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The Learning Management System for WordPress is well underway and will eventually need Beta testers.   This is an extremely important role for this project as the beta testers will shape the program to what it will become… So if you are interested in potentially being a beta tester in the future for WordPress LMS, sign up using the form below.


(Note: Because of the large interest in this project, I cannot guarantee that you will be selected as a tester)



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[…] I think the concept behind it is a very good direction for SCORM and the learning field overall.  Will there be unforseen difficulties?  Absolutely.  But in the end, I think it will ultimately be a step in the right direction.  In fact,  it will likely become part of WordPress LMS. […]

I’ve been using WordPress for a many years for various kinds of sites & would love to test out what it can do as an LMS. I’ve recently been using Moodle & keep wishing parts of that worked more like WordPress and sounds like this would be so perfect.
I have been part of other beta programs (with the new Articulate products most recently)


Avatar Karyn Lemberg

We are going to start a new elearning portal. we are checking different option for LMS.

Avatar SAK

Good to hear! While the official release of WPLMS isn’t in the immediate feature, I am certainly a fan of using WordPress in general, especially for the creation of a learning portal. Feel free to contact me and I can give you some more ideas of how you can effectively leverage wordpress’ key features.

Avatar Justin


I run a classroom blog that’s quite popular and have been using moodle as a subsite.would love to see a full WP based LMS solution!

I don’t think that a lot needs to change, quite frankly… Just a couple adjustments to a multisite install or buddypress could make it amazing!

[…] those of you interested in BETA testing, we aren't there quite yet, but I'll be sure to send out a note when we […]

I am looking forward to do BETA testing. I already done a lot of BETA testing for our canadian Elearning software called neurolanguage having basic LMS and Enterprice reporting too. Also suggested and worked with them on new innovative features and fucntionality looking into the requirements of our clients in APAC region.

Avatar Nikhil Chopta

I have taught with and managed many of the big boy LMS’s in Education. I would love to see an WordPress LMS.
There are several areas where a WordPress LMS could fill a niche market. One is for small groups non-profits, schools, small companies etc who need to offer training.
Here are a couple of things to consider that the other players are missing or where a WordPress LMS could shine.

Tracking – need SCORM compliant or other way to allow content progress to be recorded and tracked.
Payment – a way to provide customers a way to pay for or subscription to the training. i.e. 3 months subscription to training. Connect to PayPal etc. This is much needed for the small guy trying to do something.

Easy user enrollment and management. Either self sign up, or controlled sign up, etc.

Anyway, happy to provide any insight or input you would deem helpful

Avatar Kevin Reeve

Kevin, thanks for your thoughts. I think you raise some great points, many of which I have thought about for WPLMS and plan to incorporate in the package. It seems that the idea of selling courses/memberships is pretty popular (as indicated at http:wplms.uservoice.com) so I am already planning out that integration. Keep stopping by and offering up your ideas!

Avatar Justin


I’m trying to sign-up to beta test the WordPress LMS when it is available but I keep getting an error message: “Please contact the publisher to reactivate your subscription”?

Hi Frank, I got you on the list, you’ll be notified. Thanks!

Avatar Justin

Hi Justin,

I would like to participate in the WordPress LMS beta test.

Thank you.

Avatar Frank Natt


One feature which would be great for for-profit schools is to allow some courses to be taken by unregistered guests who only get an overall score upon completion, and a message to visit the school for an item/category analysis, (e.g., phonics/vocabulary, etc.). This would be used for sales promotion. Registered (paying) students would, of course, would receive full scores and item/category analysis as well as a permanent record of scores.

Also, internationally, many places rely upon Bank-to-Bank transfers for payment rather than Paypal/Visa, etc. Not sure how this could be supported but most of China operates this way.

I would very much like to beta test this.


p.s. I hope your LMS will be able support Chinese language.


Avatar Ken

Hi. I’m from Brazil.

One of my clients need a LMS portal.
I hope will release the beta.


There is a lot of interest at the moment on responsive design and HTML5, not only in web design arena but now too in elearning circles.

I know it is possible to build responsive designs in WordPress which work great across all devices, however there doesn’t seem to be anything out there to be able to make a WP site SCorm compliant so it would ‘talk’ back to an organisations LMS, regardless of what LMS they have.

The only solution I have found is the SCORM.COM plugin but they are very pricey especially in my org where we have 6,500 employees, the monthly cost is just out of the equation and a non starter.

rather than building another LMLS platform (let’s face it theres a massive choice at the moment from paid to free Moodle etc) I’d like to see someone design a plugin for WordPress that would make any posts or content scorm pliant to allow it to talks to the orgs LMS.

We would then be in a situation where websites built in WP are not only repsonsive, HTML5 but if needed, could be tracked in the orgs LMS for compliance reasons etc.

We are just not there yet…even some of the new authoring tools like Captivate 6 publish to HTML5 but don’t produce responsive designs, some tools still only push out flash .swfs which don’t play on mobile dvices either.

Avatar Lee

Hi Lee,
Thank you for your comment. You’re right, SCORMcloud does come along with cost implications. So while a very good option, the funds need to be justified. Your idea for making a plugin that makes posts/pages SCORM compatible is already possible with XAPI (Tin-Can). Heck, using this new API even allows people to record the reading of BOOKS to an LMS, so a post/webpage really isn’t a problem. Mobile learning is also possible with XAPI. You can read more at their website tincanapi dot com. Certainly exciting times!


Avatar Justin

I’ve been using WordPress for a fairly short time (<1 yr). I am an instructional designer. I'd like a place to try out some new instructional design with actual learners. I'm intrigued by the prospect of any Tin Can integration. I do honestly need an environment that will work with with Captivate. In particular with .SWF files and passing the SCORM to the LRS and record the data. I know that might be a great deal to ask, however, I'm willing to do what it takes to make this work. I'm not very pleased with Moodle thus far – which appears to be difficult to administrate as far as course uploads and publishing. I've seen much friendlier LMS'.

Hi Kevin, thanks for the note. If you publish your Captivate courses to TinCan, then you can launch them from a WordPress powered site using LearnDash, and record the data in the LRS. Legacy SCORM (v1.2 and 2004) can be launched, but the data is not captured. We know of people who have successfully used SCORMCloud and LearnDash to make this happen. Moodle is in desperate need of a makeover, it is falling behind quickly.


I’m excited to be of assistance with this beta test. I’ve been working a great deal with Docebo and other LMS developers in the past, I am also a WP developer, however, due to WP security, I recognize the great challenges in integrating LMS systems with it and usually end up cutomizing the LMS CSS to conform to the limitations of an iFrame in WP (such as in my Store site). I look forward to a truely integrated WP/LMS and will be very happy to assist in development if required.

Hi Dennis-
Thanks for the note. We launched in January of this year and have been enhancing ever since. Thanks again for your interest!

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