September 11th, 2013 E-Learning

It is no secret that today we are seeing online learning really take-off as more educational institutions buy into the benefits that these kinds of programs offer. That said, there still fence-sitters out there who are reluctant to take the plunge.

In some cases, organizations are holding out because they do not have the funds to get a proper program off the ground. This is understandable.

However, there is also a contingency out there are staying away from online learning because of some pre-conceived notions about its effectiveness. Luckily, a study done by Digital Learning Now is debunking these myths, and they even went one-step further to put these myths into a nice, easy-to-read infographic.

What I found most fascinating about their online learning study is the amount of policy that has emerged because of it. They found that in the U.S., there are many states that are adopting reforms that support digital learning. It appears that online learning is more than just a method, it is being viewed as a legitimate offering – one that is driving innovative public policy.

If you happen to be one of the organizations or educational institutions that is still on the fence with online learning, take a look at the infograpic below. There is a good chance that it addresses one of your concerns.

In five years, I wouldn’t be surprised if online learning is in nearly every classroom across the country given the advancements in technology, and the natural amount of interaction that happens between technology and today’s students on a daily basis.


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Infographics are nice, but they still have to forward a solid argument. This one puts forth three advantages to online learning, but the second one claimed, motivation, is not a given in any type of learning. There is nothing motivational intrinsically about online learning. And motivation (“more engaging content” claimed here) is just as easily claimed as an advantage of offline learning (in person/print based/etc.)

I’m been spending my workdays building corporate elearning, and I know no learners viewing our courses are doing it for any other reason than getting their paychecks, and their motivation wouldn’t be any different if they were in a classroom with an instructor.

Come to think of it, my motivation for doing my elearning job is much the same. Only I still hold this dream that it what I do might lead me to creating something “motivational” again one day soon. Until then, payday is Friday.

As I read through this and saw the pictures of the kid in bed with his laptop, I couldn’t help but think about the cost of computers and internet access. There are many families who don’t have that luxury, so what about them? Where do they fit in this picture?

Avatar Michelle Spencer

This is a great post containing important info graphics about online learning.Online education play an important role in the daily life.Thanks for this great sharing.

Yes, you have highlighted the advantages of online learning. And there are many….yet not everyone is a good online student (blended or not). What test is available to check if a student would benefit from the online venue?
I have had many online classes and prefer the blended environment and ENJOY the classroom learning environment. IS there a test out in our big virtual world help students see if they would benefit from the online world of learning?

Avatar Jeanne Boudreau

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