Benefit from Mobile Learning


Without question, you can improve your organization’s training outcomes while at the same time lowering the overall training cost by leveraging mobile learning as a core strategy for employee development.

Consider for a moment that in the United States alone there is roughly $125 billion spent each year on employee learning and training programs. The primary cost-drivers for these kinds of programs can vary, but much it is allocated to live training events.

Embrace Mobile Learning

Mobile learning comes with many natural benefits. First (and most obvious) is that it takes away the cost of instructors, facilities, and physical materials as is common in the traditional instructor-led model of training.

Beyond the costs though, elearning also makes it possible for the learning to never stop. Mobile technologies provide real-time, all-around access to the information. No longer will there be an excuse for not making training as mobile learning is always accessible.

Given the convenience of mobile learning, there is less time spent getting trained, and the overall costs are lowered as a results (this includes opportunity costs of employees who are attending workshops as opposed to working on their day-to-day responsibilities).

Another major benefit to mobile learning is that it can be applied on-the-go. In other words, it can be access at any point of time and applied immediately. The content is not just delivered once and no longer available.

If you have training documents collecting dust, consider transposing them to a mobile format that makes sense within your organization – your bottom line is sure to benefit.



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