November 10th, 2016 E-Learning

articulate-360Did you see the big news from Articulate recently?

They have made some big changes in their products by introducing the new Articulate 360. Their company’s entire branding strategy is now built behind this one umbrella offering.

If you are a fan of Articulate (or even just a previous user of their software), you may be wondering what this means exactly.

First, let me clarify: Storyline still looks to be their flagship product, going under the moniker “Storyline 360”. It looks to have been updated with some new features as well.

They also still offer Studio (now branded as “Studio 360”).

But they have added a new solution to the product-line, called Rise. This new course authoring tool emphasizes ease of use, adaptability to all mobile devices, and a minimalist approach.

In addition, there is Replay 360 (a video creating & editing tool), Peek (a screencasting tool), and Preso (an iPad app for creating informal training from PDF slide decks).

I think I read that there is also a new Articulate Live offering, which is a webinar series for Articulate 360 customers teaching the latest elearning in tips and techniques using Articulate solutions.

Oh, and there is now a Content Library with over 100,000 digital assets that can be used in courses.

Phew… there’s a lot going on.

What This Means For You

As is typical with Articulate they have many products for accomplishing different elearning and training related tasks. The biggest difference though is that they no longer have multiple price-points.

Articulate 360 is subscription based.

If you want to continue using the Articulate 360 line of products, you have to pay them $999 every year. No doubt this is to compete with Adobe’s subscription-based pricing model.

The new change also means you have some new tools at your disposal.

The Rise offering looks pretty interesting – although I personally find the marketing lingo around device compatibility a tad excessive. Multi-device compatibility has been the norm for most offerings for years now. It’s kind of expected at this point.

What is neat about Rise is that it appears to be geared toward the micro-learning space. This is an area that has been growing in the elearning industry and clearly Articulate is looking to capitalize on it.

The “Do It All” Approach

This is a bold move for Articulate. Their previous offerings easily caused confusion and seemed scattered. This subscription service looks to change that perception and make Articulate the “one stop shop” for all things elearning.

This is somewhat of a gamble. I’m sure a calculated risk, but a risk nonetheless. The “we do it all” approach is a slippery-slope.

You have to execute every element to perfection in order for the entire offering to demonstrate value. If one area falters and alternatives can’t easily be implemented due to the closed ecosystem, then you’re in for some difficult times.

It is way to early to make a call as to whether this new angle for Articulate will pay off, but I can say that history shows they do tend to make some pretty savvy business decisions within the elearning market.

Time will tell.

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Thanks Justin,

I got an email from Acticulate about this. I watched it on my smartphone and found it a bit confusing. And your post makes it even more confusing. Is this one tool or many tools you need next to each other? I saw Articulate 360 and Storyline 360. Is that the same and just a textual glich or are they different?

I was thinking that they would replace all they had by the new 360 (Articulate ? Storyline). And you are saying the old tools will stay, just will be updated to 360-version. Hmm needs a lot of study to find out what they are offering.

They offer an deal for current costumers, and no deal for new customers. Think that is not smart. I always wanted to buy Storyline, but never came to do that because it’s so expensive and their upgradepolicy was so uncomfortable. Iff you bought Storyline it could be that they would come with a new version in a few months and as a buyer you wouldn’t get the upgrade and had to buy the new version 1500 dollar again.. So I thought it would only be usefull to buy it with their upgrade to new version deal. Which would bring the price to around 2500 dollar. To expensive!

With the new 360 it would be interesting for small business who use it for themselfs (their one products) iff they made it a bit cheeper. At least offer a deal for buying it. They just seem to focus on big organisations and companies who make elaerning for other companies. Iff they would make a smaller price for smaller one-person companies who just use it for their own products they would sell a whole lot more. See how much people use Learndash and other software like Learndash. In 3 years it went from a few people to big numbers. And it seems that every month their is new software like Learndash. Membershipsites is very big business now and getting bigger every month.

Avatar Wilco

Hi Jason,
I’ve built my companies courses in learn dash. I am interested to know how I could utilize Articulate Rise and Storyline within the Learn Dash interface, as having done the Articulate Trial, it looks like you would use one or the other; LD or Articulate – not both.

Avatar Jayne

Hello Jason,

I have built my companies courses in learn dash.

I am interested to know how I could utilize Articulate Rise and Storyline within the Learn Dash interface, as having done the Articulate Trial, it looks like you would use one or the other; LD or Articulate – not both.


Hi Sonali-
You would use both (LD and Rise) in this case, along with the GrassBlade xAPI launcher.

Hi Justin

Articulate Rise doesn’t have tin can api compatibility yet and it’s not clear from the site when this is coming. Next Software team seem to suggest that products won’t work with Grassblade without that? So it doesn’t look like you can use Rise through LearnDash yet – is that right?


Avatar Andy Donovan

If they don’t have tin can api, then no you can’t use it with the GrassBlade xAPI launcher. I haven’t tested it, but maybe you can use it with this plugin (which advertises Storyline compatibility).

I reviewed the demo videos for Rise and signed up for a trial…like the others I am a little fuzzy how I would incorporate Rise INTO Learndash as it seems to be its own self-contained course tool…it includes lessons and tracking progress and quizzes etc.

In reality Rise looks like a Divi Builder or Visual Composer for WordPress albeit less feature rich.

1) So If I already have Divi and LearnDash could you really see any reason why I would need or want Rise?

2) How would we add Rise content to Learndash course?

3) Also I know its only been a week, but have you found any interaction bugs between the new Storyline 360 and LearnDash or WordPress in general?

Avatar Rob

Rob, I’ve heard claims that Rise is actually based on the Adapt authoring tool (, but I don’t know if that’s true. If it is, the Adapt showcase might give you an idea whether or not it makes sense to use Rise. There are a couple of interactions (hotspot images etc.) that will be cumbersome to create in Divi builder.

I’m currently evaluating where to go in terms of authoring tools with my eLearning team. After all the promo claims made by Articulate, we were a little surprised that true responsive eLearning requires a new, separate, incompatible tool. To be honest, that looks like a mess. We haven’t even tried out Rise yet, as we’re not sure where that would lead us. Are we supposed to maintain 2 versions of each learning module in two separate tools now? We’re looking into other tools now that have taken responsiveness more seriously.

Hi Gerfried,

I am in the middle of my 30 day Articulate 360 trial and have been test-driving Storyline, and am just about to dig into Rise.

So far I agree that what Articulate calls “Responsive” for Storyline 360 is really just offering a minimalistic player for courses…the course content only shrinks or expands based on the device being used, but as you know there is no actual “Design by Breakpoint” tools in SL360 like there is in Captivate 9.

With that said…I do find Storyline 360 to be A LOT more user friendly than Captivate 9.

As for how all this relates to using Learndash I haven’t seen Justin post a reply here yet…I still wonder if I am using Learndash how I would make Rise work within it seems to be its own self-contained course builder.

Hopefully Justin will provide some Tutorials/Demos of how exactly to use Rise within Learndash and connect it to Pro Panel, as well as a LRS.

Avatar Rob

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