The Biggest Name in SEO Trusts in LearnDash

High visibility firm needs dependable solution for their online academy

The Need

Yoast has a reputation for being at the forefront of the search engine optimizationย (SEO) industry, and they needed an LMS that they could depend on for the same when offering their SEO related courses to thousands of people from all over the world.

In order to ensure a reliable and impressive online course experience, the Yoast Academy transitioned all of their courses to LearnDash.


Result of Using LearnDash


SEO Courses






Behind The Scenes!

In this webinar we talk with the creator of the Yoast SEO Academy, Jesse van de Hulsbeek. Jesse discusses the theory behind their popular academy and how they are using it to give their customers a holistic approach to SEO.


  • Justin Ferriman from LearnDash (Host)
  • Jesse van de Hulsbeek from Yoast SEO

Learndash has allowed Yoast Academy to create much more meaningful exercises. In the past, we could only dream of having users complete lines of code to test and perfect their SEO skills. This is what learning is about!

Joost de Valk | Founder, Yoast