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computer-on-deskIf you are a glutton for punishment then taking on the task of choosing a learning management system is perfect for you!

It will only take you about five minutes to realize that the learning management system industry is saturated with thousands of players, each one proclaiming why they are the best.

The feature-sets are expansive and so are the pricing options. Just by way of example, you could find yourself paying on a per course basis, a per enrollment basis, a per user basis, or any combination of these.

Before getting lost in the weeds of all the feature bells & whistles it is a good idea to take a step back and look at your LMS selection process with a wider lens.

The list below encompass the “what”, as in “what your LMS should have”. Each learning management system out there will go about these items in a slightly different way (if at all).

If the options you are looking at fulfill these requirements you can begin to dig a bit deeper to understand “how” the address them and if it is in line with your organization’s needs.

What To Look For When Choosing Your LMS

Ease of Use – If your LMS is difficult to navigate and understand, then what’s the point? You want something that anyone can learn how to use relatively quickly.

Collaboration – Make sure your LMS allows for learner collaboration. It can be as simple as leaving comments on the course material or as complex as complete social networks.

Compliant – Tin Can API support is a must today. Even if you don’t initially plan on using it, any reputable LMS will support it. Stay away from those that don’t as it’s a clear sign that they don’t fully understand the market.

Compatible – With all of the devises we have available today it’s important that you choose a learning management system that can perform on both tablets and smartphones.

Support – This one is arguably the most important. Despite your best efforts you will at some point need assistance. Choosing an LMS that thrives in this area will save you headaches.

Reputation – Get a general sense of what people are saying about the options you are considering. The reputation of the LMS is often the deciding factor in the case of a “tie”.


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Llevo 25 años en este “¿negocio?” de producir cursos online en el mercado de la formación de profesores, para gestores de incubadoras de empresas y consultores para emprendedores. Yo he seleccionado 4 LCMS que uso según lo que necesito entregar a mis clientes tras una exhaustiva investigación de cuál era la plataforma más eficiente y la herramienta de autor más eficaz.

Este no es un “comentario patrocinado”: Learndash reúne lo mejor de cada una de las plataformas más sofisticadas del mercado con el atractivo que resulta muy fácil para (los profesores) implementar y entregar las actividades didácticas y para (los estudiantes) tomar las lecciones.

– – – –

I’ve been 25 years in this “business?” to produce online courses on the market for teacher, training for managers of incubators and and consultants for entrepreneurs. I have selected 4 LCMS to use as I need to give my clients after a thorough investigation of what was the most efficient platform and most effective author tool.

This is not a “sponsored Comment”: ***Learndash*** combines the best of each of the most sophisticated platforms in the market with attractive it is very easy for (teachers) to implement and deliver educational activities and for (students) take the lessons .

Hi Justin,

Thanks for listing the important features. All these six features go hand in hand while choosing a lms. A LMS must be flexible and scalable enough to be integrated with any other plugin and must provide a scope for customization as per user requirements.

The most crucial features I look out while choosing a LMS is ease of use and support. I would like the LMS to have simple functionalities and a great and timely support too.

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