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August 10th, 2021 Announcements

We recently made a shortlist for top-reviewed training software, so we figure it’s time to round up our best reviews.

Capterra, the popular review website for software programs, recently included LearnDash on its shortlist of “emerging favorites.”

We’re obviously highly gratified that so many of our users have taken the time to leave us reviews. Reviewers don’t get a lot back from the time and effort they take to leave a write-up—maybe some good feelings if they liked our product, or maybe some dark satisfaction if they’re frustrated and wanted to blow off steam. But for people in our community who are trying to decide if LearnDash is the right choice for them, reviews are invaluable. And, of course, for us, a good review not only helps our business, it also makes our day.

So, to celebrate making the emerging favorites list, we thought we’d take a moment to share a few of nicest things our users have had to say about us.

The following are all 5-star reviews from Capterra, which we’ve organized according to a few common themes. If you’re researching your options and want to read more reviews, there’s lots more where these came from.

Reviews from course creators:

One of our most common pre-sales questions is: Do I have to be a professional developer to use LearnDash? That’s why we love getting reviews from course creators of all levels, because it really goes to show that we’ve succeeded in building a plugin that is favored by beginners and professionals alike.

  • “I am not a web developer, programmer, or WordPress proficient. Despite this, I was able to easily create training materials using LearnDash. Creating Lessons and Topics with video content was simple, and LearnDash made it easy to create quizzes that handled the scoring, numbering, etc.” – Jim H.
  • “As an experienced WordPress user (for over 12 years) and a course creator for as many years, I can say that hands-down, LearnDash offers a fantastic, easy-to-use, powerhouse course creation software. Not only is it easy to add and update courses and content, it provides a wonderful user experience for our students! We often receive comments as to how sleek and attractive the online classroom looks and how easy it is to use.” – D’vorah L.
  • “Organizing course materials is easy and intuitive, plus the documentation is very thorough. There are comprehensive support links inside the plugin, complete with video instructions. They also have a series of very useful blog posts discussing use cases, challenges and pitfalls, and stragtegies to take. Integrates well with several other plugins (membership, payments, etc). Friendly support!” – Sean H.
  • “My experience with LearnDash plugin and with LearnDash the company has been fantastic. My client is thrilled and I am very happy that I can now include this as an option to other clients in the future. It is a powerful LMS for independents and organizations alike.” – Georgia G.

Compatibility with other plugins:

We’re always trying to find the balance between developing new features in-house and ensuring our platform stays compatible with trusted 3rd party WordPress plugins. Making sure everything fits together can feel like assembling a LEGO set sometimes, but we know it’s one of the reasons our users value us most.

  • “I’m using Learndash with WooCommerce and Cartflows. Perfect integration. Seamless integration also with Elementor, I customized my entire site easily. LearnDash plays very well with other major plugins. That’s perfect. The support is very good and quick to answer to any questions. Nevertheless, I didn’t have much problems with LearnDash. And when I had, it was because of other plugins. But the support even helped me to find a solution. In term of learning, it’s very easy to construct courses and to sell them. I love the focus mode and the ProPanel. I can’t wait to see what will be next!” – Pierre D.
  • “LearnDash is a really flexible system for delivering online courses – especially since v3 and the new “course builder” which allows you to quickly and easily build an online course using an intuitive drag and drop interface. The addons availabl are also really flexible, so it’s easy to add Stripe payments and other customisations when you need to.” – Mike E.
  • “Because it’s based on WordPress, LearnDash not only comes with a lot of customization settings out of the box but plugs into a huge community of themes and plugins that can take your design and functionality practically any conceivable direction!” – Robert S.
  • “We purchased LearnDash to integrate with MemberPress. Because of this, we do not use any of the payment, membership, or subscription functions in LearnDash. We use it exclusively to present courses, record quiz scores, and provide certificates. For those tasks, LearnDash is the perfect tool. The tools to build your content are drag and drop simple and the management tools are easy to understand. Integration with WordPress core functions and with the MemberPress system are flawless and we never had to tinker with them. Just installed the LearnDash plugin and got to work.” – Levi S.

Users who switched from other LMSs:

We’ve spent a lot of time on our blog making the case for using a self-hosted WordPress site rather than a hosted LMS that will lash you to a limited system with steep usage fees. So when our reviews call out the same problems with the platforms they left? We feel pretty vindicated.

  • “LearnDash has all the features needed to create online courses in WordPress. I was able to install it, set it up and then delete my Thinkific accounts, saving me at least $1,800 per year!” – Kerry K.
  • “I had been using a hosted LMS, but grew frustrated with the artificial limitations imposed on me by its design. I made the decision to switch to LearnDash for the flexibility, so that I would be able to manage and present my courses in whatever way I deemed appropriate for my customers, and so that I would have full control of my content. (The hosted LMS would not let me keep my own backups!) I also wanted to have full control of the user experience.” – Don C.
  • “I had tired other “educational” software, and got frustrated with the different aspects of them, cost, install, course building and so on. Tried out LD and it was a very simple install, and pretty straight forward how to build a course and quiz once you reviewed their videos after the install. We tried it out and we love how this software gives us the ability to have many courses for our SAR Team.” – Jeoff F.

Reviews of our tech support team.

Finally, our tech support team is tireless. When a customer is struggling with something, we want to be able to turn their day around from “frustrated and discouraged” to “relieved and empowered.” Most of our customers don’t see it, but behind the scenes our team is constantly working to give the kind of service that is both empathetic, and solutions-oriented.

So it really does our hearts good to see our tech support called out in the reviews for the work they do. Here are some of our favorite reviews:

  • “The tech support people are extra helpful, very patient and super supportive. I don’t often need their help, but when I do, I’ve usually got a serious problem and I really really need help! They rescue you without judgement! 🙂 By far the best people I’ve dealt with in ANY company.” – Ted T.
  • “The Learndash team is on it. Once you create a ticket for any question or concern, they will response quick fast, efficient and direct you to the right path with clear instructions. GREAT SUPPORT TEAM!!!!” – Carlos T.
  • “Super awesome and friendly customer service. They talk with me in normal language so I can understand and they really try to get to the heart of the issue.” – Margi C.

Leave us a review!

If you are a fan of our plugin and haven’t reviewed us yet, stop by Capterra and let the world know what you love about us! Reviews from other users are a huge help to other course creators researching their options. They’re also important feedback for us, helping us to gauge what we’re doing well and what our users appreciate most about our platform.

So don’t be shy! Write a review and let the world know what you think. You know we’re listening.

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