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The Need

Fit Father Project was looking for a way to take offer their proven fitness system in an effective and engaging way to men over 40 years of age who are looking to lose weight. The goal was to structure the content in a simple way that was easy to understand and apply.

Today, their LearnDash powered courses are responsible for helping 10,000+ people lose a combined total of 75,000 pounds of fat!

According to Founder Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, Fit Father Project now has “more testimonials than they know what to do with”.


Result of Using LearnDash


Flagship Program


Course Up-sells


Active Learners


Behind The Scenes!

In this webinar, Fit Father Project founder Dr. Anthony Balduzzi walks through his entire program configuration. Not only will you see the tools that have helped make his business a thriving success, but Anthony will also discuss the strategies that you too can use for building a popular online training program.


  • Micah Mitchell from Memberium (Host)
  • Dr. Anthony Balduzzi from Fit Father Project


A beautiful thing about using LearnDash and Memberium is not only the ability to build a beautiful program site, but we can actually have great accountability built in to the onboarding of our program, and that’s why we get great results.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi | Founder, Fit Father Project