do to correct this?


Avatar Mike

Hi Mike, Give it one more shot now (our update api had a hiccup for about 5min). If you can’t get it to work just send us a note.

Absolutely tremendous work Justin.

My company is now starting to work with Higher Education providers in the UK looking to migrate over to LearnDash from Moodle. This shows a massive shift is happening in the marketplace where traditionally big names have dominated the LMS market, but educators are now becoming wiser and are finding that a ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude using WordPress leads to a better and bespoke learning experience!

I am excited for what is to come in 2017!

Thanks so much Chris. Some really great learning programs are being created as more people start to “roll up their sleeves”.

Avatar mohamed kamal


I just had a client who wanted the function for users to go back and view what they wrote on quizzes.

Great updates.

Thank you!

Hello , is negative marking feature available in learndash yet ?

sorry for being bit off the topic.

your reply is awaited justin.

Avatar gaurav

This is fantastic. Thank you for continuing to innovate. Learndash continues to have an incredibly positive impact on learning outcomes for our students…

Hey Justin,

Thanks! We have been waiting a long time for this update! Everything looks great, we seem to have lost the link to the next topic in all of the topics. Is this a change in the update?

Avatar Ashley

Hi Ashley, yes those links now appear only after the topic/lesson has been marked complete so as to prevent confusion. If you wish to have them visible just open a ticket and we can get you a filter to use.

Hi Justin! Awesome new features. Thank you so much!

I’ve got a suggestion about “visibility”. You have restricted visibility now to any post/pages. I would love to open visibility for “topics” as if they were posts. Because this way I can benefit from SEO and say to visitors: “this post is part of a course, take it now!

Anyway, great work! Thanks!!

Having spent many hours wrestling with course progress in a serialized array, custom tables are a welcome addition that will make my reports much more performant.

Will the transition leave existing course progress user meta in place or will it be deleted as it is migrated to the custom tables?

Avatar Kevin Hoffman

Thanks Kevin, we agree that these tables will make things a lot easier! Upgrading the course and quiz databases won’t erase existing data.

You’ve made my day, week, and month! I am new to Learndash, but it’s clear to me already that your team is extraordinarily responsive and capable: this update provides exactly what I need to make the implementation of my LMS in my sophomore English classes successful!


Thanks so much Joseph, we’re happy to have you part of the LearnDash community 🙂

I can put these great updates to use right away! Except that no update is showing. I’ve done what you mention here and in your support article, but it’s not showing up. I haven’t manually loaded it yet. Was hoping maybe you could see why it isn’t showing up. Thanks!
[Sorry for posting this twice – after I put in on the update article, I saw that I should probably just mention it here. Thanks!]

Hi Anne, double-check your credentials are correct as well. Also try going to the PLUGINS menu.

Do you know offhand of this new version will work with the BadgeOS LearnDash addon? I’m nervous to update just in case it breaks my badge system.

Avatar Michael Kocher

We didn’t see any issues and we did some extensive testing. If you happen to see something just raise a support ticket.

I can’t find the additional quiz information anywhere. I’ve checked the box on all my quizzes to “show statistics on user profile” for previously created quizzes. I don’t know where to look to see this information. Please help.

No problem, just open a ticket and someone will reply shortly.

Admin Ability to Print User Certificates: I literally wept with joy.
Awesome work to everyone at LD.

Avatar Liam

Ha! Happy to hear you like the update Liam!

Hi Justin,

Great update.

The icons appears, but… nothing seems to happen when I tap the icon in the Statistics column of the user’s profile. No new window opens with the user’s answers they provided on the quiz.

Thanks for the updates!
Quick note: your post indicates that to upgrade go to:
It took a bit of time to find this because it’s DATA UPGRADE, not UPGRADE DATA.


Avatar Sean

Thanks Sean! I clarified this above as well.

These updates look very solid, and are much appreciated.
I’m wondering if we can use the new quiz functionality to print out the answers provided in the final quiz of each course. These quizzes are actually feedback forms, and we need to supply them to the association that accredits our courses to show that we’re getting evaluations from each participant.

There is no data upgrade button or tab in my LD??

Avatar Sylvia

Oops, it just showed up. Woohoo!

Avatar Sylvia

Love the updates! How can you write the shortcode so that content can be seen by multiple groups or studehts? Is there an OR or AND functionality for the shortcode? I’d like multiple groups to see the content. How to I achieve this?

Thanks Sharon! Nested shortcodes are supported so you can use multiple to display content to various groups/students.

Hi Justin..

Very excited for this awesome update, the database update would indeed be helpful to a species known as Developers.
Congratulations for always evolving and inspiring others.

Hi Justin! I’m very much looking forward to the ProPanel 2.0 release! Any idea of release date and can you give a bit of information on what it will include? Best!

Hi Justin,

I’m a thought leader in a niche industry working to build a much needed eLearning market. There are a wealth of manufacturer training videos already available in the industry, but no organization. We’re working to build this platform. Part of the business model is freemium, charging manufacturers for useage analytics. Ideally, this would have a base tier, providing access to ProPanel, at a Group level. Higher tiers would offer Grass Blade analytics and web hooks for SalesForce / CRM integration, along with development of Articulate content.

Is it currently possible to turn Pro Panel on/off for Group Leaders? Are there hooks available to trigger this interaction, and if not, would this be difficult to build? Ideally, this could be directly integrated with WooCommerce, but I’m sure this would take some development.

We believe this would be an extremely powerful feature for Learn Dash and a viable business model in a number of other industries. It opens up an entirely new revenue stream. In the business world, I find companies much more willing to pay to data than people are eager to pay for education, since it informs defensible business decisions. Thoughts?

BTW… We’ve done an exhaustive search for the right long term platform from Moodle, Canvas, Litmos, Sensei, etc. Particularly after the code rewrite in 2015, we’re confident LearnDash is the way to go. Thanks for a great product!


Hi Brad-
Thanks for your comment. Regarding ProPanel, no it’s active for all group leaders so you’d probably just need to modify the code in some capacity to limit who gets access. Probably best if you submit your specific questions to discuss further.

Would really like you to add on the function to be able to offer free lessons and quizes, then charge to receive the certificates.

Avatar Jamie

Quick question…I see on my admin screen that it is unknown whether LD 2.3.1 is compatible with WP 4.7. I’m gathering it is but just want to check before I make a big mess. 🙂

Avatar Holly Henry

Hi Holly – v2.3.1 is compatible with v4.7 🙂

Thank you so much Justin! That’s great news!

Avatar Holly Henry

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