April 6th, 2015 Tips & Tricks

laptop-computerBlended learning can be extremely effective when implemented properly. Problem is, sometimes the full potential of blended learning isn’t always realized.

There can be a variety of factors for this, but usually it has to do with execution. Programs often start with good intentions, but somewhere along the line they falter.

The good news is that just because your blended learning program isn’t performing as expected, it doesn’t mean all is lost! In fact, you can begin using some simple strategies to help make your blended learning approach more effective.

If you haven’t yet implemented blended learning at your organization, then you will find these tips just as useful as it will help towards the success of the program at the time of the initial launch.

Tip #1: Implement Variety

Keep the content entertaining by mixing up the delivery and the method. Use a combination of formal resources, informal delivery, on-the-job examples, case studies, and exercises at varying points of the course content. When the approach is predictable, it becomes boring, and boring is less effective.

Tip #2: Mentor

Relying on tools and technology isn’t enough. It’s the people behind the tools that maximize the benefits of blended learning. Make sure to schedule in-person mentoring with learners to offer advice, get feedback, and provide actionable coaching. If necessary, you can do this virtually as well using forums and live-chat (such as Skype).

Tip #3: Various Media

Use a combination of media so that it has a strategic advantage. This can take the form of audio, text, blogs, videos, wiki, images, infographics, and so on. Variety keeps learning entertaining and encourages learners to think about content in a variety of ways.

Tip #4: Make It Social

Course content that is consumed virtually should allow for social interaction. This can easily be done via forums and comment capabilities. You can further encourage this by placing learners into groups so that they can further collaborate.

Tip #5: Rewards & Recognition

We are all motivated by rewards and recognition. Incorporate these elements into your blended learning program and you’ll see active participation rise. The type of reward needs to align with the culture of the learners and the organization.


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